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Yardley Of London Lace Deodrants – Feeling Lacy?

Let me tell you a secret, I am a fragrance addict. What? What did you expect! *cheesy smile*
Yes given a chance to choose between clothes, fragrances, shoes and makeup, I would pick up the heavenly scented bottles anyday.
Let me tell you another secret, I’ve a very insensitive nose- doesn’t go together, right?! WRONG!
What if I can’t smell properly, others around me still can and I’ve to smell good to them.Expect a lot of perfumes and deodorants reviews in the coming future. But for now let’s review Yardley Of London today, a brand which is like a freaking 200 years old.



This is a very feminine fragrance and has a sweet powdery feel to it which I like to wear on a day out with friends. It smells pleasently of roses and I just loovve spraying it. Its floral and feminine and has base notes of oakmoss. Perfect for cooler weather. One stunning fact about this fragrance is that it was created in 1982! It reminds me of that British lady from Lagaan..yeah I don’t know why! I feel she is a better contender as a brand ambassador than our Katrina Kaif. The scent stays on for like 4 hours on me and after that I have to re-spray. And they are very travel-friendly bottles, the cap is sealed properly. Also, the nozzle comes lock when you purchase it ensuring you got a fresh piece.

Lace Satin: 

This is a very romantic and elegant fragrance and is perfect for a late night romantic dinner. This has a slight musky feel to it compared to original Lace. I pick it up when I want to feel sexy. The floral and musk notes remind you of “those” moments of intimacy. The staying power is similar to Lace. Again the packaging is similar to original Lace but with a different hue- it is light purple.

Overall I love wearing them and totally recommend. These are nice gift ideas for your girl-friends (I won’t mind getting these as gifts.

Sample pack for review purpose, my opinion is not affected and totally honest.

4 thoughts on “Yardley Of London Lace Deodrants – Feeling Lacy?”

  1. A nice fragrance is what really makes my day. I have almost tried every deo I possibly could. Funny thing being, Yardley being the only one I haven’t tried. I like the talcs though. But the frangrance doesn’t last that long. Having read the reviews, I am sure going to buy it and update of how I like it. :D


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