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World Ethnic Day by Craftsvilla


Craftsvilla.com Celebrating World Ethnic Day on 19th June 2015

By Contributor: Nikanshi

Craftsvilla is globally celebrating World Ethnic Day on 19th June which envisages a world held together by its roots- a world that respects heritage, civilization, anthropology, art and culture. And guess who’s the face of their ethnic day promotion, the lady who proved that ethnic is cool, the beautiful Vidya Balan. All of us have seen how gracefully she sports her love for Indian ethnic wear.

Here’s what she said about world ethnic day, “By celebrating World Ethnic Day, we get an opportunity to go back to our roots. I feel strongly about the dying art of handlooms in the country, and also about the plight of artisans who are struggling for livelihood. I am delighted with the opportunity to spread awareness about it”.


The company has made a deep impact, through its work, in India, with its genesis rooted in the colour and vibrancy of intricate work by artisans in Kutch; who never got compensated commensurate to their skill; craftsvilla.com

 hopes to take the ethnicities of the world forward, as a part of its story. Craftsvilla.com has brought the traditionally dis-organized ethnic craft industry on to a structured platform and has enabled micro-entrepreneurship at a scale here so far not seen in this sector.


Anita just got the news that her cousin is getting married. She’s excited for all the upcoming shaadi events, the engagement, sangeet, cocktail party, the wedding, but even more excited for all the pretty dresses and jewelry she’ll get to wear. She quickly starts searching for designs. Now when her phone is flooded with the pictures she downloaded and the ones her BFF sent, she heads to the boutique. Anita shows the designs she wants to the boutique owner, and explains ten times what she wants and what she doesn’t want in her dresses. The boutique owner assures her with a compelling smile that her dresses will be made exactly the way she wants. Trusting the boutique owner with her dream dresses she carries on with other tasks like jewelry shopping, practicing the smokey eye, finding the right heels etc. etc.

Finally the day of trying on the dresses arrives, she enters the shop with high hopes but, all her dreams are crushed when she tries on her dresses. This is not what she explained, where are the sheer sleeves on her blouse and what on earth is that big fat border doing on her dupatta, she wanted the sleek one. After all the disappointment comes the grand bill. Anita and her mom are shocked by the outrageous amount they have been charged.

The boutique lady doesn’t even wait for them to ask and starts showing her accounting skills, “you see that border on your blouse (that you didn’t even ask for) is for 500 bucks, those tiny sequins on the dupatta (that one can only been seen under a microscope) are for a grand, and I had to get this material from surat (ohh kidding it’s from the neighborhood shop) so it costs additional 2000!!” And she successfully explains the overcharging them wasn’t a crime.


All of us have been in Anita’s place at least once in our life. It’s heartbreaking when expectations don’t meet reality for something as simple as clothes or jewelry. But there’s a planet in the internet universe which have beautiful ethnic dresses, jewelry, footwear, home decor and much more along with huge discounts. The planet is called craftsvilla.com. Whether you want Alia Bhatt’s blue saree from two states, or a designer lehnga, or an indo western gown they have got it all.

Their collection is huge (that’s why I called it a planet). When I searched for Anarkali suits I got 79500 results. I think you can find every type of ethnic wear and jewelry here. And their collection is not just about clothes and they also have a nice collection of footwear, accessories, home decor and even musical instruments. So when you’re shopping for your dream dress you can also pick up a gifts for your relatives and friends at the comfort of your home.


Details like payment method, shipping date, return policy are mentioned along with every product. Most of the products have Cash on delivery option and a friendly return policy. They also have a ‘contact the seller’ option which you can use if you want more details about the product. They ship in India as well as internationally and provide different currency options for payment. They have an android app as well which you can download from the play store.

And with the World Ethnic Day celebrations you can expect more deals and promotions. Do check out the celebrations at craftsvilla.com.

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