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Women Leadership: How to Make it Happen



By Contributor: Uzma

There is no force equal to that of a determined woman

In the words of Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandburg, “Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence.” I couldn’t agree more. Across the world women are making noise through their work and leadership potential. It’s a universal truth that women are blessed with qualities like multi-tasking, working under tight budget or short duration and last minute arrangements. Yes! Only we have these idiosyncrasies. When we can deal with these situations at home we can manage through these at work place as well. Hell ya!


The very basic step of encouraging a woman at work place is to make the work environment friendly. Having a hostile attitude or underestimating women is really discouraging at times. Some women are blessed with opportunities and confidence. But many women are not. So it’s necessary to elevate them so that we can grow together. Bridging the gap between two sections is the pivotal affair. In many industries there’s a trend of paying women less even if they are on same post. Many industries do not recognize women as their employees at all (remember the bollywood makeup artist row?).  This has to be taken care of.

Motivation is the key the help woman come forward and overcoming their fear. Today’s woman is enthusiastic, lively and responsive. To lift their morale they should be engaged in meaningful conversation. Many women find it easy to be a silent listener, so they should be engaged more and more in meetings and presentations. When it comes to take suggestion, women should be persuaded to speak their mind and be vocal about their ideas. Gone are the days when vocal woman used to be tagged in a negative way. Today, strong woman is looked upon. They are a source of inspiration for many.


Even though we have got 33% reservation in Parliament and other legislative bodies, women scarcely come out as being a leader. In urban India, women participate in the workforce in impressive numbers. For example, in the software industry 30% of the workforce is female. In the workplace women enjoy parity with their male counterparts in terms of wages and roles. To inspire such women, it’s necessary to show them what they are and where they can reach. Inspiration stories really help women I setting higher targets and hope to achieve them.


This is only a small fragment of the issue we are talking about. There’s a lot to talk about and lot more than that to do. If you are someone who feels about entrust in women and want to share with people your ideas about “Women in Leadership” and how the working women scenario can be changed into something better, hop on to this contest #EveryWomanIsALeader. The folks over at SheThePeople are holding a blogging competition on the topic ‘Women in Leadership’ and winning entries will win an all-paid expenses trip to an exciting destination. For participating you can go HERE.

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