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WINNERS Of VNA L’Oreal Paris Summer Eye Makeup Contest!

Last month I introduced the L’Oreal Paris Summer Eye Makeup contest and some of the most talented and creative girls came forward to participate in it entry had some fresh and interesting makeup. I hope you enjoyed seeing those beautiful summer eye makeups as much as I did. There were a total of 17 entries and I’ve made a collage so you can see all of them in one place. Isn’t it worth framing!

summer eye makeup ideas
Summer Eye Makeup Entries

As per rules, I’v the right to pick 2 winners and the other 1 winner is decided by public likes and shares.

First I shall talk about the winner chosen by janta janardhan (public!).

Winner 1: “Candy” by Shourima
This entry got the max no. of likes and that too by a big margin. I loved the brave use of pink on the eyes while everyone shies away from pinks for the fear of tired eyes. This was one of my favourites too. People I like your choice!

orange pink eye makeup

Winner 2: “Heat Wave” by Nisha
This entry had my heart set since the beginning. And not just mine, it won many hearts in family. Just for fun I said to my mom “Mum I’ve got better entries so I don’t think I’m picking this one” to which she furiously said “How can you NOT make this win?” LOL! Nisha my mom loves your eye makeup skills…and so do I. Everything is perfect, absolutely no flaws.

sunset eye makeup

Winner 3: “Sunset In The Orient” by Samyukta
This sunset inspired pastel makeup screams summer. I asked my best friend and friends who hate makeup to take a look and tell me the entry they liked. Ofcourse none was ready and I had to plead! But the majority picked this subtle pastel makeup. This didn’t impact my decision in anyway, I had my winners ready since the contest ended. I liked the subtle yet fierce impact it makes. If I had the liberty to rename it, I would name it as “Sunset Pastel Hues”. Love the blending and the gradient effect. In a math equation, Orange+yellow+sunset+summer+pastel+blending+skills= a winner!

pastel coral makeup

All the winners mail me your details asap so that I can send out your L’Oreal goodies to you. Thank you

L’Oreal Paris for sponsoring the contest.

I hope you all agree with my choices. There were some other favourites too but the 3winner bracket! You girls know you are talented. Thank you for making this contest a success. And thank you readers who were participating in the comments and votes.

I had so much fun hosting this contest that I’m already planning more like this. Expect some fun contests soon!

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