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Win Lotus Herbals Hampers and More: VNA*Lotus Herbals Valentine Giveaway


Win Lotus Herbals Hampers and More: VNA and Lotus Herbals Valentine Giveaway

Hey there! We are sure you are busy prepping up for Valentine’s Day. The last minute gifts, last min surprises, dinner reservations and ofcourse your outfit and makeup for V day..its all important. VNA has collaborated with Lotus Herbals for Valentine to makeup one of you lucky! If you are single then we are gonna play your valentine and gift you a Lotus Herbals hamper

. If you are a guy then make sure you participate and win the hamper for your date. And if you are happily committed then we are gonna make this valentine’s day even more special for you. Excited? Read on!


Join the Revolution with Lotus Herbals YOUTHRx Serum + Creme and say Goodbye to ageing because ‪#AgeingIsHIstory now. All you have to do to win the Lotus Herbals hamper is:

  • Comment below and tell us your favourite romantic memory.
  • Follow VNA on Instagram here

That’s it. We will pick the best answer as the winner and send across the hamper.


But if you would like to take this a step ahead and then Lotus Herbals can do that for you. Post your favourite romantic memory on this page HERE

and Lotus Herbals will pick one winner and make her romantic memory happen..again. For real! So you get to relive that memory again!

Contest ends on 15th feb 20th feb. Open only to Indian residents older than 18yrs. The winner will be announced on our facebook page HERE

PS – Oh btw! We have a new logo!

13 thoughts on “Win Lotus Herbals Hampers and More: VNA*Lotus Herbals Valentine Giveaway”

  1. My favourite romantic memory is when I was in my hometown back then and he was in the Capital. It was my birthday, so he had to come and visit me but we ended up having a huge fight, so he didn’t board the train to come and visit me. I cried a bit but my girl gang cheered me up. We celebrated throughout the day and when I was returning back my friends asked me to wait a bit. My boy arrived looking a total a mess at around 11 p.m in the night. And he sat on his knee with some left over flowers in his hand. I quickly ran towards him and we shared a bear hug! I was so moved that I couldn’ t stop crying. Later I got to know that the poor thing took a government bus to reach me right after he got to know I was crying. We roamed around in my city whole night, avoiding to bump into any known. I lied at home tricking mom that I’m gonna stay at friend’s place.
    Best romantic memory. :)

  2. Awesome giveaway! Well my favorite romantic memory is when my boy came down to my city on a surprise visit last year! I was in Chennai and he was in Mumbai then… we had a huge fight over phone the day before! Later he realised that he had done a bit too much to piss me off totally! So to mend the walls, he quickly made up mind and booked flight to Chennai next day early morning! Then after landing in Chennai, he called me to wake me up and informed that he was waiting for me at the airport <3

    PS. I have been following VNA on Insta since really long… my Insta handle @kohlandstilettos

  3. This seems like an amazing giveaway!
    My favorite memory is on my birthday, my guy told me he couldn’t come to my birthday party as he was busy. I cried and after few hours my doorbell rang and he was there with a cute kitty. He knew I loved animals and I unconsciously told him that day that I wish I had a cat and he was searching all over the market trying to get it and that’s why he was late. This made me feel amazing. He still does things like this even when it’s not a special day.
    I’m a regular reader at VNA and love reading reviews here <3

  4. My favorite memory is actually just something he does everyday. I’m not a morning person, but every day, he wakes up about 20 minutes before me, opens the door for the maids etc. And then wakes me up so sweetly. Every single day. It means more to me than any gifts he’d ever buy for me.

  5. Hi,
    I had eloped n gotten married so my parents weren’t speaking to me for quite long. I remember when my mom called me for the 1st time after I got married in was in a movie with my husband n i got very emotional n cried a lot. He made me leave the movie. Brought me home, heated dinner and fed me with his own hands and put me 2 sleep in his laptop. I was very touched that day. It’s my best memory with my husband.

  6. #AgeingIsHistory
    Ours was an arrange marriage and that too we have not even met each other before wedding as both were very shy and had full trust on our parents choice. So there was no question of proposing at all .But after wedding on first Valentine Day my soulmate -Proposed me with a romantic note under my pillow
    Rahul Rajee You are the Brightest Star on the sky of my heart
    Your Hug is warmer than Sunshine
    Your presence soothes me more than any moonlight
    Your love and care is more refreshing and rejuvenating than fresh breeze
    Would you be my Better Half for next seven lives

  7. The most difficult part of love is proposing him in a funny yet memorable way before he did. Yes, you heard it right! I’m not a shy girl who wants the BOY to take the first step – Why can’t I? When I’m equally in love with him – deeply and madly :p I was jotting down my plans on the paper and could not think of anything – else than wasting papers. All of a sudden I remembered something – he loves Tom & Jerry! Funny right? Well it isn’t, because cartoon takes us back to our childhood days where we used to enjoy life completely without any worries.

    So, I had got my plan – now was the time of executing it, which means – how to use the uber cute Tom & Jerry in a proposal? Pop! came a idea in my mind and I called him and asked him to meet me the next day, i.e. on the 14th of Feb 2013 Thursday, which means I need to bunk my classes.

    Next day, I reached his place early morning and took with me some DVDs of Tom & Jerry series. For the very first time, he made breakfast for me, bought my favorite orchids and some ferrero rocher. I was stunned and excited to get a treat from him – because till that day he was very practical and straight forward in life – never did anything to express his feelings ever but that day was different and I was super nervous – the reason, I WANT TO PROPOSE HIM FIRST!

    He made faces seeing Tom & Jerry DVDs with me and asked me – “Do you want to watch this today?” I nodded my head with a big smile and with a confused face he agreed too. We finished our breakfast while watching the clever mouse, Jerry torturing the confused cat, Tom. Ha-ha! We were laughing our heart loud and suddenly I paused the video and told him, “I’m not feeling well, could you please bring a random medicine from the store, I have to take it just now”. He agreed and rushed outside immediately and then I just had 15-20 mins to get dressed up immediately as the super cute Jerry (I made the tailor stitch mouse cloth for me), light the candles, played soft music and dim the light as quickly as possible and waited eagerly for him. He came inside and was wonder-struck seeing me as his favorite cartoon :p

    I knelt down and asked him, “Would you mind being my Tom for the rest of the life”, and as usual he was again confused with my sudden proposal and was continuously staring at me – of course romantically and nodded, “Yes always!” and we both hugged. Since then, we have fought, our ideas may have differed sometimes, we are in a long distance relationship but still we are ONE. From the time we have met – it’s been 4 years now and still it seems it was just yesterday when I saw my confused Tom for the very first time.

  8. My most romantic memory would be the first time I met my husband. Ours is an arranged martiage and he came to Mumbai to meet me.. After talking for a while we decided to watch a movie Ramleela….. And there in the theatre while watchin the movie he took my hand and asked me to marry him… That gesture and the want to be with each other is what I love the most.

  9. My most romantic moment was our First Valentine after we got committed. We had been dating for 3 mth when we celebrated our first Valentine together. Pretty excited both of us were bcz we were still in the process of knowing each other. We planned to celebrate it at a hill station.
    I secretly baked a chocolate cake for him full of all my love for him. Gifted him a watch. He made a card for me with our pictures and his thoughts all over the card. His efforts into this brought tears in my eyes.
    Next he sang the most romantic song for me over his guitar. Aankhon hi aakhon me. And then we sat there for hours just talking and feeling the moment.
    I wish i could freeze that day then and there but then time passes.
    I miss that day

  10. Well.. It’s the first time I am sharing something related to my love life(just for the hamper..so fingers crossed).. Though the every moment is very special to me since (8 years) I have met the love of my life.. but the most romantic was the one on valentine’s week.. My love do not believe in this valentine stuff and so he did not want to celebrate it at all. I was sad b’coz everywhere I could just see couples cuddling.. Love was in the air.. I too wanted to celebrate but then I respected him and thought just to be ok with it .. The whole week passed and we didn’t even met.. Then, surprisingly on 14th feb morning..I received a SMS from him which has an address of a restaurant and asking me to come for a lunch date.. When I asked him why he just arranged a sudden date like this.. He replied that if I respected his thought.. then he should do the same.. <3
    I just love him and it just grows with every moment..


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