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Win Lakme Stylist Makeup Kit and LFW 13 Tickets: Contest Alert!!


Lakme 9 to 5 Makeup Range

Win Lakme Stylist Makeup Kit

Outside its raining cats and dogs. So let me shower some makeup here! No seriously the weather is so pleasant and its been raining here since last evening in Delhi. So keeping up with the good mood I bring you a makeup contest: Be an Instant Skin Stylist

What are the prizes?

4 Lakme Skin Styling Makeup Kits to be won!! And one lucky girl will get to watch the Winter Festive Lakme Fashion Week 2013 and feature in Lakme Studio!

The contest will take place in 2 phases. No relax there are no complicated rules. The Phase 1 is open to everybody in India.

Phase 1:

Answer a simple question: If you have 5mins to Style your skin in the mornings then what makeup products would you use?

Comment below with your answer. The contest question is open till 30th July. I will pick 4 winners by using random.org.

These winners will get the Lakme Styling Makeup Kit.

Phase 2:

The winning entries will be sent a Styling Kit by 5th August by Lakme. The 4 winners will have to create a makeup look using the Lakme Styling Kit and do a step by step photo tutorial. If you are comfortable you can do a video tutorial too. Each person can send in more than 1 look. You have to mail me the entries at vanitynoapologies(at)gmail(dot)com

. The contest deadline is 12th August.

The best look/s created by all entries get a chance to watch Lakme Fashion Week WF 2013 and meet a Lakme stylist and feature in the Lakme studio of Style at Lakme Fashion week Winter Fest 2013. The winning entry will be announced by 16th August.

The contest is open to all 18+ girls in India. To be eligible to participate like my page on facebook HERE and subscribe to my email updates HERE. Just ask me if you have any questions.

220 thoughts on “Win Lakme Stylist Makeup Kit and LFW 13 Tickets: Contest Alert!!”

  1. I generally have just 5min to get ready in morning cz m always late. Well, I apply a sunscreen n then moisturiser. I use lakme spf 50 sunscreen n a herbal moisturiser. I follow it up with lakme cc cream ( m loving it) n lakme compact. I apply a mascara n lip balm n m done with my 5 min makeup. :-P

  2. For me it has to be
    1.Light Makeup Base-A BB or CC Cream
    2.A Compact Powder-To keep oil at bay
    3.A Lip Balm
    4.Lakme Absolute Kohl-which is my staple now
    5.A Rosy Nude Lipstick or a MLBB like the Lip Love Aphrodite Blush
    1..2..3..4..5 minutes and my Skin is Styled and all Sorted :)

  3. 1. aloe vera gel,
    2. a compact powder,
    3. lakme eyeconic kajal,
    4. waterproof mascara,
    5. a bright lipstick or a tinted lip balm,
    and i’m ready to rock! :D

  4. As soon as I wash my face, I apply a toner,by the time it dries up I apply kajal.
    2. Apply foundation.
    3.Compact powder
    4.Tinted lipbalm

    I am done !!

  5. In the mornings, i usually cleanse and tone my face. After that, i apply a tinted moisturiser with SPF. Then i line my eyes, apply lipbalm and finish off by applying compact powder.

  6. After my CTM I would:

    1. Use a BB cream (either ponds or the Vit E Body Shop one)
    2. Eyeliner
    3. Loreal million lashes mascara
    4. Soft coral lippy from Etude

  7. Usually i get only 5-7 mins everyday to get ready.
    1. Apply a tinted moisturiser (currently using Lakme CC cream)
    2. Top it up with some loose powder (Lakme rose powder)
    3. Line my eyes with Kajal (Lakme absolute Kohl)
    4. Apply light colored lipstick (currently using Lakme 9 to 5 lipcolor in Scarlet Drill, Pink Bueare and Lakme lip love in Honey Bun and top it up with clear gloss from Lakme enrich satin)

  8. If I had five minutes to style my skin in the mornings then I’ll use Lakme Cleanser first to clean my face and after wiping clean, my Lakme concealer stick(Hides all the blemishes perfectly), Lakme compact with spf, Biotique Kajal and a quick dab of revlon powder blush and my Maybelline baby lips lip balm in berry crush and I’m good to go.:)

  9. 1.wash my face with himalaya face wash.
    2. Spray rose water.
    3. Apply lotus spf 40 matte sunscreen.
    4. Lakme iconic kajal.
    5.any lip balm.
    Hurray! I m ready to rock..! :-)

  10. After washing my face with a good facewash like Lakme Puredefence, I would apply my Garnier BB Cream folllowed by Lakme Iconic Kajal n complete my look with a lipbalm! Done!! Always keep it simple coz too much of makeup can make u look sacry especially in d mornings!!! take care gals!! :D ^_^

  11. If I have 5mins to Style my skin in the morning then I would first apply my Lakme CC cream and then apply black eyeliner and mascara and a nude pink lip gloss .

  12. hehe….i jss get ready in “5 mins” only on day to day basis!!!….
    the most imp thing for me is “FLAWLESS BASE”…n dats y i spend 2.5 mins to apply n blend my base….
    i groom my brows in 1 min….
    loads of lakme eyeconic mascara in next 1 min…
    n ny bright lipstick in 30 sec n m done :-)

  13. First of all, thanks for organizing such a Beautiful contest for our girls…well, for skin i always prefer to go for my favorite trustworthy brand Lakme..and i if i have 5mins to Style my skin in the morning, then Lakme Kajal goes well to beautify my eyes and will keep my skin simple and natural, Plumpy Lakme Lip Gloss will work out to keep my Rosy lips looks sexy.. ;) :)

  14. If under a time crunch of 5 mins,
    1. Grab a BB stick or CC cream
    2. Set it with pressed/translucent oil absorbing powder
    3. Mascara, opens eyes really well.
    4. A brightening lipcolor(something in corals or pinks)
    5. Brow pencil
    and ta-da! Oh, btw this was my clg routine almost everyday ;)

  15. After my Cleansing-Toning-Moisturizing ritual I manage to follow the following steps to dash out of the door :

    -Hard candy concealer for my blemishes and under-eye area.
    -Lakme absolute mattreal mousse.
    -Revlon eyeliner in black.
    -Lakme eyeconic kajal.
    -Loreal glamshine on lips.

  16. Hi,
    If i have 5mins to Style my skin in the mornings then i would use only one product and that is Lakme’s CC cream which is a complete skin care and makeup solution. I am just in love with this product and my skin is in love with me for it.
    Thanks :-)

  17. Very interesting contest…would love to get the tickets..but for that my answer for phase 1 is:
    1. I use Lakme’s CC cream as my base these days
    2. Set it with Lakme Absolute Wet & Dry Compact
    3. Then a tad bit of Nyx Blush – mainly its peach
    4. Lakme Eyeconic Kajal
    5 Followed by Lakme Eyeconic Mascara

    So thats my 5 minute daily routine…I am so used to this that i hardly take 3 to 4 minutes :))

  18. If I had five minutes to style my skin in the mornings, i would use Lakme Sunscreen Lotion to protect my Skin From Sun and to keep my self simple and natural ..:)

  19. If i have 5 min to Style your skin in the morning then i will go for Lakme Kajal , Sunscreen Lotion and Lip gloss and i always love to look simple and stylish

  20. I always have just 5 minutes before rushing out the door and this is what I do:

    * Anti Acne moisturiser
    * sunscreen blended with foundation to make a custom tinted sunscreen
    * Absolute eye pencil
    * Lakme Pop Tint for a burst of colour with hydration.
    * Perfume

  21. If I get 5 mins to style my skin in the morning, I will apply :

    1. Lotus Herbals 50 SPF Sunscreen Lotion – 1 min
    2. A compact powder – 1 min
    3. Lakme eyeconic kajal – 2 min
    4. A waterproof mascara – 1/2 min
    5. A bright lipstick or a tinted lip balm – 1/2 min.

    Thanks for the lovely Giveaway.

  22. My 4steps to get ready in 5mins :
    Apply lotus sunscreen spf 70 (it is tinted) acts like a bb cream /tinted moisturiser and a base.
    Lame eyeconic kajal
    Maybelline colossal volume mascara
    lip gloss (presently using victorias secret)

  23. Awesome Giveaway :)

    Here’s what I do if have only 5 mins to get ready – After Cleansing and Toning, I apply Lakme Sunscreen, top it up with some Oil Absorbent Face Powder, apply 2 coats of mascara and a tinted lip balm and I am ready to face the world :p

    Keeping my fingers crossed X

  24. If i get i will do

    * I will wash my face with garnier.
    * First, i apply the bodyography primer.
    * Afterwards, apply the lakme foundation with moisture.
    * Finally, i use the kajal and lipstick on face.

    Now, I will go out.

    Thank You.

  25. for me first my face should be clean and moisturized (currently i am using estee lauder cream). then body shop’s BB cream with some pressed powder to keep away oiliness. bourjois eye kajal, a touch of bobbi brown blush, lipstick to my mood. and i am ready set.

  26. After my regular CTM process

    Frankly speaking i get roughly 7-8 min to get ready, bt sometime i have to cut it to 5 min so i prefer to do
    1) BB Cream as it serves as sun protection and foundation work too ( i use Deborah Milano BB Cream)
    2) Face powder ( Lakme Absolute Wet n Dry Compact)
    3) Kohl on my water line and as a eye liner too ( I prefer Lakme Eyeconic Kajal)
    4) Blush ( I prefer Colorbar Blush in Peach Rose)
    5) Lipstick ( Lakme 9 to 5, The office Stylist range lipstick in shade “Wine Play”

  27. i apply aloe vera gel first thing after washing my face. till it gets absorbed i apply lakme absolute eyeliner and lakme eyeconic kajal. then i apply lakme CC cream and lip love conditioner in flirt..done :)

  28. If i get 5 mins to apply makeup in the morning ,i would use
    1. Colorbar stick conceler
    2.Maybelline clear glow compact
    3.Lakme eyekonic kajal on my water line
    4.Lakme insta liner on my eyelids
    5.Maybelline color bloom lip balm
    Thanks :)

  29. If I have 5mins to Style my skin in the mornings, the makeup products I use are
    A bb cream
    A kajal and an eyeliner is a must for me.
    A bright lipstick

  30. After cleaning – toning – moisturising,

    Here goes my 5 minutes everyday makeup;

    1. Face- Mac studio finish concealer, Maybelline pressed compact powder, Inglot freedom system blush.
    2. Eyes- Amway attitude Kajal
    3. Lips- Revlon kissable lip stain(romantic)

  31. i’m always in a hurry while getting ready for college :P so then, i just use a light base, and powder, love using lakme rose powder! and cant go without eyeliner so i use lakme kohl ultimate which works great as kohl n liner n also stays the whole day :) n some lip balm, these days using the lakme pop tint in berry pink or candy kiss :)

  32. After my ctm:
    1. Apply mayebline bb cream
    2.lakme compact
    3. Lakme eyeconic kajal
    4.lipgloss ( Lakme or revlon or mayebline )
    N I’m ready! *-*

  33. I clense then tone nd after that moistrise my face.. Then I applly sunscreen..
    After that I put compact with spf in it..
    Then I line my eyes with a hint of kohl nd in put cream blush on my cheeks for little bit of colour on my skin
    In the end I put a coat of mascara nd I am ready t go :))

  34. I clense then tone nd after that moistrise my face wid an spf contaning moistriser nd then I even out my complexion wid a primer
    After that I put compact with spf in it..
    Then I line my eyes with a hint of kohl nd in put cream blush on my cheeks for little bit of colour on my skin
    In the end I put a coat of mascara nd little bit of tinted lip balm nd I am ready t go :))

  35. To Style my Skin, I use Lakme Strawberry Face Wash, Rose water for toner and Lakme Perfect Radiance Fairness Day Cream for moisturizer.

    To add a little oomph with Makeup, I use the following:
    Face – Apply a bit of BB cream or a little bit if Lakme Invisible Foundation and blend.
    Eyes – Use Chambor Tattoo eyeliner in green as eyeliner and on waterline also. Apply a bit of Lakme kajal over the waterline. Gives a very intense look.
    Lips – Currently, I am using Lakme Pop Tints In Peach Please. It’s a very pretty everyday wear lip color and stays for a long time.

    Thanks for holding this contest.

  36. My skin is sensitive and have been getting a lot of acne lately. Hence, i apply Lacto calamine lotion which gives my skin a nice pinkish base. I also coat it with a light compact powder.
    Then i apply kajal, and a define my eyes with a Lakme liquid eye-liner.
    A nude shade of lip-stick is all that i need and i am ready to go.

  37. I will go the following way

    1. LAKME CC CREAM and concealor
    2. a winged liner using MAYBELLINE HYPER GLOSSY LINER
    3. quick pink lipgloss (REVLON – ROMANTIC)

  38. If I have 5mins to Style My skin in the morning then the makeup products I would you use are:-
    1. Liquid foundation for perfect finishing ! ;)
    2. Lakme eyconic Kajal for long Stay
    3. Lakme eyeconic Mascara
    4. And a Lipgloss !
    That’s all .. after all SIMPLICITY IS THE BEST :)

  39. First of all .. A big thanks to you for having such a wonderful contest..

    If I had Just 5 min the makeup products i would use will be

    1. Kohl for beautifying my eyes and making it bolder and brighter
    2. Mascara, after using eye curler.
    3. Lipgloss
    4. Sunscreen
    That’s all:)

  40. if i had only 5 mins , i wud go for
    1. a moisturizer n sunscreen
    2. CC cream
    3. eyeliner
    4. liptint

  41. With 5 minutes for my skin this is what I’d do
    1. Wash my face with a neem face wash
    2. Apply Vit C serum and let it sink in
    3. Apply Lakme souffle all over the face n neck
    4. Dust some loose powder all over the face
    3. A deep brown eyeliner on my upper lids
    5. A neutral or soft rose pink lipstick on my lips
    (and if my 5 minutes are not over and I have a few seconds left – a quick brush of pink blush on the cheeks)

  42. For me…. in 5 minutes … i just apply a good tinted moisturizer .. tightline my eyes with kajal and a pinky or peachy lip stain … and finally a messy bun or a clean ponytail and i am ready to go.

  43. If i have just 5 minutes to get ready, this is what I do:

    Apply a BB cream, tight line my eyes with kajal, apply mascara, lip balm or a neutral lipstick..
    Apply moisturizer and sunscreen.. :)

  44. My collge is relly far frm ma house n me ?? as usual a lazy bum .I em up afta MR SUN is done wid killin 2 o 3 ppl wi its blisterin heat .(I get up @ d nick of tyme)…
    So 5 mins is ol I get .. here’s wa I do
    Garnier Skin Naturals BB Cream
    Maybelline Colossal Kajal
    Nivea lip balm (friuty shine )
    A bright lipstick wen I em in mood . (chambor powder matte orange flambe or maybelline super stay in coral)
    n em ready 2 go :)

  45. Right after my bath i put on my moisturizer …..and my bb cream ….i pat down some loose powder and smile and apply 2 washes of blusher……depending on my mood i quickly apply a neutral or bright eyeshadow which does not need blending too much…..run a brow pencil through my brows…..gel eyeliner …curl lashes ,,,mascara….and run out of the door clutching my car keys in one hand and lipstick of the day in the other ….apply lipstick at the first red light using the rear view mirror…perfume is always in the bag…step out of the car looking like a diva…done ….sometimes these steps(except the bath) are progressively done at red lights …..

  46. 5 mins?

    BodyShop BB cream – 3 shade
    light brown eye shadow by Sephora
    Eyeliner and mascara by Lakme Eyeconic
    Finally apply Lip tint – Plum shade from Lakme.

  47. Q. If you have 5mins to Style your skin in the mornings then what makeup products would you use?
    A. I usually style my skin in exactly 5 mins every single day :) The products I use to look picture perfect are :
    – Colorbar Perfect Match Foundation 001 Classic ivory
    – Lakme Eyeconic Eyeliner
    – Colorbar Lipsticks Velvet Matte(Hot Hot Hot, Peach Crush) Or Colorbar Creme Touch Lipstick (Passionate)

    Ta Daaaaaaa :D:D

  48. After My CTM:


    Colorbar Perfect match primer for oil control,

    Maybelline BB stick (fawn/radiance) need to mix both to get my match,

    Lakme rose powder soft pink to set the make up,

    Faces cream blush (Pinked Mauve)


    Lakme eyeconic kajal
    Maybelline colossal mascara


    Tinted lip balms or lip gloss

    Tadaaaaa ready to go to office………

  49. I am always in a hurry :D and usually I get ready in 5 mintues only for my college.
    I use Maybelline BB cream on face, Lake eyeconic kajal and mascara on my eyes, Lakme lip love conditioner because I’m not a lipstick or lip gloss person and lakme absolute blush in Day Sheer…. Tadaa I’m ready!! :D :D

  50. Liked the page, subscribed to mailing list. And here is the answer-
    If I have 5 mins to Style my skin in the mornings then makeup products I would use are-
    1. Lakme Youth Infinity Serum to keep my 20s sculpted look intact.
    2. Mac Kohl to define my eyes.
    3. Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush, it feels light as air!
    4. Lakme Eye-Conic Mascara for the dramatic eyes.
    5. Lakme 9 to 4 Lip Color in Red!

  51. If I had just 5 minutes in the morning to style my skin (which is pretty much the case in our lives, no matter what time of the day or year it is), I (always) use just ‘Lakme Absolute Mousse – Honey Beige’. It keeps my skin supple & natural – truly make-up joh naa lage made-up :)

    Would accentuate my lips with ‘lakme liplove plum’ lipstick.

    Yo, am ready to go! Who wants to deck up when one can stay naturally nourished and good looking in our busy lives, with so much to catch up on!

    Cheers :)

  52. If I have 5 mins to Style my skin in the mornings then makeup products I would use are-
    1. Face wash the Lakme stawberry one…so refreshing
    2. Concealer/foundation for certain areas on my face
    3. A wipe of compact powder
    4. Blush
    5. Light lip balm/lip gloss nude shade

  53. 1.I wash my face with a face wash then I apply:
    2. Lakme cc cream
    3. Lakme absolute white intense wet and dry compact
    4. Lakme Eyeconic Kajal and Mascara
    5. Lip balm (I think this much is enough for a glowing,natural look within just 5 min)

  54. Okay,so 5 minutes and make-up. Sounds tough but isn’t :D Here’s how :-
    1. A BB cream
    2.A compaq
    4.A lip balm or a light shade lipstick
    5.A blush,which may be optional.
    And I’m good to go. This kind of minimal make-up is the best for daily routine.We don’t wanna look cakey if we are working at a high post at corporates right?The look should be sober and subtle.

  55. I follow these easy and quick steps
    1. Apply CC cream.
    2. Apply Lakme Rose powder
    3. Apply Lakme iconic kajal
    4. Apply a moisturizing lipstick (My favorite Lakme Enrich Barely There)

  56. Five minutes is all I have to get ready in the morning, and this is my holy grail routine:
    1. I moisturise my face with Lakme Peach Milk moisturiser, it works great for dry sensitive skin like mine!
    2. I darken my eyebrows with kohl using an angled brush. Since my eyebrows are already pretty shaped and arched, all I do is darken them. Next, I tightline my eyes with Lakme Eyeconic kajal. Tightlining i.e. lining the upper waterline of the eye with kajal makes my lashes appear denser and opens up my eyes. I then line my lower lashline with the Eyeconic kajal as well.
    3. Now that my skin has been hydrated with the Peach Milk moisturiser, I apply Lakme CC Cream in light blending strokes onto my face, to even out my skintone, and conceal redness and blemishes.
    4. Next, with my Lakme Absolute Felt-Tip Eyeliner, I line the upper lashline of my eyes. The thin tip of the felt-tip liner enables me to draw feminine flicks and cat-eye styles with precision.
    5. For college I prefer having a light tinted lipcolor, for which I use my Revlon Colorburst Lip-Butter. I own three distinct shades, for different looks- Candy Apple (red), Berry Smoothie (neutral pink) and Raspberry Pie (deep plum/pink).
    6. I coat my eyelashes with Lakme Eyeconic Curling Mascara which curls my eyelashes and coats them evenly. It really makes my eyes pop, and lasts all day!
    7. To give a matte finish to my face, I pat Lakme Compact Powder in shade Ivory all over my face and neck. It lends a subtle glow to my face.
    8. My final step is to smile at myself in the mirror, before I run out the door. :)

  57. I actually have 5 minutes in my hand everyday before I have to rush off. This is what I do every morning.
    1. Lakme Sun Expert SPF 50- I don’t have to worry about getting tanned, lasts the whole day.
    2. Lakme CC cream- a recent addition
    3. Kajal
    4. Mascara
    5. Lakme Perfect Radiance intense whitening compact- shade:Ivory Fair
    6.Tinted Lip balm or lipstick of a light shade

  58. hi.. i would use
    1. a bb cream
    2. top off with a translucent powder
    3. lakme eyeconic kajal
    4. lakme instaliner winged out
    5. any light MLBB color from the new 9-5 lipsticks

  59. I am always running late so 5-10 minutes is actually the time I get to do my makeup in the morning :P So my makeup routine usually is usually quick and no fuss.

    I start with cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Makeup or no makeup CTM is necessary before stepping out. Who wants to go out with a skin that is not fresh and clean.

    No makeup looks good without an even base. I cannot go for a foundation – concealer – powder thing early in the morning when I am still a bit sleepy :P. So the BB/ CC cream comes to my rescue here. Does the job well and gives me a glowing and even skin tone.

    I finish it off with a lipbalm or/and a lipstick along with my HG Eyeconic Kajal on both waterline and lids and a dash of Eyeconic mascara to complete the look.

  60. I am a big fan of the lakme absolute range n d newly launched CC cream n lakme 9 to 5 range…following r d products i generally use
    1. My new lakme CC cream..to start with as my makeup base
    2. Lakme absolute eyeliner to line my upper lash line
    3. Lakme eyeconic kajal on the water line
    4. My fav shade f lakme pop tint

  61. 1. Primer and use Translucent Smoothing Powder – Use a Primer for a smooth base that will help your makeup last and will hide wrinkles and refine pores. Don’t smother your face in foundation to get a uniform skin tone. Just do a light layer, then dust on a translucent powder that hides imperfections with reflective micro-particles.

    2. Healing Concealer – Covering zits with heavy concealer will only make breakouts worse. Look for an oil-free formula with salicylic acid that treats blemishes while hiding them.

    3. Dark-Circle Fix – Dark circles make you look tired and older and nearly everyone gets them. Using an Eye Cream (My favorite is Olay Definity Illuminating Eye Treatment) instantly brightens the under-eye area with mica particles and strengthens the delicate skin with powerful hydrators.

  62. I’m a student going to college and I have uniform (sucks I know) so I keep my makeup natural and decent. This is my daily makeup routine :
    1. Lakme daily glow moisturizer – I use that as a base cause I don’t really use any bb cream or foundation for college and moisturizers keep my skin really beautiful.
    2. Deborah Milano age reset concealer – This is what I used for covering my dark circles (very dark)
    3. NYX rouge cream blush – for a quick finger application and trust me it stays for a long time.
    4. Maybelline turbo volume express mascara – it makes me look awake so I use it for my eyes
    5. Gosh lip marker – for giving a pink tint to my lips
    6. Rimmel royal gloss – this is to just give a pout effect and I re apply this in college

    And that’s about it!
    It hardly takes me 5 minutes to do this :D

  63. I’m a Software Professional and to me 5 mins is such a boon to get a perfect self-make over before I rush to office, here are my day-to-day products that I have jotted down.

    The list is too long but trust me I take less than 5 mins to wear all of these :)

    1) Just Herbs NoSun Jojoba-Wheatgerm Moisturising Sun Protection Gel.
    2) Mac -Match Master Foundation SPF 15
    3) Mac – Studio Fix NC40
    4) Lakme Absolute White Intense Concealer Stick SPF 20
    5) Maybelline Dream Touch Blush 05
    6) Maybelline Colossal Kajal
    7) Few Shades apt for my attire from Rhomlon Cosmetics 24 color eye-shadow palette.
    8) Lakme eye conic Mascara
    9) Maybelline Color Sensational 338 Midnight Plum Lip-Liner
    10) Shades of Maybelline Super Stay 24 HR Lipstick
    11) Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Gloss apt with the lipstick

  64. clean up my face with water make it dry and the first thing i apply is the MAYBELLINE BB CREAM (normal skin) and than move on to the eye section by applying MAYBELLINE EYELINER since there is a limited time i dont apply any eye shadows. After the eye liner i do someting with the eyelash since my eyelashes are so short and thin so to make it look visible and thicker i use Best lash extreme MASCARA by jordana and finally with my lips i use COLOR BAR OBSESSED ORANGE 4.2 LIPSTICK.
    when these three basics things are done i do touch ups with the MAYBELLINE COMPACT POWDER :)

  65. 3 tips for instant skin styling
    1) scrub face for the glow
    2) apply light moisturizer followed by foundation, compact,blush and bronzer
    3) apply kohl, mascara, lipstick or lipgloss

    and you are done to rock!
    finally carry a smile for the best sensual look!

  66. 1.Use a very small amount of concealer and foundation,
    2.just sweep eye shadow.
    3.apply eye liner and one coat of lengthening mascara
    4.using a powder blush.
    5.Put the finishing touch on your face with a dab of lip gloss.

  67. Instant Skin styling tips to look fresh glowing before meeting or goin for date
    1.Cleaning face with mild cleanser n exfoliate to get glowing skin as it removes dead n flaky skin.
    2.Moisturise skin using product with SPF to protect sun damage and
    Apply bb/cc cream or tinted moisturiser to give mild coverage n instant glow.
    3.Apply blush on apples of ur cheeks to look healthier n adding instant charm & boost eyes with kajal n mascara to have open clear bright eyes n apply tinted lip balm or gloss to pump up your lips.

    Style your hair n smile from heart .
    YOU ARE DONE..!!!!

  68. IF i only have % minutes i would do the following things:
    !. Moisturise with neutrogena oil free moisturiser.
    2. Apply Lakme cc cream.
    3. Apply rimmel stay matte powder.
    4. Apply kajal – black or other color depending on the outfit.
    5. Lastly apply a nice matte long staying lipstick and done!

  69. IF i only have 5 minutes i would do the following things:
    !. Moisturise with neutrogena oil free moisturiser.
    2. Apply Lakme cc cream.
    3. Apply rimmel stay matte powder.
    4. Apply kajal – black or other color depending on the outfit.
    5. Lastly apply a nice matte long staying lipstick and done!

  70. if I have only 5 minutes then
    1. Firstly a BB cream is must for even skin tone
    2. followed with revlon powder foundation
    3. winged Eyeliner for perfect eyes
    4. eyeconic kajal on my waterline
    5. a little pink/red blush on cheek bone with little shimmer
    6. lakme pop tints lipstick for cute lips
    7. with an elegant hair band for my hairs
    And I am just ready to kill everyone.

  71. I wash my face with Lakme Strawberry Face Wash, pat it dry and then moisturize my skin with Lakme Peach Milk Moisturizer, apply a face powder (White Tone), apply herbal Kajal and then finally for my lips Lakme Enrich Barely There (or lip gloss) .. all of it takes only 5 mins. (not more than that) and I am ready for the morning!!

  72. If I have 5 mins to style my skin in the morning, then I use the following makeup products :

    1. Lakme Strawberry Face Wash – 1min
    2. Lotus Herbals 60 SPF Sunscreen Lotion – 1 min
    3. A compact powder – 1 min
    4. Lakme eyeconic kajal – 1 min
    5. A waterproof mascara – 1/2 min
    6. A bright lipstick or a tinted lip balm – 1/2 min

    Thanks for the lovely Giveaway.

  73. if i have 5mins to style morning fresh my skin:
    1. Cleanse my face with mixture of milk and honey (homemade)
    2. wash it with rose water (Dabur Gulabari)
    3. Pat dry and then apply SPF 30 sunscreen and a bit of BB cream.
    4. a thin eyeliner strokes and mild baby pink roose on both cheeks
    5. lastly a lip liner and a mild shiny rust colour Lipstick with a gloss..

    looking stunning for this morning ;)

  74. 1. aloe vera gel,
    2. a compact powder,
    3. lakme eyeconic kajal,
    4. waterproof mascara,
    5. a bright lipstick or a tinted lip balm
    :) that’s all.

  75. My instant Skin Stylist tips:

    1) Exfoliate and add moisture; the combination offers immediate plumping that lasts several hours. Even gentle sloughing causes skin to swell slightly, making wrinkles less noticeable. Use a scrub with smooth, spherical beads that polish without causing redness (look for polyethylene at the top of the ingredient list). Follow with a lotion, a peptide that relaxes muscles and temporarily eases pesky lines.
    2) Perk up your tired eyes by making them look more wide open by curling your lashes. Apply the eyelash curler as close to the base of your lashes as possible, squeeze closed to curl and hold for five seconds. If you’re too tired to curl your lashes, apply a curling mascara instead.
    3) Apply a wash of a lavender eye shadow; this pretty shade helps to open up and brighten the eyes. Further emphasize the inner corner of your eyes with an iridescent highlighter to add a glint of shimmer.
    4) Apply a washcloth soaked in cold water to your face for 10 minutes; the cool compress constricts blood vessels.

  76. Dab a ice cube all over my face.
    Use Lakme CC cream.
    A touch of colour on my cheeks.
    Lakme Absolut Kohl and Mascara
    And a nude lip color

    Tada! I am done :)

  77. My 5 mins daily styling!

    1.Wash face with a mild brightening cleanser
    2. Use a Tinted moisturize with SPF Content.
    3. Curl lashes with an eyelash curled.
    4. Line eyes with kohl
    5. Use a tinted lip balm/lip stain
    6. Dab some loose powder lightly.

    I’m goood to goo now :-D

  78. Hi

    If I have 5 mins to Style my skin in the mornings, I keep it simple and pretty :)

    1. I apply moisturizer evenly on face and neck
    2. Then apply a little of compact powder
    3. Kajal for eyes
    4. eyeliner
    5. lip-gloss or lipstick depending upon the shade and mood :)

    hope to win too !!

  79. Hey, I usually get ready in 5 mins..because in daily routine, I prefer no makeup except for “my essentials”

    just take a minute to scrub lightly daily or every alternate day and then these 4 quick steps:-
    apply Dove sunscreen lotion, lakme compact, Maybelline colossal kajal or m.a.c kohl and finally strawberry tinted lipbalm or Oriflame lipstick shade “desert plum”

    That’s all..

  80. i have mastered the art of styling my skin in 5mins ever since i started working. i start with lakme eyeconic kajal n mascara. use mssha bb cream and lakme rose powder to mattify and just apply a tinted lip balm and m done!

  81. mostly i get ready in 10-15 min.. very impatient i am! :P and d way i style my skin is by first creating a flawless n yet breathable base using lakme cc cream, the cc cream just few secs to blend in the skin; than concealing the imperfections with lakme absolute concealer.. one thing i never got out is without enhancing my eyes with the absolute mascara as i have tini eyes :D and now comes my love lippies..if i am going for office then my choice is peachy brown like coffee command and if for hot date then obviously hot red lippy like lakme red coat! :)

  82. Styling my skin in 5min is what i have to do most of the days when am late and am glad that I found my super styling buddies which help me style my skin instantly.

    I use a good bb cream. rose powder. Lip gloss and kohl and yay am done in 2 mins.

    And yes knowing what products works for ur skin makes it easy.

  83. hey!
    after a good 8-hour sleep which is a must for good looking fresh skin-

    -Wash my face with a facewash
    -Apply a good amount of moisturiser
    – I m currently using “Lakme CC cream” to get an even tone
    -I tightline my eyes with “Lakme Eyeconic Kajal”
    -2 coats of my “Maybelline Volume Express Colossal Waterproof Mascara”
    -“Lakme Cheek artist” in Kiss Of Rose is one blush which i use daily to give my skin an healthier look
    – Last but not the least a swipe of “Maybelline Color SenSational moisture Extereme” in Coral Pink
    And i m good to go

  84. first use wash face
    and then apply moisture on my face and neck
    apply kajal
    and lip gloss
    n now i am ready to go

  85. You need lakme for ur skin
    -Liner (lakme intense finish eyeliner )
    -a tinted lip care
    -Kajal (lakme eyeconic any trendy colour they have a beaitiful range)
    -mascara (lakme eyeconic volume rush)
    -Essentional bb or cc cream (eg 9 to 5 by lakme)

  86. 5 mins to go then i will be wash my face wid everyuth fruit facewash then my maybelline colossal kajal, lakme foundation then light shaded elle 18 lipstick and i m ready….

  87. First I use Lakme perfect radiance fairness face wash ,then i used cc cream,lakme eyeconic kajal and then apply light natural shade of lipstick …. ready to go out :)

  88. Ummm !! …in just min…. my simple funda …
    for summers …
    1- applying Louts herbals matte sun sunscreen on clear face
    2- I have oily T zone so I apply some matte loose powder
    3- n lst but not least maybelline baby lips nd lakme eyeconic kajal at corner of mY eyes (sometimes)

    And for winters. …

    1-Only tinted moisturisers
    2- nd all tym fav baby lips … 2 protect form harsh winters

    these r my Basis sa Common sa FunDa :D =)

  89. If I have 5 min only,then I will wash my face with lakme facewash,then use BB or CC creams and lakme kajal one stroke then 9to 5 matt mof colour lipstick and that’s it.I love simple look and I m a stylist too.

  90. If i had just 5 min i would instanty apply some foundations and a lip balm i don’t i need anything much as the real beauty lie in natural smile.😊😉😘👧

  91. Mornings are always a great time when it comes to do make up ;-)
    After washing up..
    1: I apply my face 4 Season Blemish balm SPF 50+
    2:i lined my eye with lakme intense finish liner
    3: and a tinted lip balm…
    after 3-5min makeup i feel confident and pretty and im good to go …. ;-)

  92. If i have just 5 minutes to style my skin in the morning the first i will apply is sunscreen and body lotion and then i will apply fairness cream, powder, mascara and pink color lipstick

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  94. Awesome post. I’m a normal visitor of your web site and appreciate you taking the time to maintain the nice site. I’ll be a regular visitor for a really long time.

  95. First of all,, we should clean our face with face wash ,so that all dirt particle may get removed.

    Second:-then apply a normal suncream .as it help us to stay away from harmful ultraviolet Ray’s of the sun.

    After all this we apply our foundation or bb cream etc.

  96. First of all we should wash our face so that all the dirt particles get removed.

    Second:-we then apply a suncream .as it help us from ultra violet Ray’s of the sun.

    Third :-as we have only 5 min so no need to apply foundation.as it takes time .

    Only suncream and a lip balm and a kajal make every girl attractive.


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