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Win Gift Voucher Worth Rs.3000 – Valentine Giveaway!


max fashion

Happy Valentine girls!!

Valentine is just round the corner and you must be busy with how to do your hair..straight or curly? red lipstick or pink lipstick? dress..shoes..belts..cardigans..what not! So now just relax, lay back…here I’ve got you an opportunity to shop for free from the latest Max collection!

Yes, Vanity No Apologies and Max Fashion have collaborated for this contest where the winner will go home with a shopping voucher worth Rs.3000. Now I’ve kept the rules really simple.

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After that just comment below about your funniest/craziest/favourite valentine memory along with your name and email address.

The contest ends on 19th feb. The winners will be announced on my facebook and twitter

 only, so keep a look. Giveaway open to Indian residents only.

30 thoughts on “Win Gift Voucher Worth Rs.3000 – Valentine Giveaway!”

  1. Hey Ansh Thanks for the lovely giveaway!!
    Last year was the most memorable Valentines day for me and I got the biggest surprise gift from my valentine as he was not in my city! He stays out of station for work . I was upset and then suddenly I got a parcel that too on the Valentines day! There were many gifts! I wasn’t really expecting this! It had a sweet note too! SO it was the sweetest valentines day for me, though my valentine wasn’t there with me ..

    Email- yensenta@gmail.com

  2. hey anshita last year on the Valentine’s day for the very first time I had a Valentine you know first love wala thing ,he proposed me on hug day and we celebrated our very first Valentine’s day together. this a memory I think I will cherish forever & we just completed a year being together .
    email : iqbalzaiba@ymail.com
    Facebook username : interpidzaiba

  3. my fav memory of valentines day is of last to lat year, 14 feb, 2011. my valentine was jus a frnd (i met him on 9 feb, 2011) at dat tym. i wes heartbroken due to some asshole and in ol dat melodrama bought a sweatshirt wid huge broken heart which syd “leave me alone” in really big font n wore it on valentines. and my sweet guy saw me wearing it and came n whispered “NEVER” <3 <3

  4. Hey Ansh..Last year i celebrated my frst V-Day nd dat too in a manner noone wud :P I ws soo excited abt Valentne day but then before v cud plan anythng..v came to know abt an imp amcat exam on 14th feb whch v both had to giv!
    So r frst VDay was in our computer lab giving exam togather nd dat too a tiring exam of 6 hours whch became spcl wen v both talked to each other in btwn,discussed r answrs..had lunch togather..it was so spcl!! We kept saying to each other that dis tiring exam became beautiful just becoz v wer togather!! After the xam v went fr a long drive whch ws again lovely!
    Dis was a really unique VDay for us..
    If i win dis..il buy sumthng fr him to make dis Vday also spcl in its own way :)
    Thanks for the giveaway…
    Already follow ur blog!! :)_
    suboohi afroz

  5. My fave memory of V.Day? I Created a whole all you can do thing for two of my closest friend’s. Included reservations at their fave Italian Restaurant, Cookies in a cookie box from cookie man, car ride in a 370z.

  6. something that we remember from last year. I planned the whole Valentine week to celebrate for him. On rose day, i bunked my work, bought bouquet, took a rickshaw because i didn’t know driving then and stopped by his office, on propose day me and my sister made these colorful confetti written “will you be mine” and placed them carefully on fan. i forced him to switch on the fan because i was feeling so “suffocated”, rest of the days were celebrated as they should have but the first two days were very thoughtful and romantic and surprising for him and we both loved it. I have come to know one thing for sure that boys need those love and pampering more than we girls do. it’s just that they are probably not able to express that because they are “MAN”

  7. In my college days , 2 yr bak on the vday when my boyfriend kneeled down in a crowded street and said me “I LOVE YOU, Will You Marry Me ” 3 times loudly with a ring (while 100’s of people were staring at him :D ) , fully crazy :D and i said a big YES :D and we got married dat yr in May :) <3 can never forget that day . :)

  8. the craziest thing that i have done and wud never do again was going bald…well almost..(i mean a crew cut counts right)..for my hubby, He had to go through a head surgery after an accident and due to which he had to shave off his head, he was already traumatized due to the accident so i supported him and got my head shaved too just to make him feel better.. and trust me it did work! He laughed looking at me for hours..and it was the first time that he had laughed after the surgery in months!

  9. I’m single but I have a crazy Valentine’s memory of 2010. I was at coffee shop with my girl friends, A weird guy came up to me and asked me if I was Richa. I denied and he walked away…
    A few minutes later, he was back with flowers. And he wouldn’t listen, He was saying I was Richa because I was wearing Blue. It was quite a scene. I was scared but the guy wouldn’t listen that I wasn’t Richa.
    we girls left the shop in hurry.
    I never saw that guy ever again.Perhaps it was a prank or even reality.It will always remain a mystery.
    I still laugh about the guy’s convincing skills :D :D

    Idee Fixe

  10. My fav valentines moment:
    Today, my dad came home with roses for my mom and I. “What are these for I asked?” He said that several of his coworkers were complaining about their wives and children today. He realized how lucky he was that after 26 years of marriage, and raising a daughter for the last 24 years, he still had nothing to complain about.

    Thanks for the giveaway Anshita.
    FB: Meg Meh

  11. funny valentine memory: it was our first valentines day together.. so i wanted to gift him something.. i decided on giving him a shirt.. what i dint know was his size.. and obviously i couldnt ask him as i wanted it to be a surprise.. so i finally i ended up buying XXL. it still doesnt fit him and i dnt think it will evr :P

    name: shilpi kumar
    email id: shilpi.bppimt@gmail.com

  12. My Craziest Valentine’s Day was in 2011 when i was heavily pregnant, in my third trimester, like hot molten lava where my behavior was concerned. Even though my emotional roller coaster was visible from miles away, my husband wanted to make the day special for me. He wriggled a few arms and got us a table in my favorite hang-out place Blue Frog.
    To say the least I was super excited and did my hair and make-up. After trying a few dresses, i realized i looked horrible – like a baby elephant, no matter what i tried.
    Hubby dearest came home with a beautiful bouquet of white and pink roses, said something beautiful and gave them to me. He got dressed and looked like a Prince out of a wonderful story book, all women would love to be with.
    I looked at my self once more in the mirror, with all the hormones kicking in i started weeping. The more he tried to console me, the more i wept. And then all my make-up started running and i looked completed shit with swollen eyes and a puffy face.
    Finally we ordered in a take away from a nearby joint and had dinner on the cozy couch while watching Titanic.

  13. Funniest thing I’ve done for love:

    Once, I told my lover that, even after our marriage, he should obey my words. I told him, “For example, if I draw a circle & tell you to stand inside it for a whole day, you should do it.” I told him that I’m going to test his obedience to my words. He told me that he’ll obey me & now he’s ready for that test. We were discussing about this matter, while we were walking in a road. Suddenly I saw a circular drainage chamber in that road. So I tested my lover. I told him to stand on the circular drainage chamber for sometime, just to test whether he’ll obey my words. As soon as I told this, he just jumped over that chamber. Unfortunately, since that chamber was loosely closed, he fell into that drainage chamber. I was shocked. He became dirty. But with the help of others, I saved him & admitted him in an hospital. This is the most craziest thing I done for love. We still start laughing, when we think of that funniest moment.

    My Name: Divya Asha
    My e-mail:

  14. Hi Ansh,

    Actually, one of my friend wished to propose me so my friends with whom I used to hang out told me to come to a restaurant just to have a small get-together where in we enjoy and I did not knew that a proposal is waiting for me. I, with my cat walk, entered the restaurant and slipped once….The restaurant was filled with people and every body laughed and then he he helped me in getting up, I was so embarrassed, so I, again, walked two-three steps and again slipped and this time, I also laughed, with all the my friends, it was so funny, and even now, when I remember it, I can’t stop myself smiling and giggling, funny things and situations happens!!!! And, then we got settled and then he proposed me !!!

    Meenakshi Kapur
    Email: mikakapur@yahoo.in

  15. My friends and I decided to catch up on old memories over a lazy pizza afternoon. We were all extremely hungry and ordered a lot of food. First came the drinks, we had ordered coke and lime soda. I gulped down the lime soda in seconds. But, a few minutes later to everyone’s bewilderment I questioned why we haven’t got our lime soda yet. Goof up 1.
    Our pizzas came and we attacked it like wild beasts and quickly ordered dessert. Soon after a friend questioned if we have enough cash. We had ordered so much without realizing how much money we had. A quick calculation showed we were just within limit. Then a bulb turned on over our heads we forgot to calculate the service / sales tax. We ended up ordering more than the money we had and tried to cancel our desserts but in vain. So binged on our desserts.
    Time to pay the bill. We emptied every pocket we had and found ourselves Rs. 40/- short. We were wondering if someone should go home and get the money when the waiter approached. I informed him that we were a bit short on cash and that we can get it in an hours time. To our joy and surprise he said that’s okay, the 40 bucks is on the house. Its not much but still a nice gesture and made our day even more fun.
    The love and happiness you get from spending time with friends can’t be replaced by anything else.

    And my facebook name is Sangeeta Govindan

  16. This one time, i was at a friend’s bday party, we were a bunch of girls and all were sort of high on booze, i remember, i and my friend ended up going to the mens washroom..there was a guy inside..and just imagine what he dd when he saw us..He screamed like a girl… omg..that was hilarious…we ended up laughing like crazies for the next half hour..
    Following you on Fb and twitter via @jas_mine7

  17. The crazies valentine memory ,after completing 4 years of courtship/dating we wanted to take our love into next level ,but due to his shy and introvert nature he was unable to express his feelings in front of his family, so on valentines day i decided to surprise him and his family.Early in the morning i reached his place with breakfast ,when everyone came for breakfast at the dinning area , i got up and loudly said-The reason why i’m here today is that i love him and we have been dating from last 4 years and would love to get married if everyone is happy with our decision .leaving my shy guy everyone had something to say..the family happily accepted me,gave me a gold chain for being so sporty and telling them about our love story.
    And on the other hand my Mr shy was standing and smiling and then hugged me and said You are awesome,Thanks for being there my bodyguard.

  18. This is not only crazy, stupid but also one of the cutest moment ever.
    It was our first valentine. He was really very confused and kept asking me what I want for Valentine’s day. I said I don’t want anything though I wanted it to be very very special. But then boys are boys. He thought I really didn’t want any gift. So we went to this coffee shop nearby and I was all the time thinking of what gift he would have bought for me. And then when we reached the place I got to know he actually did not buy me a present. >:( Who does that on first Valentine I was so so upset. I almost yelled at him.. Could you not even get me flowers??? So again he took it literally.. Ordered a coffee for me took a rickshaw and since there was no flower wala nearby, he went to a place almost 20 mins from the coffee shop and brought me a rose. It took him around 45 minutes in auto to get a flower. That is and will always be the cutest and the most special thing he did <3
    Facebook name: Swati Kalwar
    Email: foodfashionfunn(at)gmail(dot)com

  19. I was gifted a very fancy kitchen knife set once by my then girlfriend, now wife. When I asked what she meant by it, she explained that it was to help out in the kitchen once we were married. I was happy that it was not because she drove me so crazy that I might want to stab her with them!

    Liked your and Max Fashion’s FB pages. My twitter handle is @subho65 and my email is subhorup at gmail dot com.

  20. Is it okay if the memory is not about cupid striking me, about me playing cupid on the valentines ?
    So my best guy-friend had this massive crush on this girl we met at inter college fest, and despite trying a lot, she wouldn’t even come to tell her name to my friend. (Obviously,they were practically strangers… and my BFF was no hunk)
    So on valentine’s, penultimate day of fest and a week before his birthday, my friend asked for his birthday gift in advance… A date with that girl on valentine’s. The mastermind in me made a plan, the only thing I knew was to make the girl know how amazing he was !
    … He got sitting besides her in the afternoon in auditorium again making a vain attempt to talk to her. Just then I got in super dressed up and acting all strangers, to sit besides him and telling how I saw him first in this fest playing guitar , and then fell in love over the athletic meet, and how amazing he sings and obviously girls were going ga ga over him when he went up to act that monoplay !
    Although the girl was pretending not to listen to us, I knew she was all ears. I sung all praises and offered him a friendship and ended up asking for a dinner that night (how despo i must be looking :/) . .He politely turned me down, telling me how like I am all praises for him, he cant get over this girl besides him, and that if he is going out with anyone this valentine’s, its going to be this girl.
    I got out and going, the girl started talking to my BFF by saying… really ? girls are going ga ga over you ? And they got talking through the valentine’s day and rest is history !!

  21. Crazy thing I have done for love:
    I fall in love with an army guy at 18, and all my friends disapproved it, I was confused a little because of my friends and that leaded to misunderstandings. we started to have fights, I stopped talking to him and than finally he got posted to a different place, the day also came, when he was about to leave, and it was that day I understood how much I love him, the moment that maybe we will never meet again.
    I wanted to see him the last time, to tell him that I love him, that I will wait for him.
    But the problem was that we had a function at home and I had to be there, so I called my bff’s for my rescue and they got me out somehow, but it was already late and I knew I had to rush otherwise the train will miss, and worst part was that he was not picking his phone so I went in the traditional dress only which I was wearing.
    I reached just 10 mins before the train was abt to leave and was running like crazy in that lehanga with my friends, everybody was staring at me, I was getting more crazy and crazy and lwas breaking into tears when I saw his friends and they found him.
    and the moment he came in front of my eyes the train got the signal to leave. and I don’t know what happened to me, I got into the train with him. my friends tried to stop me but I just don’t wanted to miss the chance to see him , to be with him, before we meet again.
    I went to the next to next station with him that was ujjain just to be with him, and came alone back home only to get lot of scoldings from friends , who saved me in my home by giving a good fake story on my behalf.

    I did a crazy thing but it saved my relation, I believe love makes you crazy, but it is good because if it’s not crazy it’s not love.

  22. Please ignore my last comment :)

    MY fav valentine moment:

    It was the valentine he proposed me with a ring wearing his uniform, kneeling down on 1 knee at the cafe we used to meet, ring in one hand and a red rose in other, full cafe was standing to see my reaction and I said yes :)
    I was 19 and we both were crazy, that moment will always be special for me

    Pooja Kopargaonkar

  23. yes my favourate & funny valentrine was some 4 years ago when we went to patnitop a hills station & my husband had brought a bottle of coke with pizza & pasteria & also made a arrangement of music in the hotel room..but due to cold whether at nigth when we started celebrating we were not able to drink coke as it freezed into ice …when when i eat the pizza it was really like a cold blocked of ice … & at that night both of us only enjoyed the music & did not eat a single food….still today i make fun & laugh at that nice moment of life…but really my husband do care for me & made so much arrangement ….but still i cherish those moment of life

  24. hehe I don’t really celebrate valentines day cuz I’m always working on weekdays but the funniest and cutest I’ve ever had was in my elementary school years where all the boys prepared for the girls a “dinner” which was tiny pancakes on tiny plates and after we had our romantic meal with our homeroom teacher , the boys gave us red roses but I got an other type of flower which was not even real cuz they knew I don’t like “dead” flowers.

    The most cutest thing is that it was a surprise and in advance the boys sang for the teacher too.She had been “celebrating” valentines day alone due to of her husband’s death so it was the most cutest moment for me.

  25. I viewed a jewelry commercial in which the actor was flashing a stunning diamond he claimed to have purchased for his wife. Which wasn’t true at all. He made that claim because he was a paid actor! He insinuated if a man didn’t buy his girl a diamond from this company, it wasn’t a worthy gift! These corporations invent powerful manipulative clichés .Going by those I thought of assessing my boyfrend by his gift to me .
    So inorder to show my love towards him , I bought him a costly branded shirt .But he didnt bring anything.
    Initially I felt bad about him but after listening to his words filled with love I felt it was the best vday gift I could ever get. I felt awkward ( my oops moment as it was such a indirect slap on my face ), I understood that material gifts never determine a person’s love ….
    Still in relationship with him

  26. Wel after being in a long distance relation of 4years it was my 1st valentine wid my boyfriend last year..nd yeah we met 4 d very 1st tym aftr our relation..it was d most happiest part of my lyf and yeah d most craziest one too because we had family restrictns it involved risk..Bt our love made us took dis step and my boyfriend came 4rm delhi,and made my valentine day and d entire week beautiful and memorable,.luv him truly madly and deeply..:)

  27. Well d most craziest valentine was of 2012..bcoz after being in a lng distance relatn of 4yrs i met my boyfriend for d very 1st time last year on valentines day..altough it was nt dat easy because we did have family restrictns bt it was luv dat made hm come to kolkata al his way 4rm delhi..and yeah it was d most happiest nd craziest day of my life nd specialy d week..jst luv hm truly madly and deeply..:)
    Name-Pooja jain
    email id-poojajain2610@gmail.com


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