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The Fault in Our Beards. Okay? Okay. #WillYouShave

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There are two type of men I know;
1) The ones who follow #NoShaveNovemeber
2) The ones who follow #NoShaveYear

My brother has always been of the 2nd kind; the reason I fathomed is that ┬ápuberty hit him pretty hard indeed. I like how my mother calls him a ‘wild boar’, given how much I love to annoy him, I never miss out on giving him a piece of mockery myself because let’s face it, brothers demand to be made fun of (And if you are reading this, I love you too).

Recently, it was my mom’s birthday. In the morning, as usual, he called up mom to help him find his lost stuff. “What happened now? how many times have I told you to keep your things in place, par nhi ,” she went on as she walked to his room “… meri sunta kaun hai iss ghar mei? Now tell me what have you lost this time?”

He turned around and said while trying not to laugh, “Umm, I think I lost my beard!” and there it was… the clean as a whistle face. She blankly stared at his face, or maybe she was just doubtful if it were actually her son. It literally took her a minute to comprehend what she had just witnessed. She first tried to speak something, gulped the words and settled for an ineffable smile. It’s one of those smiles that can literally warm up your heart and make your day beautiful. She hugged him and he kept on laughing. I couldn’t help but laugh either. Later, dad joined in as well. I still cannot begin to believe he actually pulled off a “Mai hoon na”. *slow claps*
It’s ‘beard’ how these little things can bright up your life. That’s my brother’s journey from being a wild boar to a poodle in just one shave.

I ‘mustache’ you this question, do you like coke or pepsi? Because there is a very ‘stubble’ difference between the two (Just had to get these puns out of my head!) I personally love Pepsi ‘moochh’ more than the former (I ‘shaved’ the best one for the end).

I tag anmolrawat to take up this challenge.

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