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Why You Should Shop From StyleCraze.com? and My Haul!

So how many times you come across an online shopping website which listens to your demands? Well I found one! And a very good one at that. I asked if they could stock Colorbar illumimator pen, that too when they didn’t have Colorbar available..and within 5days I got a tweet saying that the pen is now live along with other Colorbar products! Not just that, I’ve seen them stock up Nyx
(yes!), Bourjois(yes! yes! yes!), Maxfactor, etc. on popular demand. I’ve done my part by asking them to stock some BB creams and elf (pats on the back ). So, if there is something as pre-sales service…it is this. I wanted some Bourjois blushes and Maxfactor foundations, so I’m already making my wish list. And for the nail art lovers, they have Konad, OPI, Orly, Sally Hansen, etc. And the discounts they offer are very nice too.

If I may, I’ll take the liberty to say that I’ve seen this site grow.
And yes they do stand up to their 3day delivery claim. Now, look at my haul.

I ordered Lotus White Glow Emulsion (i really like this), Lotus Herbals Sheamoist moisturiser and the Colorbar Illuminator pen. They sent a small tube of Jovees anti-pigmentation cream along it as a gift. Let me know if you me to review any of these.

Overall I quite liked shopping from them and don’t see any reason why you should not check them out.

Here is the address stylecraze.com

Disclaimer – I was given a gift voucher to shop from the website.

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