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Whatsapp Girl: How To Cover Up Spots and Marks on Legs?

hide spots legs

My friend Shruti (who btw is a contributor here, remember her drool worthy lip swatches) often whatsapps me with her queries. I being a ‘sincere and kind’ beauty blogger always listen to her. This time she wanted to know about makeup for legs (hello?).

She asks “how to camouflage little white spots on legs?

Hello Shruti…thanks a lot for your query :P

You can always mix your foundation in a sunscreen or moisturiser and lightly apply it on your legs, arms and back. This will cover the spots and blemishes on your body. To conceal them even more, dust some highlighter or even a light beige shimmery eyeshadow over    it to make it reflect the lights. And this will take care of everything.

makeup legs

Btw when is BBM coming to Android? I’m so waiting for it. As soon as I get my bbm pin, I will update you girls. Then we all can have this big fat makeup bbm party! I’ve one more post like this


PS – Sailor has got a question too…should I post here?!