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What’s Wrong With Sephora India Delhi!

sephora india delhi store photo


Like every other girl in India I was excited when the beauty giant Sephora opened up in Delhi in the Select City Walk Mall, Saket in December last year. Although I decided not to visit for some initial couple of months because of all the rush and sephora crazy girls! I like to shop quietly taking my own time with every product that catches my fancy (which is rare btw).

But a few months back I decided to break my sephoraginity. All those photos of Sephora UK and US started swimming in my mind. I won’t be lying if I say I wanted our desi Sephora Delhi to be an exact look alike of Sephora Kaula Lampur with its triangular structure and edgy design. Who was I kidding! Blame it on the foreign beauty bloggers who post photos of Sephora stores around the world.

      Sephora was a luxury. Sephora was a dream. Sephora was unreachable. And now THE Sephora was in my own neighborhood.

And I was there. It looked like any other usual store on the ground floor of the mall. Alright it was not edgy and the decor was not mind blowing but who cares. Its a shop and only the products matter at the end of the day. Right. So I thought I would just browse through the aisles to check out some Benefit and Soap & Glory stuff along with the goodies from Sephora’s own label.

BUT no it didn’t happen. Don’t you just hate the SAs which hawk you and follow you like your own shadow. You know they are there hiding behind the pillar watching you. And what if that shadow comes out and stand next to you when you want to see every product your dream land has to offer. It gets so irritating! Okay then I tried explaining sailor rather loudly what exactly is Benefit moonlit highlighter and the number of shades it comes in. I was also rather a little loud when I told him how Burt’s Bees lip balms are all natural and how I am a fan. But NO some people just don’t get the hint.

The biggest let down was the empty and dried out testers. I tried swatching the Nyx Soft Matte Lip Creams but nope nothing came out. The same was with Dior and Benefit and other brands there. Most of the testers had nothing in them. Finally I gave up and moved towards the brushes and tools rack. I wanted an electric eye lash curler and a couple of face makeup brushes. Again most of the stuff was not there. No sign of eye lash curlers. All I could spot was some nail filers which btw were priced around 800 bucks!

So I decided not to haul anything and was just aimlessly clicking some pics of the racks to put up here when the SAs started murmuring in hush hush voices. Then their leader (I think!) came to us and told us we can’t click photos. What?!! But beauty bloggers from around the world click photos. That is how Sephora got so famous! I tried telling her that but nope.

Here are some photos I clicked before that:

sephora india delhi saket store


sephora india soap and glory brand

sephora india select city walk saket mall


And as far as my Sephora experience goes, I was dejected. Those dreams of the candyland were shattered.

The next time I am at Select City Walk, I would be happy to totally skip Sephora and visit the new Bobbi Brown store in DLF a couple of steps away (which btw have some really well trained and friendly staff). Alright who am I kidding. I badly want some Sephora nail paints so…BUT no more enjoying sephora trips! How has been your shopping experience at Sephora Delhi?