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The Week in Instagram Vol.9

blue hair sailor girl

Instagram Updates from Vanity No Apologies

This week was fun! Met an old friend and he hung around while shopped and hopped. In return I bought him a birthday present. And today is his birthday. Happy birthday Ankit! Hope you like the T-shirt! Okay who am I kidding..he picked it himself! I need a proper treat soon alright. Thank god for such sweet friends who always stay in touch no matter what. Let’s see what all my week was about.

having fun with kids

We were taking selfies when we realized this button standing in front of us in the same spot holding his glass of coke posing for the camera. And we all burst out laughing! That’s how “smart” and cute he is!

innisfree skin care haul delhi

Finally some Innisfree in my vanity! I tried their Green tea serum from one of the My Envy Boxes but it was very tiny to form an opinion about. But now I’m testing the full size which I will review next month.

getting hair make over at geetanjali salon

It was around 1130 in the morning and my eyes were not even opening properly..not used to waking up this early! But well these guys deserve an applause for the amazing hospitality.

ombre hair brunette indian girl

This topic requires a full post. So yep will tell you all about it soon.

beauty bloggers pouting delhi

You must remember these pretty ladies. They used to be contributors for VNA. And now we hang out together!

dominos veg singles pizza

Oh well. You know.


olay vanitynoapologies contest

4 of you can win this award winning Olay serum. Read HERE

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  1. Thankyou so much Anshuuuuu :)
    I will always be dere and you know that :)
    And thankyou for that gift :)
    Treat will be soon for sure :) ;)


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