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The Week in Instagram Vol.8

floral bodycon dress fashion blogger

Vanity No Apologies on Instagram

Its so fun to document your life on Instagram. You don’t have to wait for the blogpost to go live to connect with your readers and tell them whats up. I try to keep it more about my life behind the screen rather than merely post promotion. So I promise you won’t have a dull moment. In other news Brandon of Humans of New York was in CP a couple of days back. I missed it but boy he is hot! *in a very non creepy way because I know sailor is reading*

fishtail braid tutorial india

I hope you are still voting for me for the Elle Blogger of the Year 2014 contest. Puhleeez vote! In return I will give you chocolates..or instagram photos of chocolates..same thing. Just click on the heart and it will go red HERE

hair spa with the book thief

I’ve watched the movie already and loved it. Go go get it

indian wedding look beauty blogger

I put on makeup, try my best to look classy and not overdone, go to the party, look around and find myself to be the most undressed. Story of my life. Well any day better than silver eyeliners and clown cheeks. Don’t ask.

mehendi night indian weddings

When I was the Umbrella Girl. I designed this one myself. Love mesh shoulders.

olay regenerist samples to giveaway

I’m going to keep this giveaway instagram only. So follow me there if you want to try your luck.

red lips smokey eyes

The more I use Maybelline Creamy Cinnamon the more I fall in love with it. In this look I’m wearing it both blush and eyeshadow. I guess I’m over pink blushes for now.

selfies with my girls

There are good bloggers and then there are good-only-to-your-face bloggers. I’m glad I found some who fall in the first category. Meeting beauty bloggers is always fun. And it only gets better when you exchange contacts and turn into good friends. Shweta and Poonam you both are also easy to hang out with.

period tracker app android

I download schedulers and then forget to update them. I even have an app which reminds me to drink water! Let’s play with this one now.

This one was a clubbed post of last 2 weeks because I missed writing one last week. These are some of random updates from my feed. For all the action go follow my instagram HERE

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