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The Week in Instagram Vol.7

red lipstick bronzed skin indian beauty blogger

Vanity No Apologies on Instagram

Hello everyone! I’m writing this post while watching Queen (yes again!) and let me just say I’ve got a girl crush on Kangana (Rani, Rajouri India) Since I’m in no mood to write anything critical so let’s go with this week’s updates on Instagram. Btw I crossed 500 followers this week. Ever since gfc retired I had forgotten how happy you feel when you cross these small milestones. I know soon 5000 followers won’t be enough but right now let’s celebrate 500!

sponge rasgullas yellow white

LOVE LOVE the bengali sponge rasgullas. And this little version is so cute. Alright I admit I ended up cheating. But 4 is any day better than 6.

nutella bread breakfast toast

Yes I cheated again. I hope sailor isn’t reading.

white peacock dancing rains

So BEAUTIFUL. Somebody commented that the Delhi Zoo has got one but I’ve been there 4-5 times and I never saw one. This pic was taken in Madhya Pradesh.

forever21 gold earrings

Forever 21 is hands down the best place for jewellery. I’m not an accessory person but these go so well with all my anarkalis. Who knew you can find such gorgeous Indian pieces there.

black white photo with red lips

Although I think #nofilter is the best filter but let’s see, I need to play around and experiment.

So yes that’s it for this week. Attending my cousin’s engagement tomorrow and got this really beautiful jhumar to go with this anarkali

. Will update you on insta tomorrow night. And yes got some dainty head chains for the wedding. No idea what I’m gonna do with them but this head jewellery thing has really got me! Follow me on Instagram HERE for the live updates.