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The Week in Instagram Vol.6

boho head chains jewellery

I hope you all are having a good weekend. I watched Singham Returns this week. It was..umm..nice. I don’t usually like Rohit Shetty humour. Kareena looked good but once again same look same role so you will get pretty bored seeing her doing the same thing over and over again. These are all my adventures from last 2 weeks.

hot glam girls wearing orange lipstick

This crazy selfie session is from the day we attended Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week. There still was some time before the show so we went to Dunkin Donuts (ofcourse!) and started trying different cam filters. This one is from a app called Cam360 which gives you orange lips!

vampire girl funny

In reality I wore MAC Ruby Woo and I guess Shruti wore Colorbar Hot Hot Hot. Btw I’ve got a thing for vampires!

straw hat forever21

Okay I so want this now! I’m definitely buying a hat..or two..or maybe 5. I need them all. The wider the brim the better. Spotted at Forever 21 .

dunkin donuts food review

We got a 1+1 coupon for Dunkin Donuts. How much free publicity I give them!

frozen yogurt prunes

And ofcourse a cuppa froyo is essential while a hop and dance over different stores and boutiques at the mall.

vegetarian hot dog delhi

I don’t know if it was really veg..err because I ate a hot dog for the first time! I donts know! But it was tasty. For those who asked, its a kiosk near the mall entry for Select City Walk. I’ve seen them at other places too.

punjabi suit designing for mom

Yep wedding shopping in full swing. We also got an umbrella print suit for me. Its at the boutique so I will show you after it comes back. Or maybe I will just post selfies on my instagram from the party itself.

grilled sandwich

Miss college. Period.

best girl friends

So this girl is going to fly! She is undergoing cabin crew training in Mumbai. Although I miss our weekly shopping trips and crazy photo sessions. Sigh.

britannia fruit cake

Yep. 2-3 movies every week. I don’t sleep at night..dunno why.

Looking at these pics I now realize I eat a lot. Gotta control that. Plus the night time munching doesn’t help either. Btw there is an Instagram contest going on avout which I posted earlier in the day. Go participate to win some goodies. For the rest of the coverage follow me on my Instagram here


How was your weekend? Share your views with us.

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