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The Week in Instagram Vol.5

sunset eye makeup look

Instagram Updates from Vanity No Apologies

Its weekend already? I didn’t do anything productive this week..grrrrrrrrr. We planned a mini getaway for this weekend but my family is busy distributing invitation cards (hello? I told you its my cousin’s wedding in september) so yeah there goes our plan. Although on blog front I didn’t appear much, but I was quite active on Instagram so check out what my week was all about last week (yep..because we are lazy like that)

funny faces friends selfie

We got drunk. Then it started raining. Then we started singing the chhamakchalo (item) songs from bolloywood. They had to be from 90s mind you. Chhat pe soya tha behnoyi kinds, get that?

dunkin donuts

While I’m addicted to all things blueberry right now, why not try the donut too. It was quite nice actually.

india bridal fashion week 2014

Made this little video from Ashima Leena show at IBFW 2014

azva vows kundan necklace bridal

Some jewellery love happened last week at the Azva lounge at IBFW

selfie booth fun at ibfw

I need more stuff like this!

item girl arabian makeup look

Remember this look I posted last year?

salted lassi

I have lassi every afternoon in summers. Salted for me please. Sweet lassi makes me dizzy

rakshabandhan selfie

I did a lot of kamai at rakshabandhan. Happiness is..a fully stocked fridge after a family get together.

For the rest of my feed, hop over to my Instagram page HERE and stalk me. I post atleast twice daily.

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