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The Week in Instagram Vol.4

indian makeup and beauty blog

Instagram Updates from the Week

This time I clubbed two weeks together as I didn’t want to post my goagrams in this one because the Goa Travel Diary is already buzzing with them. This week is filled with food and selfies..two things I totally love!

whats in my travel bag goa


I’m not a frequent traveller so it took me a looooooong time to pack

vanitynoapologies founder indianbeautyblog

Kajal + lipstick..that describes me. Avoid using base makeup as much as I can

shoe selfie

These nude wedges have made me put my nude pumps back in the closet. Btw yesterday all my cousins examined my wedges like its a thing to study! They still don’t get how I can walk in this 4inch thingy all day

curry rice

Love Love kadi chawal!!

frozen yogurt blueberry toppings

Ofcourse no week goes by without me gorging on some yum froyo. I have found my fav flavour btw – Blueberry! Does anybody know where we can get bluberries in India? Are phalse (those pea-sized tiny plum coloured balls are blueberries kya?)

hercules 3D movie review

Bakwaas!! Gotta watch Guardians of the Galaxy!

stuffed garlic bread by dominos

HORRIBLE is the word. Why do you even exist Dominos?

sweet corn in sauce

Oooh I can have corn all day

miracles take a little time inspirational quote

Follow my IG account for more inspirational stuff like this

smelly cat friends

Happy friendship day girlies!

rawa coconut dosa

I think after Italian and Chinese, South Indian is my fav cuisine

lipstick day

Thats my fav Nyx Frapuccino btw

indian beauty blogger anshita

Have atleast 4 cut out shoulder tops by now. Now need atleast 4 dresses too.

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