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The Week in Instagram Vol.3 + Giveaway Winner!

maxi dress vintage classy

I am actually running behind schedule. This was to be posted a couple of weeks back. But never mind. So here goes VNA’s week in Instagram!

mirror selfie

This happens when you for once reach early and have to wait for 55mins for a friend.

now watching the fault in our stars movie

Actually went to watch The Fault in Our Stars the same morning. And boy we made a run for it after being already so late! Still missed the beginning!

denim bow cute wedges

And this happens when you see the sale signs everywhere

red velvet cupcake cinnabons

Frankly I was not impressed. That creamy thing on top didn’t work for me. Going back to chocolate, it was nice knowing you red velvet.

fashion beauty haul forever21 parcos shoppersstop

I actually snagged a dress from Forever 21 for Rs.360!!

ciate nail paints in sephora india

Can you believe these tiny little Ciate nail polishes are priced a 1000 bucks in Sephora India!

nike mercurial football studs velocity fifa 2014

Can’t describe the feeling when your boy rules the field in eye grabbing neon football studs and is actually envied by all his peers. And all that because of me!

friends quote ross rachel

My go to hand gesture when I am at a loss for words!

monsoon rains in delhi

Just wish it didn’t rain on off. Bring on the cats and dogs dammit!

beige gown vs royal blue gown

I asked you guys what to buy from these two. 99% said nude..and nude it is!

anshita and brother charansh

And that’s my brother volunteering for a selfie with his love hate sister!

Okay so first I should apologize for delaying the Skagen giveaway winner. I just….forgot. True story. I’m very forgetful I’m telling you. Somebody posted on my facebook page to remind me and I was like “whaaat! I have not announced yet!” Alright so I picked up one winner randomly and it is:

Priyanka Jain!

Shoot me a mail at vanitynoapologies@gmail.com with all your details and I will send across your Skagen watch super soon.

And others follow me on my Instagram page. You never know when I might post another fun contest! And oh, Happy Friendship Day you all!

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