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The Week in Instagram Photos Vol.2

tribal necklace dress makeup look

VNA Updates from Instagram

At first I thought I would do this monthly feature on Instagram to show you some selected posts but then I update it more than twice a day (I have so much to show you girls!) so I have now decided on this weekly sunday feature. I’m one of those people who take their weekends very seriously so yep no heavy posts on weekends. Just something light and behind the scene. Here goes my week 2 on instagram.

gulab jamuns for dessert

Fav dessert after jalebi, rashmalai, rasbhari, kaju barfi, moti choor ke laddoo, gajar ka halwa, besan ke laddoo, coconut barfi. Yes I need help.

green macaroons cp delhi

Tried macaroons for the first time and now I want it in red, yellow, blue, purple. Infact every freaking pastel out there

english breakfast scrambled eggs mocha cafe

Sometimes I go out of my comfort zone

dominos mexican greenwave pizza review

I like Domino’s veg singles and doubles more. Easy on pocket and taste just the same. Actually I suspect they just make 4-5 pizzas and market them under diff names!

drunk face hair blowing

What a day it was. Its a diff thing that I don’t remember most of it.

cafe out of the box hauz khas delhi review

Seriously this Cafe Out of the Box in Hauz Khas is so over hyped. I love Pink Room the best. The honey chilli potato was great though.

cocoberry fro yo treat

My frozen yogurt should look as pretty as it tastes

cat eye fun look


watermelon cranberry drink mocha cafe

I keep going back to Mocha Cafe for the pulpy watermelon drink and the cranberry lime juice. And those mason jars! Don’t miss the vintage wall at the back. Love Mocha!

the fault in our stars book ccd drink

I got the book after the hype. Yep book before movie always.

indian traditional look makeup

Went for the ever so shareef and sanskari look on special demand

adidas sports bra

Sports bra for the new workout I’ve started

Actually these pics are from the blogacation I took last month. I just forgot to post these last week. So this week’s action is coming right up in the next post. Follow me on Instagram for the full behind the scenes action.

19 thoughts on “The Week in Instagram Photos Vol.2”

  1. I too like veg singles and doubles better. :D I guess only those and the higher priced range in vegetarian is good. The medium-priced range is not good. I guess non-vegetarian is good throughout.

  2. Thank god u wrote about out of the box..all this time i was thinking I m the only one who finds OTB totally overrated and over hyped…i visited der khan mkt branch..Nothing really great bout it…
    P.S. I love Pink Room too :)

  3. Girl ur my chammak chalo..
    Wer u go girl im gonna follow (here meaning instagram. .well I already am stalking -_- u)


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