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VNA L’Oreal Paris Summer Eye Makeup Contest Entry 8 – Coral Purple Splash

Everybody please welcome our eighth entry for the Summer Eye Makeup Contest!

Name: Mini
Her eye makeup is named “Coral Purple Splash”. Her’s is a dramatic coral pinky plum makeup complete with the winged eye liner. Honestly I can’t carry off pink eyes without looking bruised or punched in the eyes, you are carrying it well Mini!

Products used for the eye makeup:
Nyx concealer in orange as a base.
Just gold italy eye shadow pallete.
Maybelline gel eyeliner.
L’oreal ultra volume collagen mascara
L’oreal aqua proof cream eye shadow in white

Best of luck Mini!

People vote for her by using the social media buttons on the left. Each like or tweet or click will be counted as one vote. Start voting for your favourite looks now! You get to choose 1 out of the 3 winners.

Check out and get inspired by these amazing and colourful eye makeups and vote for them:

If you would like to participate and win yourself L’Oreal Paris goodies, go HERE for the full details.

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