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VNA L’Oreal Paris Summer Eye Makeup Contest – 3 Winners!

Summers are here and we all need something bright and colourful to beat the summer blues (I don’t like summers at all!). So here at Vanity No Apologies, I have a little surprise for you. I bring you ‘L’Oreal Paris Summer Eye Makeup Contest‘ to you. This is the first creativity based contest here, instead of the entry based giveaways. So, if you though you were not lucky enough, time to take hard work into play.
Come up with an eye look that involves bright and colourful shades. Make sure the look is wearable so all the people here get some nice ideas to try out next time. Don’t shy away from ideas…..re-create a celebrity look, do cat eyes/winged liner.. (just some ideas to help you get started). Some important details you should know:
summer eye makeup contest

Who can participate in this contest?

Anyone. No gender bar. (If you are below 18yrs, make sure you have your parent’s permission)

Mandatory Rules:
The participant should be my email subscriber.
The participant should like Vanity No Apologies on facebook.


1.Click clear pictures of your eye makeup. I’m not expecting high quality Dslr pictures but they should be clear.
2.You can show one eye or both eyes. Depends on your personal preference. Click atleast 3 pictures from different angles. You can send in a full face shot but only if you are comfortable.

3.If you have a blog, post your entry there & mention the products you used for the look. Do a tutorial if you like. Link back to this post.

If you don’t have a blog, post your entry on your Facebook wall with saying “Summer Eye Makeup Contest @Vanity No Apologies (link to VNA fb page).
4. Watermark the photos with “www.vanitynoapologies.com”.
5. You can send in as many entries you want. Each entry will be treated as 1 unique entry. Make sure the eye makeup you submit is unique to this contest i.e not posted or submitted anywhere in a contest before.
6. Send in your blogpost/facebook link to me at vanitynoapologies(at)gmail(dot)com attaching the pictures.
How the winners will be selected?
There will be 3 WINNERS.
2 winners will be chosen on the basis of creativity, freshness, relevance and overall appeal.
And 1 winner will be selected on the basis of social media likes and shares, that way you get your say too.
What the winners get?
The 3 winners get to win L’Oreal Paris goodies! This contest is sponsored by L’Oreal Paris.
Contest Duration?
The contest will run from 27th May 2012 to 27th June 2012. Contest open to those with an Indian address.
Don’t worry, there is always a first time. Everybody here is supportive and encouraging. Don’t get conscious. Go ahead, pick up your makeup palettes and magic wands (read makeup brushes) and create something!
If you have any queries, mail me.

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