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VNA Anniversary Mega Giveaway: 2 Winners!


Participate and Win Makeup: VNA Anniversary Giveaway

Oh boy! Ever since I shared a teaser of the prizes I recently got for you guys, I have been getting so many queries! Alright so here is the deal. VNA celebrated its 4th Anniversary in December but I was a bit busy then and some of you might remember that I promised a giveaway later. And I’m keeping my promise. A lot of you love makeup and most of all..LIPSTICKS! So I what better prize than the entire collection of the new L’Oreal Pure Reds lipsticks, which by the way I loouuvveee! And I wanted to giveaway something I knew you would love too. I also asked you girls on my facebook page to vote and most of you wanted more than one winner so yep 2 winners.


1. First winner will w in 4 Pure Reds lipsticks of her choice

2. Second winner will win 3 Pure Reds lipsticks


 To participate:

Fill in the giveaway widget below. It feels like a treasure hunt where you gotta collect points to win. The more you collect, the more your chances.


  • Complete the mandatory entries to unlock the extra points. Please don’t add links in the comments. All the entries have appropriate columns where you can put in the links.
  • Accounts made only for giveaways will be disqualified. Genuine readers only.
  • Giveaway open only to Indian residents only

If the app doesn’t load then switch to desktop

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Winners will be announced on our facebook page after 1st May 2015. Keep an eye there.

41 thoughts on “VNA Anniversary Mega Giveaway: 2 Winners!”

  1. Hi thanks for such awesome giveaway. I tried doing all the entries.
    Well i love your blog and follow it since long. For any lipstick purchase i go through your blog for checking about it. Love your detailed review about. Would love to see more reviews .

  2. I love VNA for lipstick review..I found theem very helpful..I have read many lipstick reviews on your blog n they help me to get the best lipcolour..I would like to see more lipstick reviews.

  3. I love VNA because of it’s sheer awesomeness. I love how the posts are no-nonsense and I absolutely love the pictures here! <3 VNA is fun and such an amazing site. It is my one stop fix for all things fashion and beautiful <3

  4. Hi.Thankss for hosting such an amazingg Giveaway.
    I love VNA.I like to read all the reviews and posts special Lipstick reviews.i love your page so much coz Whenever a new beauty product gets launched in the market, a detailed review of that particular product you are giving to us on your page.i like it.thankssss
    wish to win
    fingers cross’d

  5. Hi Dear <3,

    With this giveaway you simple wins not only my but everybody's heart.
    It would be fun to share this amazing giveaway with my lovely friends.
    In your blog I wish to read about how a girl opt a lipstick which should go with her skin type. Like I have a wheatish color so I always say no to bold colours in lipstick.

    I will happy if you share your views on my topic of question.

    With love

  6. hi dear… thank u soooo much for this MEGA GIVEAWAY …. when i saw ur post i was like WHAT ??? REALLY?? i don’t know how i managed to follow every step….
    why & what i love about VNA is that u cover all types of topics from Drug store & high end products to Home made natural products … and also the first thing what i love about the most is that how u start ur reviews… also about bridal wedding designs and about every useful information u can share with ur readers .. u just share it…… also u first tell about y u brought the product and also a little short Information about it and continuing it with pros and cons..
    And in future i would like to see some new fashion trends for college and also for other occasions …. & also how to shop and mix and match…
    thank u for this chance dear….
    LOVE YA….

  7. I forgot to add in what I’d like to see here, I don’t think any improvements are required since you’re already doing the very best. I love each and every post and am at awe of how well-written and perfect every review/post is. Your blog is a lifesaver because I mainly buy products only which you recommend and rate as great!

  8. Heya Thank you so much for hosting this Meaningful(;) ) Giveaway…

    I Love to read ur blog because u use really fresh words and describe things so well!!…Umm…I mean sometimes u make me laugh wid ur humor…its Much more than just a beauty blog :)

    P.S. The interest u bring in ur posts make me wait evrytime for ur next post :)

  9. OMG! Waow ! *_*
    It’s such a big big giveaway! It’s my dream to have those marvellous lipsticks! :) I just keep on cheking your reviews and must say they’re really helpful for me :) I’ve purchased many products after reading your reviews & my latest purchase is The Colossal Liner by Maybelline :)
    Just wanna say keep up the good work :*
    I’ve followed all the rules & keeping my fingers crossed :)
    Wish to win !
    Thankyou :) :)

  10. Hi dear,

    Thanks for coming up with such an amazing giveaway.No doubt VNA is the beat beauty and makeup blog & i totally love reading your blog.
    Really wish to win these pure reds from loreal :)
    Lots of love


  11. Thanks for this amazing giveaway! :)

    I Love reading your reviews about various makeup products because i am just crazy about trying various make up products of various brands. :) This helps me to choose the correct shades. :)

  12. I just want them!!!!!! I love red hehehe anyways….
    Being a part of vna is amazing thing happened to me cz reviews here are done keeping in mind about large variety of sectors dat ppl belong to!
    It reviews from super low budget drugstore products to high end Mac products… So reaching out to large amount of ppl belonging to different areas with different incomes is too great! Something that I haven’t yet seen in any other makeup blogs
    Keep up the good job vna team!

  13. I just want them!!!!!! I love red hehehe anyways….
    Being a part of vna is amazing thing happened to me cz reviews here are done keeping in mind about large variety of sectors dat ppl belong to!
    It reviews from super low budget drugstore products to high end Mac products… So reaching out to large amount of ppl belonging to different areas with different incomes is too great! Something that I haven’t yet seen in any other makeup blogs
    Keep up the good job vna team!

  14. Well, happy to participate in VNA contest and yes where ever I was, I made sure to follow ur posts ..be Google+ or Twitter or even Instagram coz the effort u make in letting us know about something casual like DOVE bar or a richie -rich M.A.C product, it’s worth checking and all ur updates are real nice and helpful :)

  15. Hi , I tried to complete all steps , only I entered on this giveaway as u said Red lipstick , from loreal , they are my fav actually, especially the red matte colour is my fav ,!!/ I was already following u on so many platforms so , I think I tried my level best to win !! Just dreaming of those lipstick actually

  16. Thanks for the awesome giveaway :)
    VNA is an awesome blog with awesome posts. I love your honest reviews and you have reviewed variety of products not just the branded ones, that’s something nice. It feels like a one stop shop for all the reviews <3 Keep up the good job.
    Looking forward to your blog posts.

  17. Dear Anshita, Thank you zillions for hosting such amazing giveaway that gives your readers a chance to lay their hands on such amazing lippies.

    I love VNA for those Super-clear pictures and the honest reviews. I love how fast you are with new launches, & how simplified those makeup tutorials here are.
    I am not following you for very long, maybe from past few months I am a reader here. Sometimes I comment but mostly I am a silent observer. These days Whenever I have to check the review of anything that I am about to buy I never forget to check whether its reviewed here or not. Whenever there is a new post, I cant resist checking out what’s new on VNA.

    In future I would love to see OOTD posts so that I can get more sense of fashion from you.
    So wish to win this !!


  18. I love being a part of VNA as it’s the best beauty and fun blog. I appreciate the beauty tips, product reviews, tips on lifestyle shared on the page which has always helped me in choosing the best for me. It introduced me and acquainted me to the world of beauty, online shopping, lifestyle, new trends, etc.. It has become kind of my best friend who I can rely on for the best advice :) Thanks for being there!!
    I would like to see more of easy Hair-do tips & tricks :)

  19. Hi
    VNA is all about best things. It gives a most specific reviews for everything whether its kohl, lipsticks, eye-shadow, soap or face wash (list is so on) with the help of your review its helpful to buy the best suitable things for me as well as for mumma when I think to gift something to her. It helped me a lot.thanks team
    Thanks for giving a chance to win pure red range.
    I would love to see some reviews for concealer which are best to hide dark circles nd remain effected for long hrs..
    Hope to win at least dis time…fingers crossed

  20. I love the reviews and I think they are very honest. Being a upcoming blogger I look up to your site. Thank you for this amazing giveaway. In love with your style and profile.

  21. Thank you for hosting such awesome giveaway..
    And congrats for VNA anniversary.

    I stumbled upon your blog through google and now I am hooked to it. You won’t believe but I actually spend hours stalking your blog and wait for your post desperately specially your ootd post. You complexion is same as mine and your body too so I just buy the lipsticks that look good on you blindly. The “versatility” of your blog is its USP.. it’s not just restricted to review, but skincare, fashion post and many other topics. Lastly, you can make any topic.. yes any topic INTERESTING… I’m sure I’m not the first one to give you this compliment because I love reading your post coz they are so interesting that I actually read till the end.
    I also love the personal touch of your blog; I mean ur and sailor’s story.. I wait for it. 

  22. I really wanted to tried this amazing range of lipsticks. Thanks for arranging this giveaway..you have an amazing blog!!

  23. Hi, lovely to be here. Great giveaway. Like your comprehensive tutorials for makeup. Would love to see more fashion tutorials (in addition to the makeup tutorials). Cheers.

  24. I love VNA because of their honest reviews and writing style. I love the tutorials posted here and the collected makeup products posts like Top 10 or Top 7 lipsticks or any other products. I want more skin care and eye makeup posts here…
    And thank u for this amazing giveaway..Hope to be lucky this time

  25. hi, VNA thax a lot having such a wow give away of hot summary days hot give away.
    Like all ur pages especially ur post of lipstick as I am lover of it. wants to grab all the above shown colours. thax u following u on ur all mentioned platform. feel good n awesome cool.

  26. Congratulations! :) I love VNA because….i’ll be frank, i think you are adorable and I come just looking for posts with your pics, outfit pics and your frank comments about products and services. I would love to see more wedding related/ethnic outfit wear posts, where to tailor/shop for them etc. I really love your fashion sense.

  27. Eeeee! Such nice lipsticks. the winners are going to be very, very lucky!

    I love VNA because it’s honest. The reviews have always been helpful to me! Keep up the great work.

    I would love to see some more budget makeup on the website. :)

  28. Hi Anshita
    Thank U so Much for such amazing Reviews n giveaways That a person like me who is rarely online is now stuck to r blog for amazing reviewsthat are nonbiased n very real . I simply loved the Genuine n clear pictures n simple language . Hope to win d Pure reds lipsticks i am loving them so mch . so much hype around them

  29. Hey Anshita, thanks for this wonderful giveaway and best wishes for years of blogging ahead of you!
    I recently started a teeny blog of my own and look up to VNA for inspiration as it features reviews on the most lust worthy beauty and skin care products and also on the more basic ones! There is something to cater to people with every price range. Also love the DIY packs and home remedies for a clear complexion and long shiny and strong hair! Also fashion trends and OOTD’s of yours!
    Completed all the steps and stalking you on every social media platform! :)
    Fingers crossed!
    Saachi Garg.

  30. I love VNA because you post very truely and gives good reviews , the thing I want to be here is you must give some DIY , because girls love it :)

  31. Hi di
    First and foremost CONGRATULATIONS a tonne to VNA for the anniversary…VNA and my b’day at the same time…WOW!!!….Hope you complete many decades and celebrate grand anniversaries always…I’ve always been an avid follower of VNA ever since the day I joined in…The tutorials and Reviews are commendable and worth following….

    Next thank you loads for a fab giveaway on a fab occasion…I wish to win these red hot shades…Lips always enhance the face look and are perfect for a pout too… :* Over the last year I’ve developed an intense love for lipsticks and lip glosses and I want to really try out these bold shades….
    Added to it my mother is a lipstick addict and she has a huge collection…I’ll be glad if I can add these to her collections…. :)
    REST MY LOVE ALWAYS WITH VNA…Congratulations once again…

    Hard luck since the last few giveaways..hope its my time now..Fingers crossed….


  32. Hello Anshita and team VNA

    Well, What I like the most about your blog is that, you do an in-detail review of all latest products, in a manner that is unbiased and truthful to your readers, and not pleasing or appealing to the brand concerned! This I believe is one your main strengths and sets you apart from most other bloggers, I like how you have stuck to the core purpose of the establishment of a fashion blog, that is of people being able to relate to you as a blogger and getting their doubts cleared regarding fashion trends, beauty secrets etc.

    Also, I like how you have incorporated contributors to your blog whom you also give credits to for the articles they write, this is so essential to break the monotony in terms of getting in different styles of writing and fresh ideas.
    More power to you for sharing your platform to communicate with others <3

    And lastly, I love the giveaways you come up with, but sadly I never win any. lol :P
    Hope I win this time for my mommy dearest, she loves lipsticks but never buys any just because she doesn't want to invest on her self. You know mommy's, don't you?
    *fingers crossed for this one*

    Yours Sincerely,
    An avid reader of your blog :)

  33. whenever i hear about VNA its brings a big sparkling smile on my face :) i love the way you give review about products..and i love your blogging skills..i love loreal pure red lipsticks i want to use it and i will gift one to my sister and mummy..!! wish to be lucky one !!!

    A big thank you for this amazing oppurtunity !! :)

  34. A big congratulations to VNA on its anniversary…Hope it sees many more such milestones… :D
    Ur blog is where i come for complete n accurate reviews….I love the way ur posts are written..All the key pointers one wud need before buying something are covered nicely… :)

    Thnx for amaizng giveaway….. :D

  35. Hey Anshita ! I have an instagram account and I have followed you also, but I dont know how to operate it and that’s why I didnt complete the Instaedit entry :-(

    Rest I am participating almost daily
    Twitter id- drama_atpeak
    Facebook name- Vishakha Singh

    Wish to win this giveaway with you.. :-)

  36. I adore VNA in light of the fact that you post truly and gives great surveys, the thing I need to be here is you should give some DIY. Thanks for sharing.


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