VLCC kohl – for that matte finish

We Indians are so senti for kjal/kohl that every time a new kohl comes in the market, we all rush to grab and test it. Its like we are unofficial kajal testers! By now I’ve got such a huge collection of kajals and most of them probably half used. Not because they are bad, but I’m too curious to resist a new kohl in the market.
I don’t even need to write about this kohl, you all probably have it but I was playing with this kohl and clicking so many fun pictures(my new obsession after I set up this blog) that I could not resist posting them!

Like all DU girls I like my kohl dark and slightly smudged like Avril Laving and this is how I mostly wear it. Yes! I don’t like that think kohl line on the waterline..pata toh chale lagaya hai!

Here is my short and sweet take on it:

Relaxes and soothes eyes without smudging
Price: Rs. 135 for 2.5 gram
What the pack says: A unique formulation that does not smudge, smear or fade after application. The goodness of natural oils and herbal extract nourish and relax the eyes. Triphala helps in maintaining good vision.
Method of use: Apply gently on the inside edge of the eyelids
Key ingredients: Triphala, liquorice extracts, camphor, almond oil

  • Dries to a matte finish. I don’t do touch ups, so when I’m out for long I use it as my safest best.
  • Yes it means its long lasting.
  • No smudging for 4-5hours.
  • No stinging or allergies.
  • Herbal
  • No cooling effect on eyes though.
  • One of the blackest kohls around
top: 2 swipes ; bottom: single swipe

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  • i have never tried the vlcc kohl. nice review. am in love with mac smoulder. but this one also looks great :)

  • i have never tried the vlcc kohl. nice review. am in love with mac smoulder. but this one also looks great :)

  • Me too like it to be dark, Kareena usually applies it that way :)

  • I hit it..:D:D
    i always thought why i like kohl so much now i know i am senti about it:D:D
    i have smolder, shahanz, lotus, chambor and many many more .i love each one of them :D

  • I laughed at the part where you said this: "Its like we are unofficial kajal testers.." SO true! I'm a huge Kohl/Kajal fanatic, I prefer them over my regular eyeliners any day! Thanks for sharing, I would def love to pick this up the next time im in India!


  • I already have plenty of kajals, but I keep 'eying' more. What is your skin type btw? I wonder if this kajal will smudge more on oily skinned girls.

  • @pookhie i hv oily skin only..it smudges..but least of all the others

    @smaryam hehe thanks! eyeliners look so harsh na

    @beautydiva senti :D

    @bhumika i'm getting lotus next

    @anamika ya totally!!

    @uzma exactly :D

    @anju i want mac smoulder now!!

  • hey thanks 4 the lovely comment. i hav already reviewed it. just click on the name that i have given below the pic. it will take u to the page :)


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