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Vega Makeup Brush Set of 7 Brushes: Review and Price


Review and Price of Vega Makeup Brush Set of Eyeliner, Eye Applicator, Eyeshadow Blush, Eye Groomer, Lip Liner, Lip Filler

By Contributor: Vidhi

Makeup plays an important role in transforming not only the face but the confidence of women! We stock in Best and Costliest Products but very few of us care on indulging in (costly costly) makeup BRUSHES!! There is wide range of brushes from different size to shape to design to brand and so on, but the confusion lays in which to buy and which not to and after this confusion gets solved then which brand to prefer! I feel spending thousands for just one brush is way too much! (I rather not buy them than never using them and staring at them for years) So I came across Vega Makeup Brush Set which is set of 7 selected brushes with pocket friendly price which made me buy them whilch I will review today (without any other thought of stopping me to do so)

These brushes are affordable as well as are perfect for applying makeup. I like the transparent cap thingy comes with them so that brushes don’t lose their shape. They have a wooden holding and the metal (coloured in black) holds the hair which makes it look classy! They have placed common brushes altogether which makes it less confusing for a beginner to pick right brushes for them where as on counterpart some brushes like angled eyeliner brush

etc which I use are missing. This set of 7 is only for beginners and college girls as the prominently required brushes by them are stocked together. So without much ado here is the review (It rhymes though)

Vega Claims: Vega set of 7 makeup brushes will help you in applying the complete facial makeup with ease and accuracy. This entire set includes- Lip liner brush, eye liner brush, blush brush, eye groomer brush, eye shadow brush, eye applicator brush and lip filler. The art of applying makeup can be complete only with the inclusion of various cosmetics. The Vega makeup brush-set is a set of 7 different brushes, each of which can be used to apply a different kind of beauty product. This brush-set consists of a blush brush, eye shadow brush, eye applicator, eye liner, lip liner, lip filler, and eye groomer. Together, these makeup brushes can be used to apply most of the cosmetics meant for enhancing the beauty of your face.


My Review:

1. Vega Blush Brush:

The blush brush that comes with this set has fine, soft bristles and a thick body that makes it easy to hold. The flexible and fluffy bristles present on this brush ensure that your blush makeup is properly put applied onto your cheeks. Although it sheds a lot of while washing. If you have used good quality Sigma or MAC brushes then this would feel a little scratchy in comparison.

2. Vega Eyeshadow Applicator:

The eyeshadow applicator that comes with the Vega set of 7 brushes has a soft, sponge tip that effectively lets you puts on eyeshadow cream in the way you want to. It works quite well in case of shimmery eyeshadows. Works best when used damp.


3. Vega Eyeshadow Brush:

Because of its short, compact bristles, the eyeshadow brush, on the other hand, can be used to apply the powdered version of eyeshadow makeup. Its not meant to blend colours but just pack colour on the lid so you can work on them with other bkending and smudge brushes. A very good brush to deposit powder eyeshadows on the eyelid.

4. Vega Lip Filler:

While the lip filler can be used to colour your lips in the desired fashion. Lip filler brush is slightly more thick in comparison to lip liner because its meant to fill in the lipstick on your lips after you have shaped them with the lip liner.

5. Vega Lip Liner:

More pointy and thinner than the lip filler so it makes lining the lipstick on the lips quite easy.

6. Vega Eyeliner Brush:

Quite stiff so makes lining the eyes very easy. Can be used for both thin and thick strokes.

7. Vega Eye Groomer Brush:

The eye groomer provides you with the opportunity to dress-up your eyebrows and eyelashes. You can use it to seperate and comb your eyelashes after applying mascara and comb through your eyebrows after filling them in.


All these brushes can be gently cleaned after their use without causing any permanent damage to them. Every single brush in the Vega brush set of 7 comes in the colour of black. So as to avoid any undue confusion, each brush is labelled appropriately on its body.


Why to buy Vega Makeup Brushes:

  • Seven basic makeup brushes placed together
  • Set is basically for beginners and college going girls
  • They have smooth bristles
  • Dry makeup on the eye brushes can cleansed by just dusting off on cloth (tested by me)
  • You get a pot like holder to place brushes on dressing table (I have placed them on my table instead of a flower pot!)
  • These are quite cheaper than what various other brands offer (many of the brands have priced so high like 1000 or above for a single brush…which doesn’t fit my budget)
  • These brushes also come with a plastic cap placed over the hair so they don’t get damaged
  • Each brush is labelled to avoid any confusion

Why not to buy Vega Makeup Brushes:

  • This set is for those girls who are new in the brush world but some essential brushes like blending brush, smudge brush, contour brush, etc are missing
  • If you don’t place the cap properly or lay them straight after washing they may bend or get damaged ( I don’t know whether this is a common problem with other brushes too but for me th is is a con)
  • You don’t get a travel pouch with them to carry while travelling or in handbag (why oh why!!)
  • The hair of the brushes are only and only in black colour not white! (this is not a con but yea I like white bristles to check the amount of product on my brush)
  • Availability may be an issue
  • Some brushes shed hair while washing like the blush brush and powder brush (not in the set)
  • Small brushes are soft but bug fluffy brushes like blush brush and powder brush are scratchy


Price: Rs.420 (online available for Rs.399)

VNA Rating: 4/5

Do I recommend? YES! Go ahead and stock them as one rarely finds these basic brushes with fine quality at a marginal price. Good for makeup beginners and for those who are on a budget. Others go only for Real Techniques, Sigma, MAC and Zoeva. And No for those who want various other brushes than these 7! If you don’t find this as your pick so I would recommend you to buy MAC brushes set (which are not at all I repeat not at all pocket friendly) but they have superfine quality or Bare Essentials Brush set of 7 which are in same range as Vega’s but have skipped lip brushes and placed eye brushes. For cheap brushes in India check out Faces and Colorbar too.

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  1. I own the set of 5 brushes from Vega. I’m nt much happy with them. Thinking of investing in bare essentials next.


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