Vanity No Apologies 1st Anniversary!

All the month I was waiting for D day. But today when I got up, I forgot! Can you believe that? Throughout the day I had this feeling..I’m missing something..something…but finally realized after coming home. So yes super happy!
This was one of those spur of the moments decisions I would never regret. I wanted to write about Celebrity styles and created this blog in the middle of my semester exams

 (can you believe that!) to pour everything out, to concentrate better on Macro Economics rather than Who wore what? So yes I had to no idea what this blog would be all about, it took its form naturally.

this particular photo is from my last birthday. can someone please remove that elephant and those flowers on the cake?

Although only a few special people in my life know about VNA’s existence. Initially I was not sure how they would react (what if they stop taking me seriously?) but now it pleasures me to see them feeling suspicious about me. It makes me look mysterious and secretive, and I get to live the double life! (Hannah Montana?)

VNA has grown a lot in the past few months. Like I used to click with my mobile camera

(miss you baby) but later after some honest feedback from Nivedita and Anju asking me to get a good cam to do justice to my posts, I went ahead and got a Sony Cybershot for this blog! And yes it worked since a lot of you guys complimented on the new better pictures. Later I got my own domain. Thank you each and everyone of you for those mails and comments, it pleasure me to see people actually read what I do here!

My first post was on Nivea Fruity Shine Dragonfruit lip bam

And this was my last post on the Colorbar stick concealer

Apart from the readers, I will not forget to thank all those fellow bloggers I got to be friends with, you make blogging enjoyable. There are so many of you that I cannot write all the names here but you know who you are. THANK YOU.

Oh btw, I got a few more blogger awards last week. I have already done a post on it, in case you want to know some facts about me: Versatile Blogger Award

Thank you Namita, Parul, Jiya and Smayukta

Okay I’ve already talked a lot! I did some shopping today..dresses, cardigans, bags, etc. Okay okay I will stop. Keep reading for more exciting and fun posts. Thank You!

I have a good news to share with you, 20 days to go…See I’m getting mysterious again!

PS- I’m going to join some foreign language class soon. Any suggestions? Not French, everyone does that. Chinese? Japanese? German? I’m thinking Spanish? Help!

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  • Congratulations Anshita and may your blog have many more to come :)
    btw, i would vote for Espaniol!!!! me to planning to do a course in it.. its such a romantic language sighhhhh...

  • Happys da Birthdays to ur wonderful blog darling..n please learn Spanish and then give tutes on ur blog :))

  • Congratulations!! :) Way to go gal .....
    m learning french dese days, n m dying to learn japanese!! :P

  • Congrats dear....

    BTW even I started my blog because I was too frustated with my office work ;)


    PS: following you in GFC

  • Happy Birthday to ur blog :D Love reading ur posts :) for the foreign language I would suggest Chinese/Japanese as there is a great demand for it.

  • Hey Congrats Anshita :)
    Spanish would be nice..catching up more after ZNMD..Chinese would be a good option too..but quite difficult..


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