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Valentine’s Giveaway: Win 2 Olay Hampers!


Win a Olay Hamper

Happy Valentine’s Day my girls! If you are about and about, lucky you! If you are in your pajamas reading this then umm..this isn’t how you should be doing this. But I’ve got something for the latter. Another giveaway, duh! I am sure the lucky ones must have prepared for V-Day days in advance and the single ladies are pampering themselves right this second. Every girls deserves a little pampering it and I am sure you are having every bit of it. Whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day or not but the whole concept is fascinating. It’s just not about the dress you wear anymore or how you wear your hair, now its all pampering your skin and showing some love to it too.


VNA has collaborated with Olay to make 2 of you lucky! Olay Total Effects has been getting a lot of attention here recently which is why I thought its best to rope in Olay officialy this time. You can read reviews of the Total Effects range HERE. I have been using since the last few months (Link of the blog). Let me accept it.. This god sent product has brought about great change to my skin.

First, the prize! 2 of you girls will each win these: Olay Total Effects Day Cream, Olay Total Effects Serum and Olay Total Effects Cleanser (Each hamper is worth of Rs.1800). Also the winners get a free consultation with Dr.Nina Madnani.

To participate, all you gotta do is:

  • Comment below and tell us your favourite DIY to pamper your skin.
  • Share this post on facebook (leave your fb username below for us too see)

Winners to be announced on our facebook page after 20th february. Keep a look.

Participants must have a valid Indian address and should be above 18yrs or have consent from parents.

34 thoughts on “Valentine’s Giveaway: Win 2 Olay Hampers!”

  1. MY DIY to pamper my skin is some yoghurt mixed with rose water to it i add some finely ground rice powder and a teaspoon of honey, i apply this mix on my face and let my skin soak the magic potion and scrub it off with warm water to reveal a glowing and super soft skin.. My user name as evidence…

  2. My DIY skin care routine is
    1) I cleanse my skin with honey..apply raw honey on ur face massage it for few minutes and wipe it away with cloth soaked in warm water

    2) Toner..Boil Mint leaves leave it overnight the next morning strain the water…remove the leaves and apply the water to tone ur skin

    3) Moisturise..i mix tsp of rose water hlf a tsp of glycerine and tsp of lime juice together apply it on my skin,hands and on feet everynight and wake up with a soft and supple skkin..

    Masks- 1) Mix gram flour,turmeric,curd together and apply it on ur face for 15mins and wash it away..

    2) take an avacado remove the pulp add lime juice to it..and apply it for 15mins

    3)mix curd and honey and apply it on ur face for 10mins for desired results

    SCRUBS- mix olive oil with sugar and scrub ur face for few mins with this
    2)grate the carrot and add honey,sugar to it and scrub ur face with it
    3)Multani mitti add rose water apply it on ur face for 15mins…

    every month once a while i do diy home facials at home
    and steam my face once in a month
    these are my DIYS which i prefer a lot dear..thanks a lot for making me write all my DIYS

    FB NAME- siri sha

    thanks alot dear…

  3. Hey anishta happy v day my DIY skin care routine is cleansing my face with rose water and than my fav multani mitti pake its only multani mitti mixed with lemon and cucumber juice i apply it on my face and leave it until semi dry than i cleanse it but my best DIY is my husbands eyes in which i see lots of love for me and it make my skin blossom like flowers my e mail is adv.amanbedi@gmail.com thanku

  4. my fav DIY to pamper my skin, when its really cold outside my skin gets a bit chafed then i make myself a hydrating mask by blending a little cold cream, yoghurt, honey, aloevera gel and avocado. using a face pack brush to mask on my face. i let the mask dry for about 15 to 20mins and rinse… voila!! my skin feels refresh & moisturised, it will be helpful in any even summers
    user name: suchitra vegi

  5. My two most favourite DIYs to pamper my skin are – Firstly I mix green tea and honey, apply it as a mask, leave for few minutes and scrub it off and wash wuth lukewarm water. Secondly I mix gycerine with rose water 1.5:1 ratio and use it as a mask, wash it off after 15 mins and BWOY it makes my skin supple and fresh and devoid of any dry flakes. :)
    At times I try DIY baking soda and water paste as well as cucumber water soaked cotton pads to give my face an instant wake up look! :)
    Happy Valentines Day to everyone! <3

  6. My two most favourite DIYs to pamper my skin are – Firstly I mix green tea and honey, apply it as a mask, leave for few minutes and scrub it off and wash wuth lukewarm water. Secondly I mix gycerine with rose water 1.5:1 ratio and use it as a mask, wash it off after 15 mins and BWOY it makes my skin supple and fresh and devoid of any dry flakes. :)
    At times I try DIY baking soda and water paste as well as cucumber water soaked cotton pads to give my face an instant wake up look! :)
    Happy Valentines Day to everyone! <3

  7. a very happy Valentine’s day! :) my favorite DIY for my skin is not just one but quite a few. I don’t really go to parlours for facials, etc. I do it myself using homemade packs and everything natural! I use fresh curd during the winters to heal dry skin and it makes my skin very supple and soft. also makes it look bright and fights acne since it contains salicylic acid. also I use coffee powder with a little bit of curd for exfoliation! does a great job. baking soda with water too! I use mashed strawberries and lemon to get rid of oily skin during summers! these are my favorite DIYs. my FB name is Oshin Fisheyes.

  8. my favorite DIY for my skin is Honey-Oats Face Scrub which is so easy to prepare Combine 1 tablespoon honey, 1 tablespoon finely-ground almonds, 2 tablespoons dry oatmeal, and some lemon juice or yogurt to a luxurious and exfoliating facial scrub. Massage mixture gently onto the face, then rinse with warm water. This blend gives a deeply emollient cleansing to the pores on my face. Almonds and oats are superb softening exfoliants.

    Happy Valentines Day to everyone! <3
    wish to win :))

  9. Hey dear…i do lots of DIY’s at home..
    mostly i prefer 1) I mix lemon juice and sugar together scurb my face with it..or olive oil with sugar and scrub with it.. 2) mix gram flour and curd apply on face for 10mins or mix gram flour,turmeric,honey and curd together and apply it for 15mins 3)massage ur face with papaya pulp or tomato pulp or potato pulp to remove blemishes and get rid of wrinkles… 4)Drink lots of juices mainly carrot juice to keep ur skin healthy and glowing…apply beetroot juice on ur face directly or massage ur face with cucumber slices…

    Thanks a lot dear for such an amazing giveaway..iam a great fan of OLAY
    FB name- jpreddy
    mail id-pranathijreddy


    Skincare is always better if it’s natural. these are my following DIY skin treatments for my oil t-zone combination skin.

    Cleanse – milk powder, besan and yoghurt. by mixing them and forming a paste and massaging onto the skin for 5mins. leave it for 2mins and wash off.
    Scrubs: coffee beans, baking soda & yoghurt is equal quantities a scrubbing on the face for 2mins.
    Face pack – cinnamon powder and honey to form a runny paste. apply on the skin for 5mins and rinse off.
    I generally don’t use toner, i prefer slathering ice cubes on the skin to close the pores and at last apply aloe vera gel from patanjali.

    here’s the required link:
    Facebook id: Salomi Das

  11. The best sol to dry skin in winters is a mixture of lemon juice and glycerine which helps in smoothening the skin..!! its easy n can b stored for a number of days..

    Another is mixing natural juices like that of lemon tomato potato cucumber etc wid besan n adding few petals of kesar n ussing it as mask or a scrub..!!

    Applying milk on face before boiling

    Applying honey on face can give u an instant shine

    Bt apart from all the external aids havin a good n healthy diet can only give a charming look..!!
    All the best..!!

  12. Hey.

    My all time best & favorite DIY to pamper my skin which I use every alternate day to get fair, smooth & soft skin is I mix flour,turmeric & milk to smooth paste & apply on my face, neck, arms & legs. Before it gets dry I just wet my hands & start massaging the paste all over my face, neck n all other area. Then wash it off with cold water.

    My fb id – Anu Preet

  13. Hey
    Thanksss for hosting such an amazinggg Contest .
    My DIY’s routine is very simple and effective.
    first of all I Eat healthier foods like fish, fresh fruits, and vegetable,.Try not to eat too much junk food such as potato chips, pizza, cookies, cakes, etc.I drink lot of water it keeps my skin hydrated and fresh.
    I Use moisturizer at night to keep it from trapping sweat and dirt that gather on your face during the day.
    Make a smooth paste of cucumber juice, aloe Vera gel, curd, rose water, essential oil. Apply on your face and neck, keep it for 10 minutes, then wash off with cold water. This pack gives me refreshed and clean skin.

    fb name : Nishat anjum

  14. My favourite is raw milk which I used daily to clear my skin internally and dahi egg yolk mix for tightening twice a week to pamper my skin

  15. My favourite DIY to pamper my skin is a mix of raw milk, fresh mint leaves juice, rose water and multani mitti or besan pack. This clears the skin of extra oil and mint provides fresh aroma. Raw milk helps in improving complexion too.

  16. Very nice .I would like to say that I love using my play products .they are like made for my skin.I currently using play day cream .it has SPF to it.so its very apt for day .it gives a nice glow to my skin making it supple and nourished at the same time. Apart from that I use several diys .my favorite is I take some chirongi .soak it in raw milk overnight.then grind it.apply it to my skin .after 15 minutes with lukewarm water I wash it off.it makes my skin very soft and glowy.totally love it.over the time it removed my tan and small facial hair. This day can even used on babies.

  17. My favorite DIY skin care routine is:
    For face:
    Cleansing: besan flour and a pinch of turmeric mixed with milk
    Toning: homemade rose water or cucumber juice or cool green tea
    Night time Moisturizing: Olive oil
    Face pack for acne/pimples (every 2 or 3 days) : Dried neem powder, tulsi powder and turmeric mixed with curd
    Nourishing Face pack(weekly): Orange peel powder, dried rose petals powder and finely ground almonds mixed with curd
    Lip scrub (weekly): sugar with olive oil and honey
    Facial (biweekly): Fruit facial with papaya, honey and lime juice
    Steaming (biweekly): with mint leaves and turmeric

    For body:
    Body wash: mixture of besan flour and green gram flour
    Night time Moisturizing: Coconut oil
    Body scrub (once a week): Coffee powder granules mixed with honey and coconut oil
    Body mask (twice a week): Mashed papaya with raw milk
    Oil bath once a week

    For feet – Pedicure (once a week):
    Foot soak: Warm water with lemon juice, milk powder, rock salt and rose petals
    Foot scrub: Sugar/salt with coconut oil
    Foot mask: Mashed banana with honey

    For hair:
    Oil massage with coconut oil twice a week
    Hair pack (once a week): Curd mixed with amla powder, methi powder and curry leaves powder

    FB Username: Archana Guruswamy

  18. My favorite DIY is:
    1. aata chokar 1tps
    2. sooji 1tps
    3. curd half cup
    4. besan 2tps
    5. turmeric 1/2tps
    6. few drops of lemon juice
    Mix all the things together and scrub whole body with it. It will exfoliate and remove dead skin without being harsh And leaving skin soft supple.

    I don’t need to do anything else as it cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise as well. Also all the things can be easily found anytime in kitchen.

  19. Hi
    Thanks for awesome giveaway Olay products are truly amazing n winning them will be dream come true ! i have various DIY which i often do at home n few my grand ma told me
    here are they
    1.Pore and Wrinkle Tightening Mask (for all skin types)
    Dab raw egg whites on any area that needs tightening, let dry and rinse off. That’s it!
    2.Mix 1 tablespoon plain Greek yogurt, ¼ banana (mashed with a fork) and 1 tablespoon raw honey. Apply to face and let sit for 10 to 15 minutes before rinsing with cool water. The yogurt and banana will help exfoliate while the honey has antibacterial and moisturizing properties.
    3.Mix 1 raw egg with 1 tablespoon of raw honey, cover your face with a layer of the mixture and let it dry for 15 to 20 minutes to tighten pores, tone the skin and kill bacteria, without drying your skin out.
    4 Mix curd and honey to get instant glow on ur face . U can get facial likes effects by making pack of fresh fruitslike banana n papya.
    5 SPlash red wine (yes u heard it ryt ) On ur face to get instant shine. it works!
    6.Apply pack of turmeric , besan n mik to get rid of skin dullness n imperfections.
    7 Apply coffee scrub to get radinace n glow back on face n arms too.
    8 To get rid of tanning apply tomato juice or mixture of lemon , raw milk n lemon .
    9 Give your hair a surge of volume with a generous dose of beer. Yeast in beer plumps up tired tresses and gives it the joie de vivre it deserves. Apply half a cup of flat beer to clean damp hair. Let it sit for fifteen minutes and then rinse off to strengthen and structure your mane
    10.Mix lemon juice, rose water and cucumber juice in a bowl. Apply to the affected areas. The acidity in the lemon juice will help to remove the tan and the cucumber and rose water will cool the skin down
    11, Make scrub of honey , otameal n sugar which is very good for getting soft n firm skin n get u rid of all black heads n white heads

    These are few tried n tested onesc n works wonders!
    Wish to win
    Anjali sharma
    Fb anjali sharma
    fingers crossed


    For face also i use the same banana and honey mixture. This was recommended to me by my cousin and my cousin got to know it during her pre-bridal treatments in a salon. The lady told her that applying mixture of mashed banana and honey is the best facial treatmnet you can give to your skin. It adds natural glow to skin, prevents pre-mature aging, removes tan and gives bridal glow to face. What you have to do is apply this paste on your skin and pat your skin so that the mixture gets into the skin completely., I’m sure everyone must have heard about fruit facial, its the same and the parlor lady uses the same technique of patting.

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway.. wish to get lucky <
    Fb name: Mansi chauhan

  21. my absolute favorite skincare pampering DIY has to be chocolate coffee sugar scrub i make at home whenever i am feeling down…i take a bit of olive oil and add a granular brown sugar and coffee granules in it…also add a bit of cocoa powder for the fragrance ..it makes my skin super soft and scrub away all the dead cells….coffee also helps in skin renewal so all the more benefit :D
    My fb name is mily jain..! Haha…i dont know why i laughed writing this!

  22. Hi Anshita,

    I have always followed religiously my mom remedies in my life which have worked wonders for my skin & they are as follows:

    1. Drinking 1 glass of warm water with a squeeze of lemon & a tsp of honey mixed in it first thing in the morning which helps in toning the body as well as brings a glow on the skin.
    2. Making a paste of a mixture of a combination of milk cream, Turmeric & lemon juice & applying in on the face for 30 minutes before bath gives a wonderful glow to my face.
    3. Also by making a paste of Cucumber juice & Tomato juice in gram flour ( besan ) & apply it on face for 30 minutes & wash face with lukewarm water.
    4. For natural healing for dry & cracked lips apply desi ghee for 30 minutes everyday before going to bath makes lips soft & supple.

    These tips of my mom have helped me all my life & I truly stand by it that they work the best of all :)

    FB – Kavita Nayak

  23. My favourite DIY is –
    Keep few strands of kesar in a tablespoon of curd overnight in fridge. The next morning mix besan in the mixture and keep it on face for 30 minutes. This has helped me to remove tan which was there since ages. Thanks Anshita and Olay! :)
    FB name: Jyoti Patil (jpatil1987@gmail.com)

  24. First of all thanx for the awesome giveaway Anshita. Wud definitely Love to win this :-)

    Now for the answer:
    I am naturally blessed with soft n healthy skin but sumtimes i have to face sum dry patches. To fight that dryness i use my favourite DIY recipe.
    For that i take 1 cup besan, 2 tbsp curd, a pinch of turmeric for that Glow :-), a tomato, few drops of olive oil/almond oil. I grind them together and use this as a scrub allover my body including face to fight the dryness.

    Fb Name : Ashma Bano

  25. first thankx for this lovely giveaway…..
    My favourite DIY is –-Take the fresh banana and mesh the banana into smooth paste. Now add the same amount of butter to the meshed banana. Instead of butter you can add the
    skimmed milk cream to the mesh banana. Mix the both ingredients well. Now apply this paste all over the face. The butter or skimmed milk cream is the natural moisturizer for the skin and prevents the dry skin. Banana act as the pack to keeps the moisture in the skin….And the most important…. WEAR HAPPINESS BECAUSE BY DOING SO YOU WILL BE WEARING BEAUTY …. DRINK LOTS OF WATER AT ATLEAST 10 GLASSES PER DAY …. DRINK 3 CUPS OF GREEN TEA A DAY ….. LAUGH A LOT BUT DONT LAUGH ALONE OR ELSE U WILL BE CALLED MAD ….LAUGH WITH NEAR AND DEAR ONES SO YOU CAN SPEND SOME QUALITY TIME WITH THEM …. WHICH IN TURN MAKES YOU HAPPY …. EXERCISE AND WALK DAILY … TAKE THE STAIRS…. USE A GOOD SUNSCREEN EVEN WHEN YOU ARE AT HOME …. AND MOISTURIZE YOUR SKIN WITH A GOOD MOISTURIZER FREQUENTLY ….AND MOST IMPORTANT DONT WORRY JUST SMILE … SLEEP WELL….
    FB NAME-Aparna Appu

  26. My DIY Routine is very simple and effective
    I start my morning Luke warm water mix with honey and lemon,it keeps me fresh whole the day.I do exercise daily atleast 30 min.Drink Healthy food rich in vitamins .Intake salads .Daily Hv green or lemon tea.CTM(cleansing,Toning<moisturizing)is in my Routine.
    wash my face With Rose water.
    Mix sandal wood paste and cucumber pack once in a week.It keeps my face glowing.
    sleeping enough and always be happy .
    FB Name: Nishat Anjum

  27. My favourite DIY to pamper your skin is a facepack of cucumber juice and rose water…Just leave it on for 10-15 mins…Wash it off and you will be able to see an instant difference…It leaves the skin looking fresh,soft and radiant….
    Also, Once in two weeks I prepare a scrub of olive oil and sugar for my lips….:)

    I had previously posted a comment on 15th on this post…but it never got approved… :(

  28. Hi olay is that one cream which i use daily day and night
    The best face pack which is the best pack you had ever try and expensive face back cant bit this and its the diy at home pack
    You need regular green tea leaves and some fresh milk cream and some sugar and a bit of rose water
    When combined with the green leaves
    The sugar granualates act as gentle exfoliators and help in removing all your dead cells and dirt from your skin the cream will keeps the skin smooth and hydrated and moisture . And roae water will act as a antiseptic . Which will make youe skin fresh and young try out girls
    Its works wonder .

    Second diy is strawberries
    Yes just blend starwberries and mix some raw milk apply for after 15 min wash with luke warm water just do for 10 days and see your colour of the skin i bet ots turned out like so white


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