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UrbanClap App Review: What It Is, Where to Download, How to Use, Services Provided

By Contributor: Nikanshi

Goldilocks was having a tough day. To make up for the disaster she’d caused the last time around, she’d offered to look after the three bears’ house while they were out for the weekend. But it seemed she would never learn from her mistakes- she had finished all the food in the house, broken the Baby Bear’s chair, and created a massive mess! She was always getting into trouble at home because she was such an untidy girl but, would she listen? Now she was in the three bears’ house and, even though she’d been invited this time around, Mama Bear had politely told her that she would have to clean up after herself if she was going to stay with them.

Boy, oh boy- she knew she was definitely going to be in a lot of trouble when the three bears got back! Just then, she saw that Mama Bear had forgotten to take her phone with her and naturally, she couldn’t resist the urge to have a look at it. As she was browsing through the phone, she accidentally clicked on something called the UrbanClap App. It promised to provide a service for every occasion. “I need someone to clean up the home, repair the Baby bears’ chair, and cook a meal for the bears’ when they get back. Will I be able to get all of this done?”, despairing of ever being invited back to the Bears’ home.

When the app opened, she saw that she had to key in her location, so she entered the address of the bears’ house and had the surprise of her life! Home Services, Weddings, Personal Care, Lessons, etc – an endless range of different services awaited being booked in the app! She saw that there was something called  a “home cleaning service” and within two minutes she’d managed to book it for the next day! When the Bears came back, they couldn’t see any changes from outside the house. But when they entered? “Something is different” said the Baby Bear. Yes, something was different. In fact, many things were very different. The polka dots on the sofa were visible again, the fine layer of dust on the top of the fridge had vanished and the floor had a sparkle like never before.

And the broken chair? Well, when Goldilocks saw how well the home cleaning service worked out, she went on to book a carpenter and a chef at home too. So, not only was the broken chair repaired (as if it had never been broken), but the bears also found all their favorite delicacies waiting for them on the dining table! Goldilocks stood beside the table, with a huge welcoming smile, but it slipped a little, when Mama Bear said, “You used the UrbanClap App, didn’t you?” Seeing Goldilocks’ sheepish expression, she softened and explained, “I use them the app all the time too! Aren’t they the best?”

Urbanclap.com is India’s largest mobile services marketplace. They provide trusted services across 40 categories including photographers, make up and parlour at home, electricians, home cleaning & repairs, yoga teachers, guitar instructors, and many more. Whether you are looking to decorate your home, get candid pictures on your wedding day, plan your kid’s birthday party or get healthier, UrbanClap is the ultimate destination for all service needs

My Review of UrbanClap App:

Nowadays, when we’re looking to get anything done, its very tough to find the right professional. So we start making calls to friends, family, neighbors, colleagues, and even that girl you once met on the metro. When they cannot help, we refer to Google, JustDial, Facebook, and even then we often don’t get the right person for the job and just give up. Other times we get things wrong – so many friends complain about their wedding pictures just because they went with the local studio recommended by chachaji.

UrbanClap changes all of this, they make it incredibly simple to find and hire best professionals for your every need – no phone calls, just a clap. All you have to tell them is what you are looking for, wait for a few hours and then just choose the service provider you like. I booked yoga classes for me and my mother using this app. Booking a service was so easy, I didn’t even have to move from the couch! I had just had to follow these simple steps.

How to Use UrbanClap App to book a service at your home with the help of these simple steps below:


Step 1: Download the app and select your city.

Step 2: Select the service you’re looking for. I picked Yoga at Home service.

Step 3: Select the timings.

Step 4: Enter your location and set your budget range. Wait for a few hours to get the responses. All the requests appear under the projects tab. You can manage multiple projects together.

Step 5: Choose the service provider and voila you just booked a service without having to run anywhere.

The results I got were within the parameters that I had set. I got a total of five responses within 2-3 hours of sending a request. Quotes, ratings, reviews and costs were mentioned for every service provider along with a call feature. I liked the fact that I didn’t have to copy paste the numbers every time. So after looking through all my options I booked the classes.

The instructor came for a trial class first and, when we liked her, we decided to continue with the regular classes. The instructor is really understanding and diligent. She also leaves us with some homework to do, so that we’re better prepared for the next class. Overall I am happy with what I booked for from UrbanClap.

What I like about UrbanClap App:

  • Lots of categories and choices- they have everything, from plumbers and electricians to wedding photographers, salon at home and lots more.
  • Reviews and ratings from the customers help in making the choice.
  • You can see how many times the provider has been hired
  • Quick responses
  • The call feature is great, I don’t have to copy paste the phone number.

The only thing they can improve upon is the number privacy. All the service providers who respond to you get your number but I wish it stayed private. Although it’s not a big deal since you have to interact with the person you are hiring.

Where to download the UrbanClap App: download HERE

Recommendation: This marketplace app from UrbanClap.com will come in handy a lot of times because of the wide range of services on their platform. The procedure is simple and you get quick responses. You get plenty of requests and options to choose from in just 4-5 hours of sending the request. One of my friends who has moved to new a city has found the app really helpful. She has booked lots of home services like electrician, carpenter, plumber, etc since she doesn’t know anyone there to ask about these things after I recommended it to her. Definitely a must-use app for every occasion.

Have you used UrbanClap App? Share your reviews with us.

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  • Loved the way you storylined the review. Loved the features of this app. I reside at the outskirts of Kolkata so I guess there will not be any service provider for far off the city. Still I'm looking forward to try it out. Thanks.

  • Hi ,
    This morning i got the service from charanjeet , and no words to say , service was pathetic, she came to do the hair spa , does she know the meaning of spa ? how to do that , she applied the spa on my hair and said she is going and said u got the towel , please get it hot and get the steam done for 2-3 times and thn rinse off ,. Can anyb ody tell me , if i have to get that done by my own , why wud i pay for the services .
    Last time i got the service from sulekha and that gal was really awesum , she knows wht she is doing and was very porfessional , really need a raise , but this gal charan , doesnot deserve anything . Ppl just come and tok and at the time of wrk , they are ruthless .

  • Urbanclap is terrible bad service.

    Asus phone display replacement issue.
    1.First of all they void my warranty by getting my phone to be repaired by inexperienced unreliable third parties and not from authorised center.
    2. The first so called professional Repair Kart collected RS. 5300 (expensive than the authorised centre) from me for replacing the phone display but he put an cheap aftermarket display which didn't work. After follow up they stopped responding to calls.
    3. Urbanclap said they will replace the fake display with and original and assigned another so called professional Pulp Electronics who tried fixing the same old local cheap display instead of replacing with a new display and put glue all-over the phone even the camera lens and returned the phone after a month. They did not replace the display not sure if Urbanclap didn't pay or they just cheated me.
    4. Urbanclap is fooling me by saying the motherboard needs to be replaced. I got it cross checked from authorised center who said that only the display needs to be replaced as it is not original which Urbanclap has put.
    5. They have not got back to me with any resolution.

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  • When I originally commented I clicked the -Notify me when new feedback are added- checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get 4 emails with the identical comment. Is there any way you’ll be able to remove me from that service? Thanks!


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