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Two Bra Problems and their Solutions: For Big Busted Girls and Backless Dress!

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 Online Shopping for Padded and Backless Bras

Some of you asked why I don’y shy away from talking about girl bras and lingerie online on VNA. Well the same reason I don’t shy away from talking about periods. They aren’t taboos anymore! So why not come out in open and discuss the lingerie problems and issues every lady faces. Talking about two solutions I nailed in the past couple of months. First one is padded brassiere and how it looks weird on big busted women. For smaller bra sizes they are a boon but what about those “blessed” girls? They make your already big chest 10X bigger! No we are not a Kim Kardashian or Rakhi Sawant, thank you.

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So I usually stick to under wired options and avoid padded ones. BUT recently came across this Comfi Fit range from Prettysecrets which is one of my favourite websites to shop for lingerie online in India. What made me blog about them is how lightly padded they are. Nothing too dramatic that will make a 34B suddenly look like say a 36D! The cushions are soft and comfortable which makes it a good option for everyday girls bra.

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Another thing I like is the bright and fun colours they come in. Ban the white bras please! Just have one each from white, nude and black and keep everything else cheerful and bright. I have a red, green and yellow (yes you dirty fellow!) and boy I love the colours. Apart from these I have a collection in every colour by now. And stocked up on oxblood for the winters too.

prettysecrets comfi fit bra reviews

The other problem I want to talk about is low back tops and dresses. You remember me lemming for a bra extender in this lingerie post? Well I found one online and it seems to do the trick. BUT its a little different from the bra extenders you get internationally at amazon. The one I have is pre-configured (notice the X shape). The X goes right at your back which pulls down the hook by around 3 inches and the cord goes on your belly which you can adjust. I wore it for a full night with a low cut anarkali and never once it felt uncomfortable.

bra extender low back review india

But the international ones don’t come with that X which makes them more versatile. For example you can wear them with complete backless dresses which you can’t do with this one. Just see this video and you will know.

prettysecrets lingerie haul review

If you have anymore queries about lingerie like which one goes with what, where to buy, etc then comment below and I will try to address them in my next post.