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Tutorial: How To Fill In Dark Eyebrows Without Eyeshadow or Pencil

how to fill in and groom eyebrows step by step tutorial


By Contribut or: Mahima

Well, eyebrows play an extremely vital role in the way your face looks, it has been said that eyebrows frames your face. Eyebrows also define the shape of your eyes, so filling them is definitely important. Fuller eyebrows can make you look youthful and young like Cara delevingne, and thinner eyebrows can make you look a little mature yet sexy like Nicole scherzinger.


eyebrow fill groom tutorial

Now the question arises, why should I fill in my eye brows when I have thick brows to start off with?
here I tell you, when you apply foundation and stuff on your face, it gets struck in your eyebrows and trust me my ladies, ITS NOT ATTRACTIVE! It look horrible and whenever you do flash photography, some how the wicked flash picks up the skin under your brows making it look sparse and the whole face looks dull regardless of how beautiful your lipstick, eye makeup or blush is.

So now there are people whole got problem with sparse brows, people who have non existent brows and people who have full brows but just need that tini tiny def inition, and I’m gonna give a golden tip which will hopefully solve all those issues.

So lets get started:

eyebrow tutorial step1

Step1: ‘brush your brows’, now this step applies to everyone, all the three types I mentioned above.

Step2: now here’s that golden tip, use a brown gel liner instead of an eye shadow or brow powder( gel liner will stay all day and will actually look more natural and polished than powders as they tend to look faded and muddy). To apply this use a stiff angled brush and take a little bit on product on the brush, now mush the product in the cap of the liner pot, this will ensure you have just the right amount of product on your brush.

how to fill eyebrows with eyeshadow

Step3: now go on and do light feather like strokes in your eyebrows to create hair like texture, also be very very light handed.

STEP4: for the front of your eyebrows place the brush horizontally and pull it up lightly, this creates a really soft and hair like texture.

TIP: don’t perfect your brows completely as it will look more natural.

eyebrow tutorial before after

STEP5: comb your brows back in place.

Product used- Maybelline gel liner(brown).

Tip: if you mess up just use a little bit of remover on a q-tip and wipe it off, you can also use a concealer or compact powder to clean up the edges.

how to fill in dark eyebrows to look natural

The above mentioned steps apply to all brow types. Just remember to follow the natural shape of your brow and not going all fancy with it as it looks really un-natural and fake.

You can also use brow gels to set your brows in place if you choose to use brow powder but with this technique you don’t need any setting stuff.

So yes, this was it. I hope you all will try and incorporate filling eyebrows in your makeup routine. I’m sure many of you already do but for the rest of our beauties, try this out and see what difference it makes