Tutorial: How To Do Bold Arabic Eye Makeup Look

Fun Friday: Purple and Gold Smokey Double Wing Arabic Eye Makeup Look

By Contributor: Mahima

On Fridays we will do a Fun Friday look meaning anything colourful and bold. We can go subtle for Casual Mondays but Friday is the time when you take out all your bold eye liners and lipsticks and have fun with them. Yes girls these makeup tutorials are going to be dramatic! I LOVE Arabic Princess Makeup, I just personally think that it suits my eyes the most so I’m like always having a really dramatic eyeliner with smoked out eye shadow and thats actually fun! And as you all know this is a FUN FRIDAY so lets just rock it with an Arabic makeup tutorial.

Arabic eye makeup is basically enhancing your eyes with really dark colors, dramatic liners and cut creases. Middle Eastern ladies wear hijab (I find it so so pretty), sometimes the only face part that it visible are the eyes (they totally prove the quote “eyes are the mirrors of the soul”) so they enhance it as much as they possibly can and it looks phenomenal.

Now lets get started with the tutorial, you can wear this look to clubs or even weddings.

arabic tutorial step 1-4

Step 1: I would suggest doing the base afterwards as dark eye shadows have fallout, so we can clean that afterwards and then move onto the base. Now prime your eyes and apply a golden eye shadow all over your lid with a wet brush (the colors will be more intense if you’ll use the eye shadow wet). Product used: 3rd  eye shadow from the Maybelline copper brown quad.

Step 2:  Now again with the wet brush apply a shimmery champagne eye shadow at the inner corners and lower lash line followed by the same golden eye shadow. Product used: 1ST eye shadow from the same quad.

Step 3: Take a purple eye shadow and apply it at the outer V dragging it outwards to create that cat eye effect. Product used: sensual by NYX.

Step 4: Blend…blend…blend!!

arabic tutorial step 5-8

Step 5: Using a small fluffy brush apply a black eye shadow at the very out corner and crease, almost form a cut crease. Product used: MAC Carbon.

Step 6: Apply a shimmery color at your brown bone to bring more attention to it. Product used: same eye shadow, which was used at the inner corner but with a dry brush this time.

Step 7: Use a dark kohl pencil at the lower and upper waterline and smoke it out a bit. Product used: MAYBELLINE colossal (12H).

Step 8: NOW the most important part LINERRRR! Apply the liner dramatically and now for the liner at the lower lash line, make a parallel line to the upper wing and then take it all the way to the inner corner and make a V point at the inner corner (this elongates the eyes). Product used: Maybelline hyper glossy (black)

arabic tutorial step 9 10

Step 9: FUN STEP TIME! Apply a tangerine liner or eye shadow between the two wings, it is gonna give an amazing POP to the eyes. Product used: Maybelline Hyper Glossy Tangerine

Step 10: Okay so here’s my favorite step. APPLY LOADS AND LOADS OF MASCARRAAA TO YOUR upper and lower lashes, you can even go for falsies. Product used : LOREAL million lashes (extra black)

Step 11: Apply your lip color. I went for a soft pink nude to balance the look out a bit. Product used: MAYBELLINE lip polish Glam13.

Now for the blush and highlighter I used Fluer de Force by MAC and Soft and Gentle by MAC respectively.

Step 12:  Put on your hair accessory, play an Arabian  song and DANCCCEEEE!


arabic makeup finished look

I really really loved the look and I enjoyed doing the whole tutorial. Stay tuned for more Arabian looks.

Do you like colourful arabic makeup? Share your views with us.

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