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Tutorial: How To Apply Red Lipstick Perfectly (Steps + Products Used)

red lipstick and how to apply it the right way

How To Use A Red Lip Pencil, Lipstick and Lipgloss Makeup Tutorial

By Contributor: Shruti

Red lips are a head turner. And guess what there is a red lipstick for every skin tone. A deep red pout is bold and beautiful but to get perfect red lips is a tricky business. Also the rest of the makeup needs to be very toned down and muted because we want to highlight our lips and make all the guys drool. A lot of girls struggle with the eternal question of how to wear a lipstick with perfection and what makeup to pair with it. In this makeup tutorial I will teach you how to first line your lips with a red lip pencil or lip liner and then apply lipstick straight from the bullet or brush. Later I will show you how my pout looks after adding a bit of clear gloss on my lips. You can always use these steps for pink, orange, nude, coral lipsticks. Infact this is a very universal guide.

I would like to call it a Dummy’s Guide to wearing classic deep red lips with perfection. Even if you are not a makeup beginner I’m sure you can learn a few tips and tricks from this step by step lipstick application tutorial. So let’s begin with the tutorial.

how to apply red lip liner
how to apply red lip liner using X technique

How To Apply Red Lip Pencil:

Step 1. Exfoliate your lips. We don’t want any flakiness or dry skin on lips. Apply a thin layer of lip balm to moisturize lips. Do the rest of the face then. The lip balm needs to be on for like 15-20 minutes to condition lips. Remove the lip balm and apply foundation or a concealer on lips with a finger or lip brush. It will hide lip pigmentation and create a blank canvas for lip painting. I have used Maybelline dream liquid foundation . Now take your cupid’s bow as starting point and make a slant line.

Step 2: Do it again from the other side of the cupid’s bow.

Step 3: Just below your cupid’s bow, mark a straight line. That should be the lowest point of your lips.

Step 4: Map out tiny dots near the edges to create a map for your lip line. This way you will do lesser mistakes while shaping and lining your red pout.

how to apply red lipstick
how to apply red lipstick

Step 5: Now just connect all the dots while applying short and feathery strokes. Don’t line like you do in sketch books. Use short strokes. D on’t forget to cover the corners.

Step 6: Now fill in your lips using the lip liner using same short strokes. I’ve used Avon Ultra Glimmersticks in True Red. Using a lip pencil underneath the lipstick will make it last longer.

Step 7: This is how your lips should look like post the lip filling using the red liner.

Step 8: Blot it with a tissue and go over again if you have left any spaces.

how to get red lips
how to get red lips

Red Lipstick Application Step by Step:

Step 9: (Optional) If you want, apply a clear lip balm on top of your lips and leave them like that. Keep retouching your lips with the lip balm through out the day and your stain will be in place no matter what you eat or do!

Step 10: Lipstick time!! Using a lip brush or directly from the bullet, whichever way you are comfortable with, apply a nice red lipstick onto the lips. I’ve used Bobbi Brown Art Stick in Harlow Red.

Step 11. You can stop right here but if you have thin lips then apply a little red or clear lip gloss at the middle of the top and bottom lip. Don’t apply it all over your lips! And ta da perfect and sexy red lips. Now pout, pout and pout some more.

Step 12: Take a little concealer on a brush and clean up the edges. Red lips are all about clean skin and perfectly shaped lips.

classic matte red lipstick vs glossy red pout
classic matte red lipstick vs glossy red pout

Btw how do you like your red pout? Matte or glossy?

perfect red lips tutorial step by step

Keep the rest of the makeup nude. Red lips look best with winged eyeliner and loads of mascara. Also I’ve used the same Bobbi Brown Harlow Red lipstick as a cheek tint too. Just a little. If Emma Watson can wear red blush with red lips then so can we. Have a happy red lipstick day.

How do you wear you lipstick? Share your views with us.