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Tutorial: Alia Bhatt 2 States Inspired Makeup Look for College Girls

alia bhatt 2 states look inspired makeup tutorial step by step


By Contributor: Mahima

Did you see the movie 2 states? Even I haven’t. But I’ve heard that it’s a really really good movie and alia bhatt and arjun kapo or “OMG ARJUN KAPOOOORRR<3”, were really really good in the movie.


alia bhatt makeup in 2 states

Now coming up tp the look that alia has in the movie. I’ve seen all the trailers and it seems as if she has a really really natural look throughout the movie. So I chose this look as It will be appropriate for college students, office ladies and pretty much everyone. So what are we waiting for? LETS GET STARTEDD

alia bhatt eye makeup tutorial step by step

STEP1: start off by lining you upper and lower lash line using  a gel or pencil liner.

Product used: Maybelline gel liner.

STEP2: now using a matte dark brown eye shadow and blend the liner with it, both on the upper and lower lash line.

Product used: nyx eye shadow in ‘matte brown’

STEP3: now take a peachy pink eye shadow or blush, yes blush (I used it as I wanted to eliminate as much products as possible and make the look less cumbersome) and with a fluffy blending brush apply it to your crease.

Product used: Maybelline cheeky glow blush in ‘peachie sweety’

STEP4: now highlight your brow bone using a shimmery eyeshadow .

Product used: nyx e/s in silk.

STEP5: okay so we are almost done with eyes, just put on your mascara. You can be dramatic with your mascara but I kept it really natural and since I have really long lashes and I applied it really really lightly.

Product used: Maybelline hypercurl mascara.

alia bhatt pink lips makeup tutorial

Now for the lips, I first used a Maybelline lipstick in ‘blushing brunette’, topped it off with NYX round lipgloss in ‘strawberry’ and then I blotted it off with a tissue to get the glossy yet not too glossy look.

alia bhatt 2 states inspired makeup look tutorial

And for the cheeks I used the same Maybelline cheeky glow blush in ‘peachie swetty’ that I used as a crease colour.

how to look like alia bhatt in 2 states movie makeup tutorial

And taaaddaaa ;D WE ARE DONE. Now just go and watch the movie and and and don’t forget to do this look and if someone comes to you for the autograph assuming that you are alia then just lift your nose up and give them your autograph :D