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Secret Tip Of The Day Vol.16

beauty tips

I’ve this ‘No Secrets’ policy on blog. That means I will share about every damn beauty or fashion secret I know about! I have a warehouse full of such tips secrets and would keep posting them here often so you all can benefit from them. All of them are tried and tested. And if you have
got any secrets to spill then please don’t hesitate and share in the comments. And yeah remember: shhhhh..keep it between us only.

If you are travelling and have some wrinkled clothes in your suitcase then fret not. Just take out your hair straightener or flat iron (every girl has one!) and use it to iron your clothes. Saves some space for a flat hair iron in your travel bag next time, comes very handy you see.

7 thoughts on “Secret Tip Of The Day Vol.16”

  1. love it!!! :) I have one tip to add, if you have ironed your clothes and don’t want to wrinkle them when you pack, roll them into a roll, nice and tight. I am a frequent traveler and I do this to ensure they remain neat and also gives more space in the luggage :)

  2. I actually had to lug a clothing iron in my bag the last time i went for a vacation. Myhusband was carrying a suit for the Lido show and he made me carry it! This is gonna save a lot of space!

  3. Nice tip for take hair straightener while travelling.. I dont get an iota why mom does not understand I need it while travelling.. this a perrfect reason to argue with her..

  4. @All.things.pretty exactly. everyone feels this space crunch!

    @ruby me thanky :)

    @coral hey thats a nice tip. i shall post it in the next tip post ;)

  5. @all things pretty haha! just dont tell him you read it here. let him think u came up with it yourself :P

    @angel haha! moms never get it!!


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