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Top 10 Lotus Herbals Sunscreens Available in India

10 Best Lotus Herbals Sunscreens Available in India with Reviews and Prices

Lotus Herbals is a widely popular cosmetic company that makes some of the best sunscreen lotions in India. This Indian brand gives a considerable number of options to choose for in the sun protection department. So, everybody is likely to find the perfect sun safety product a>. I have been making consistent purchases and repurchases of Lotus sunscreens

since ages now and it has never disappointed me so far. Today I will be presenting a compilation of 10 bestselling Lotus Herbals sunscreen lotions that you will find literally anywhere in India. Some of these products are already reviewed here on VNA. Do check them out for more details.

In a country like India, where the Ultra Violet index keeps high even on least sunny days, sun protection becomes a necessity rather than fancy. Applying a topical sunscreen lotion to your exposed skin is one of the many and perhaps the most convenient way to build a shield against harmful rays of the sun. In the spectrum of sun rays, there is Ultra Violet A (a.k.a. UVA) and Ultra Violet B (or UVB) rays. UVA ray infiltrates deep into the skin and can cause fatal ailments like melanoma in the long run.

On the other hand, the UVB ray causes instant skin problems like redness, skin burning and tanning. The sunscreens, which are blends of different chemicals either reflect or absorb these rays so that the skin remain unaffected. The SPF or Sun Protection Factor is the measure of UVB protection and the ‘+’ ratings measure the UVB protection for a commercial sunscreen.

List of Top Lotus Herbals Sunscreens Available in India

1. Lotus Herbals Safe Sun 3-In-1 Matte-Look Daily Sunblock SPF 40 PA+++:

Price: Rs.355 for 100gm

I will start off the list with my all time favourite Lotus sunscreen, the 3-in-1 Matte Look Sunblock. It is a water-based tinted sunscreen that would suit every skin type, from oily to very dry. This moderately fragrant sunscreen takes 10-15 minutes to get absorbed in my combination skin and then it sets into matte. So, if you are someone with very dry skin you might need a bit of moisturizer after application of your sunscreen. The coverage it gives is enough to even out my face. My face remains oil-free for 3-4 hour in summer if I use only this and skip moisturizer.

2. Lotus Herbals Safe Sun UV Screen Matte Gel SPF 50 PA+++:

Price: Rs.395 for 100gm

This one is a nice high SPF and PA gel sunscreen for especially normal to oily skin. People who have sensitive skin or who are on acne medication may find it useful too. It is a white coloured mildly fragrant gel that provides a light and non-greasy finish. The formula is enriched with Horse Chestnut, Comfrey and Vanilla.

This Lotus Herbals gel sunscreen is very convenient to use as it gets absorbed quickly into the skin without leaving any oiliness behind. It gives a natural matte finish to the skin that lasts for 3-4 hours. It is a good sunscreen with broad spectrum sun protection in the affordable range. Also this is one the best lotus sunscreens for oily combination skin.

3. Lotus Herbal Safe Sun Whitening+ Active Tan Prevention Crème SPF 50 PA+++:

Price: Rs.365 for 50gmThe Whitening+ Active Tan Prevention Crème is another sunscreen with SPF 50 and PA+++ like the UV Screen Matte Gel but with a different formula. This one is an off-white cream with medium density and creamy texture. To make it suitable for all skin types the company has designed it to be moderately mattifying; neither too oily nor extremely matte. This sunscreen contains ‘double action formula’ to prevent skin darkening due to sun exposure.

4. Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Daily Multi-Function Sunblock SPF 70 PA++:

Price: Rs.535 for 60gmIf you are someone, whose skin remains exposed to harsh sun rays for longer than usual, this Daily Multi-Function Sunblock lotion might be helpful to you to prevent sun damage. This carrot and avocado extract enriched sunblock is texture wise quite similar to the 3-in-1 matte sunscreen from the same brand, just a bit lighter in consistency and tint. The formula is claimed to be oil free and preservative free, so it can be a nice buy for all skin types. another top selling lotus herbals sunscreen for those who spend a lot of time in sun.

5. Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Anti-Ageing, Anti-Tan Ultra Sunblock SPF 100+ PA+++:

Price: Rs.765 for 30ml

If you want extreme sun protection from your sunscreen then this is the product is for you. The Anti-Ageing Anti Tan Ultra Sunblock is a tinted cream with a smooth texture. It gets into the facial skin when applied in proper amount without any ghost-white cast. It is not just an ordinary sun protection product it helps in fixing some of the common skin concerns like premature skin ageing, excessive melanin formation, and skin tanning.

6. Lotus Professional Phyto-Rx Sunblock Mist SPF 50 PA+++:

Price: Rs.595 for 100gmThe Phyto Rx Sunblock Mist is a runny-textured tinted sunscreen that can be applied directly on the skin like body mists or deodorants. After spraying the sunblock, a bit of quick rubbing is enough to vanish it into the skin. Being water and sweat proof, this sunscreen is suitable for everyone. This lotus spray sunscreen is claimed to be free from harmful preservatives, artificial colour and fragrance. So, it’s pretty awesome!

7. Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Whitening+ Long Last Sunblock Instant Whitening Glow SPF 40 PA+++:

Price: Rs.445 for 100gm

This is another tinted sunscreen with light and creamy texture. Its main constituents are Vitamin-E, Aloe vera and Carrot extract. Though the density is not heavy, it provides a dewy finish. If you are someone who has dehydrated and flaky skin would certainly love this it does not dull down the face like most moisturising sunscreens. It helps with the tanning as it also helps in making your skin whiter and fairer. this anti tan skin lightening sunscreen lotion is perfect for those who tan easily.

8. Lotus Professional Phyto-Rx Ultra Protect Sunblock SPF 70 PA+++:

Price: Rs.695 for 50gmAnother SPF 70 and PA+++ sunscreen for you from the Professional range by Lotus Herbals. This is an Ultra Protect sunscreen that shields your skin to elongate the signs of ageing and suntan. The main constituent of this lotus herbals sunscreen for dry skin is Thyme which is appreciated for its anti-bacterial properties. It is a very lightweight liquid sunblock with tint. It seeps into the skin very quickly and gives a naturally glowing look.

9. Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Sun Block Cream SPF 30 PA++:

Price: 195 for 50gmFrom personal experience I can say, this is the best lotus sunscreen lotion for dry skin. This Black Plum extract enriched product is specially designed to work in Indian summer. It is a white coloured cream with mild sweet fragrance. Its smooth and creamy formula ensures easy blending.

10. Lotus Herbals Safe Sun UV-Protect Body Lotion Nourishing Whitening Milk SPF 25 PA+++:

Price: Rs.240 for 250mlIt is considered as a very good practice to apply sunscreen in every inch of exposed skin even if you are staying indoors. This one is my favourite body sunscreen lotion as it works as a moisturizing body lotion too. It soothes my dry body skin. It is a moderately thick cream that protects the skin and moisturizes as well. The finish it provides is similar to a hydrating moisturizer but not sticky. It does not leave a white cast behind.

These were my choice of top rated sunscreens from Lotus Herbals. I have tried to select products in a way that everyone may find one or more than one suitable product from the list. This list is not exclusive at all as this brand has a lot more to offer. Lotus Herbal is and will be my first choice to go for when I am buying sunscreens because of two reasons. Firstly, Lotus Herbals sunscreens work wonders on my acne-prone combination skin and secondly quantity-quality co-ordination is best when it comes to Lotus Herbals.

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  • There's so much variety to choose from, at times it's confusing. SO this post aids in picking the right one

  • I love Lotus Herbals sunscreens and they are probably the only brand to offer so many varieties of sunscreens.

  • Lotus Matte look sunblock is even my favorite sunblock. Lotus has so many sunscreens to choose from, the options are so good for every skin type...

  • Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Anti-Ageing, Anti-Tan Ultra Sunblock with spf 100?
    need to try this one.

  • I think that in India, Lotus makes the best sunscreens. I completely agree on the list!

  • What a fantastic list ! Just loved it, I too love the lotus 3in1 matte a lot it works just perfect on my oily skin

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