8 Best Tan Removal Fairness Soaps Available in India

Top 8: Best Skin Lightening and Fairness Soaps in India with Reviews and Prices

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Getting flawless single tone body colour is what most beauty conscious ladies are crazy about. They would try every possible measure to remove the sun tan from the hands and legs and whiten or lighten their complexion to its original colour. Fairness products in India these days are not solely limited to lotions or creams. Even bath soaps can help you lighten your skin tone by removing the stubborn tan be it oily skin or dry skin. There is hardly any woman who would not use a bathing soap bar while taking shower or even while cleansing face at times

. Read on to learn which are the top bathing soaps for skin lightening or fairness available in the Indian market.

There are some specially formulated soaps available these days, that can remove the tan from your arms, legs, feet, neck, back, etc which are prone to skin darkening the most by lightening your skin tone. These soaps are enriched with chosen natural ingredients that remove tan, act on dark patches or blotches, remove pigmentation and give you a fairer skin tone definitely. These soaps are generally mild on your skin quite unlike the common place harsh bathing bars that upset the skin’s PH Balance. If you wish to lighten your skin with the best skin lightening soaps then read on.

List of Best Skin Lightening Soaps in India:

Nature’s Essence Lacto Tan Clear Soap:

This Tan clear soap from the reputed brand Nature’s Essence serves very well the purpose that its name suggests. It is an anti-tan soap that will effectively remove your epidermal tan of skin due to sun exposure there by lightening your skin complexion naturally. The natural ingredients honey and milk in the product work amazingly to remove your tan. Price in India: Rs.145. We also have a review on VNA on its tan removal cream.

Indulekha White Soap:

This bathing soap promises to make you a natural beauty once you use it. The TFM or Total Fatty Matter content of this soap is 80% which actually makes your skin baby soft. The soap has the goodness of coconut milk that gives your skin natural fairness. Price in India: Rs.140.

Dabur Vatika Dermavora Fairness Soap:

This herbal fairness soap from Dabur Vatika does away with dark spots, blemishes on your skin giving you glowing fairness. The chief ingredients in this soap are turmeric, sandalwood and saffron that not only impart fairness but also destroy bacteria on the skin keeping acne problems at bay.

Emami Naturally Fair Pearls Intensive Herbal Fairness Soap:

This Fairness soap from the reputed brand Emami induces skin fairness with its unique formulation consisting of pearl dust and natural extracts of licorice, saffron, chamomile, Aloe Vera, sandalwood brightening up your complexion by effectively polishing your skin. All pigmentation, dark patches, pimple scars, sun tan issues are effectively tackled. The result is a flawless pearly white glow on skin.

VLCC Insta Glow Fairness Soap:

This skin lightening soap by the famous brand VLCC brings about deep pore skin cleansing knocking out dust and grime from the congested skin pores. Resultantly, your dull skin gets an instant glow. The soap is enriched with mulberry extracts, tea tree oil, soap nut extracts, basil extracts that bring about effective skin cleansing while at the same time playing a major germicidal role on your skin to check acne problems, spots and blemishes. Price in India: Rs.85.

Avon Naturals Fairness Bar Soap:

This whitening soap by Avon Naturals is a good soap to lighten complexion with regular use. The natural ingredients like olive oil, coconut oil in the soap gives your skin effective moisturizing as well making it soft and supple like anything. The creamy rich lather of this soap will indeed make you feel that you are using a luxury fairness soap. Price in India: Rs.140.

Fair & Lovely Fairness Soap

I honestly hate fair and lovely because of all those stupid fairness creams which do nothing but this fairness soap from the brand will definitely enhance your complexion by one or two shades. The high amount of lather that it produces goes deep down your skin pores to bring about thorough skin cleansing. The soap is powered by milk cream and Vitamin B3 that actively cleanse out melanin pigment from the skin pores. The result in total fairness with0ut dullness and darkening.

Oriflame Essentials Fairness Soap:

This whitening soap by Oriflame promotes both skin lightening as well as skin softening. It is a creamy soap that produces rich lather for effective and deep-down skin cleansing, thereby giving you glowing fairness. Price in India: Rs.198.

I don’t promote fairness creams because they only make your skin worse and who needs to look gora gora in the first place. But you gotta hate it when your face and body have two different skin tones and that is when these skin lightening soaps come into picture. So these are some of the best rated skin lightening soaps in India which I’m sure would work for you. If you have any inputs or stories then do share.

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Which is your favourite bathing soap in India? Share your reviews with us.

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