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Top 8 Face Wash for Dry Skin in Winter Season in India

10 best face washes for winter season dry skin

Reviews and Prices of Best Face Washes for Winters and Dry Skin in India

By Contributor: Moupee

The winters have already set in. With the weather turning chilly and the winds turning intensely cold and sharp, you must have started feeling a marked difference in your skin texture. Washing skin in the winter months is a major problem especially for those with dry skin. The problem of moisture loss aggravates each time you wash your skin because the normal face washes wash away the natural skin oils too, making your skin abnormally dry. To redress this issue, the cosmetic brands have come up with some very good face washes ideally meant for the winter months. The cold winds cutting across your face and other exposed parts of your body robs your skin of all moisture make it feel awfully dry, stretched and flaky.

This excessive loss of moisture from skin during the winter months results in numerous skin woes like unfathomable skin irritation, itchiness, flakiness. This in turn makes your skin too very vulnerable and prone to bacterial attack. Let’s take a look at some of the best face washes which you should use

in winter season:

1. Lotus Herbals Jojoba Wash Active Milli Capsules Nourishing Face Wash: (Approximate price of 80gm is Rs120)

best face wash for winter season dry skin

This face wash from the reputed brand Lotus Herbals nourished with skin moisturizing ingredients like Vitamin E, Jojoba, Avocado extracts will never leave your skin parched or dry even after many washes.

2. Vichy Normaderm Tri-active cleanser: (Approximate price of 125ml is Rs1050)

best face wash for winter season dry skin

This facial cleanser rejuvenates and refreshes your dry skin, making it soft and supple by adding an extra coat of moisture to your skin and never leaving your skin excessively dry. The soothing cooling agent present in the cleanser prevents any sort of skin discomfort that you could have faced while washing face with cleanser during winter months in India.

3. Everyuth Moisture Boost Cream Face Wash: (Price Rs 55 for 50 gm approximately)

best face wash for winter season dry skin

This cleanser from the reputed brand Everyuth is ideal for the chilly winters. It’s a non-drying moisture boosting with the creamy goodness of peach extracts and the power-packed nano ceramides

4. Lakme Creme Face Wash: (Approximate price for 50 gm is Rs76)

best face wash for winter season dry skin

Beat the flaky skin Indian winter woes with the Lakme Crème cleanser which is rich, creamy and dense ideally meant for winter season. It doesn’t dry your skin at all. Your skin is left soft, delicate and supple with the goodness of glycerin, Parabens, chamomile, marshmallow extracts

5. Garnier Soft Essentials Foaming Cream Face Wash: (Approximate price of 200ml is Rs 165)

best face wash for winter season dry skin

This one by Garnier is powered by Pro Vitamin B5 and leaves your skin baby soft once you use it to cleanse your skin. This is one great product to use because it has a mild, non-drying cleansing action.

6. Cuticura Dry Skin Daily Face Wash: (Price of 200ml: Rs 370 approximately)

best face wash for winter season dry skin

If your dry skin problem has really blow off the top and cures literally seem impossible, try no other than the Cuticura Dry skin daily wash. It has renowned skin conditioning ingredients like Allantoin and glycerin that leave your skin intensively moisturized. Hence there’s no question of over-partching even after many washes

7. Loreal Paris Dermo Expertise Hydra fresh comfort facial wash:

best face wash for winter season dry skin

Give your skin the nourishment of this thick gel from Loreal Paris that prevents your skin from getting over-dried, parched, scaly after every splash in the cold wintery months.

8. Cetaphil Facial Cleanser: (Approximate price of 591ml is Rs 1275)

best face wash for winter season dry skin

To combat the problem of skin discomfort, skin irritation in the fall months aggravated with excesive washing, you can use the Cetaphil facial cleanser which is perhaps one of the best cleansers to ward off such skin issues. Its creamy, mild, doesn’t foam much and inexpensive. This one is Anshita’s favourite too!

So these are some of the best face washes that can be used to keep your skin in top form in the cold dry wintry months. If you have any suggestions then do let us know so we include them in the list.

Which is your favourite Winter Wash? Share your views with us.