8 Bollywood Actresses Who Got Fairness Treatments Done

Top 8 Bollywood Actresses Who Probably Went for Skin Whitening Treatment: Our Take on it!

By Contributor: Ananya

While Europeans are spending an insane amount of money and time to achieve a fake tan to get that glossy, beautiful, dusky-dark exotic skin, Indians are doing the same to get the flawless, glowing white skin. For centuries now, Indian women have been raised to believe that fairness is beauty and the invisible law around it is now making women bleach their skin and undergo various skin lightening fairness treatments. Bollywood divas are not behind mostly because its their job to appeal to the masses

which includes young Indian girls who are obsessed with fair skin. Here are top Bollywood Actresses who underwent skin whitening treatments some time ago.

Today there are many forms of skin whitening procedures available in India that have been used by many Bollywood celebrities. Some of the popular skin whitening procedures include Chemical Peeling, an extreme skin whitening procedure which causes de-pigmentation of skin and causes skin to lose its colouring pigment and become white.

Cryosurgery is another type of surgery where liquid nitrogen is used to destroy the melanin and allows skin to regenerate a new epidermis with a lighter shade.

Skin lightening surgery involves the use of chemical substances and melanin is reduced in such a way that the exact right light skin complexion is achieved.

Permanent skin bleaching involves bleaching your skin to make it lighter permanently.

Vampire facial is one of many bizarre skin treatments and involves re-injecting human blood to the patient’s face. Many International stars have undergone this treatment to achieve plum, youthful skin.

Skin whitening procedure not only lightens the skin but is also a very simple procedure to reduce fine lines, to improve skin’s texture and for removing pigmentation marks which results in a glowing, fair skin.  With so many options for skin whitening available these days in India, people are now turning towards these treatments to achieve the skin of their dreams and are able to flaunt it beautifully. Overall, skin whitening is a very simple procedure to reduce fine lines, to improve skin’s texture and for removing pigmentation marks which results in a glowing, fair skin

List of Bollywood Celebrities Who Underwent Fairness Treatments:

KAJOL: Skin Surgery or “at home”?

She seems to have transformed herself into a hot diva and her skin looks much better and lighter than before. After many years of successful acting career, Bollywood’s dusky beauty Kajol seems to have undergone some type of melanin surgery which lowers the concentration of melanin on skin with the help of chemical compounds. The results are clear and visible and Kajol carries herself with ease and grace. Kajol however, denies undergoing any skin whitening treatments and claims it to be a ‘Stay-at-home surgery.’

SRIDEVI: Not always bad

Picture perfect beautiful skin! The pictures show how prominent the difference is. Sridevi is famous for her big hits in Bollywood and she always looks beautiful in them but the skin whitening treatment has made her even more beautiful by improving the quality and texture of her skin.


From her initial days as a bold, dusky Bollywood actress, Rekha now looks extremely different and has a perfect, glowing skin which she flaunts gracefully draped in gorgeous silk sarees.


Ex-Miss World and successful Bollywood actress, Priyanka Chopra has undergone various surgeries that include a nose-job. Apart from all this, the actress underwent skin melanin surgery to look fairer some 4-5 years ago. Her skin is visibly fairer and has lost all its duskiness back from her Miss World day’s glory.

BIPASHA BASU: Also Endorses a Popular Fairness Cream

She is another beautiful lady who appears in the list of women who underwent skin whitening procedures. Bipasha was very fond of her dark dusky skin and even claimed that she was very proud of it. Sadly, the taunts and comments she received by the people made her change her mind and undergo skin bleaching to look fairer.


The dream girl Hema Malini who sported a wheatish dusky complexion couldn’t be spared by the fair skin syndrome. Her skin lightened over-night and looked wrinkle free and perfect, at her age!


She is said to have undergone skin lightening treatment sometime before her pregnancy. The super-diva however claims it to be a rumour and that it is just a wonderful ‘pregnancy glow’. But seeing the permanent pregnancy glow, the pictures beg to differ!

DEEPIKA PADUKONE: Brand Ambassador of a Popular Fair Skin Cream Brand

She is the latest Bollywood actress to undergo skin lightening procedure but she looks beautiful in any skin. Deepika has stunning features which looks beautiful both with her new fair skin and her former honey hue. She looks flawless in anything.

As it would seem, even famous Btown Divas who have won a million hearts being just who they are have to follow constraints set up by society and feel the need to fit in the norm of societal dictums as regards to “fair skin”. Kangana Ranaut has publicly announced that she would never endorse a fairness brand which made us love her even more. We are leaving this discussion open ended. We don’t judge anybody by the plastic surgeries and skin treatments they go for but do you think these actressses have a certain responsibility attached to their celeb status?

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Which other bollywood celebs have gone for fairness treatments? Share your reviews with us.

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  • They DID! Well, to each her own..not going to have an opinion as pale people love tanning. They can do what they want, maybe with a disclaimer like us bloggers saying "purely my choice and my opinion" :P

    • I have seen all of them at Dr. Ruby tandon clinic rekha, Sridevi, deepika Priyanka parachi desai jacqline fernandez

      • Are you serious..I mean these skin treatments really work??..I am damn sure there are gonna be alot of side effects out of all these skin treatments? What's your opinion about it?

    • Really?? There is something very messed up with a society that thinks it is ok to under laser treatment to change your skin colour or ok to apply skin bleaching creams to look white!
      First of all majority of Indians are different shades of brown. A very small minority have paler central Asian skin tones.
      To hold white skin as epitome of beauty and to go to extreme lengths to whiten skin - that to me screams of lack of self esteem and what for!

      I am a cosmetic scientist,the long term side effects of some of the ingredients used in skin lightening creams are so shocking. To make beautiful Indian women believe white skin or lighter skin is better is truly an injustice and as Indian women, we should not tolerated.

      Call out those who advertise skin lightening creams and do laser treatments! It is not each to their own. Celebrities have a duty to the community as they are often the role models that many particularly young women look up to. When a celebrity whitens their skin the message they are giving their fans is - brown skin or dark skin is not beautiful! This is message that the Bollywood industry sadly perpetuates.

      Enough is enough! All of those who go to extreme measures to lighten your skin should be ashamed of yourself!
      - laser treatment really? So long term skin damage, skin cancer, skin thinning etc the potential side effects to laser that no one openly speaks about - so lighter skin with laser treatment is better even if all the above listed and more long term side effects!
      And regarding skin light Creams- those disgusting vulgar products that prey on the insecurities of women,they and their companies should be shut in India.

      Someone mentioned people with white skin tan their skin so it’s ok for Indians to lighten skin ! Bullshit!
      I am British Indian. In UK in summer people do like to catch some sun and get a tan but these days every one wears sunscreen so not so much deep tanning. So whatever tanning that happens is a natural process Further more no one goes to extreme measures and does laser treatment to make their skin tan. Such a treatment doesn’t exist!
      So one can not compare white people wanting to tan skin to Indians wanting to lighten their skin.

      As an Indian I am shocked and disgusted that people think it is ok that many of the Bollywood actresses have gone to these extreme measures to make themselves look NOT INDIAN!

      I am Indian. I am British too. I am unashamedly proud of my beautiful dusky skin!

  • Or...8 bollywood actresses who are ashamed of their looks so they opted for cosmetic treatments.. ;)

    • Millions of people around the entire get cosmetic procedures and you likely would probably to--> if you could even afford it ;)

  • interesting posts!!! one should feel best under owns covers!!! love your self!!!

  • Not even Bollywood celebrities are spared. They should not endorse any Whitening products..but even they fall to such stupid things..

  • I never knew these surgeries existed! But I hate the taunts and stuff people say that lead those dusky beauties to change their exotic complexion! It's very sad :(

  • One should be confident is her/his own colour be it wheatish or dusky or brown.The best example around us is Lara Dutta who has not gone into any type of lightening procedure and is still one of the most gorgeous women in India.

  • Fair, dark, wheatish, brown or black; all skin tones are just amazing! Everyone is awesome in their own way :)

  • most of them were already white skinned -_- Reksha,sri Devi,Shilpa shetty,hema malini were all white.
    Plus,Bipsasha and priyanka are still brown(its just makeup or lightening)


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