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Top 8 Benefits of Sunlight for Skin, Hair and Health


Top 8: Best Benefits of Sunlight for Skin, Hair and Health

I can’t talk enough about devoting 15 minutes a day to basking in sunlight early morning? Because it is sunlight (the gentle one and not the one capable of deep-frying you) that might just be the solution to a number of your skin, hair and health related woes. Confused how sunlight can bestow you with all these? Scroll down, mate. Because I am listing down the top benefits of sunlight for your skin, hair and health and next time you won’t ask yourself why you should be going out in the sun. Vitamin D is the cure for a lot of body and human health problems. And sunlight exposure is essential whether you like tan or don’t like tanning your fair skin.

Remember those days back in childhood when we used to wake up unexpectedly early on days we had an off and then loiter aimlessly from the terrace to the garden, run after birds, hatch plans to catch a squirrel and do every possible thing which we now no longer have time for? Oh yes, catch  the early morning Disney cartoons too especially Duck Tales. We- the 90s kids really had the most cherished and inimitable growing years. We had access to both technology (not as sophisticated as today’s but still good enough to sow seeds of curiosity in us) as well as time to bask in the fun and frolic of routine activities (like- playing Hopscotch, Kho-kho, Raja Rani Chor Sipahi and the ilk of such games which required more than just fingers) Good old days, truly!

Times have changed. We have to make time for everything unlike those days when 24 hours didn’t seem short. Having the morning sun kiss you good morning

as you close your eyes to interpret the orchestra created by the chirruping birds is something that doesn’t find takers in most of us. “Time doesn’t permit us. Our schedules don’t even spare us even time to breather properly. Who gets to do all this?”, comes a prompt reply. Admissible to a certain extent but not wholly. You can and should devote 15 minutes daily to yourself every morning. How? Watch your schedule. You are the best person to strike off something nugatory and allot those 15 minutes to introspection and relaxation. You owe peace of mind to yourself. Also, talk to yourself daily for those 15 minutes. Else you’ll miss out on getting expert advice (words not mine but that of a renowned philosopher)


List of Top Sunlight Benefits for your Skin:


Thanks to medical literature published in Europe, we now know that people with hardened arteries experienced improvement with exposure to sunlight. Sunbathing in moderation can be healing for our skin and bring numerous benefits to your skin.


Sunlight works wonders in allaying a number of skin disorders such as- fungal infections, psoriasis, acne and eczema. Morning sunlight has numerous advantages for your skin health.


By reducing bacteria count by as much as 50% from infections and also body odour that we all pucker at the very thought of, sunlight works wonders in improving our skin’s texture. Take into consideration your age and skin’s ability to be out in the sun. The elderly (those with fair skin) need only a small amount of sunlight, usually 10 minutes. This will have a more profound effect on their body than someone who is young and dusky who would require more time in the sun to reap benefits.

List of Top Sun Rays Benefits for your Hair:


Heliosis is good for those who suffering from hair loss. But, you must make sure to get only the required amount of exposure and not make it too much. Epithelial cells play a major role in helping your hair to grow. They are sensitive to UV rays. In case get exposed to the sun for too much time, Vitamins E and C can get depleted. Sunlight is what your hair needs a lot of times.

These vitamins are indispensable for your hair growth. So, too much exposure can also harm your hair the way too less can. Your body needs morning sunlight but neither too much nor too less. Allow it to receive the right amount to carry out the bodily functions well enough.


Please do not get wrong ideas that your hair will grow miraculously and within a few days of soaking in morning sun, your mane will give Rapunzel a run for her money. Hair growth is affected by multiple factors. To name some, genes, protein as well as iron intake, hair care regimen, quality of hair care products use, whether the hair is virgin or chemically treated, weather, water intake, and so on. Merely one factor (here, sunlight) cannot make it grow magically.

The point I am trying to drive home is that other than the above factors, if a regular exposure to morning sunlight is what you provide your body to then, Vitamin D that we get from sunlight arrests hair fall and that is how, your hair ‘grows’.

List of Top Sunlight Benefits for your Health:

A few words first on whether sun rays are beneficial or noxious for us. Long-term sunlight exposure is known to be associated with the development of skin cancer, aging, immune suppression and eye diseases such as cataract and macular degeneration. Short-term over-exposure to the sun is the cause of sunburns, sun blindness, and solar retinopathy. Please note that sunlight has an negative effect when it is either ‘over-exposure’ or ‘exposure to harsh sun rays’. Standing out when the sun rays are so harsh that they’d toast you black isn’t by any stretch of imagination, useful.

UV rays, and hence sunlight and sunlamps, are the only listed carcinogens known to have health benefits and public health organizations state that there needs to be a balance between having too much sunlight and too little. Let’s now jot down what all health benefits and advantages that sunshine offers.


Low exposure to sun rays plays an instrumental role in increasing blood pressure. It also puts one at a risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. Vitamin D (also called the ‘sunlight Vitamin’) controls blood pressure and not having enough of it, is definitely not going to be good news for your heart. Matters of the heart are shouldn’t be taken casually


The deficiency of Vitamin D spells terror for our bones. This may lead to arthritis and other such diseases which arise due to the deficiency of Vitamin D. Exposure to sunlight in the morning on a regular basis supplies enough Vitamin D to our body which keeps such problems at bay.


Depression is a very painful disorder, and morning sunlight can help you combat it effectively. If you are not exposed to enough sun rays, you could suffer from SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder. It is a depression which affects patients during winters or during the Fall. Getting exposure to sunshine during the wee hours of the morning has been found to be effective in treating patients suffering from bipolar depression.

So, go bask in the fun and frolic of the wee hours of the morning daily to bid adieu to all these skin, hair and health woes forever. Don’t shy away from sunshine, bask in the sun as sun rays carry numerous benefits. It’s time we take back a few steps and imbibe what our previous generation did.

By Contributor: Nidhal

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