Top 6 Tips on How to Take Good Selfies Like a Star

Best Tips to Take the Perfect Selfie like Bollywood Divas

By Contributor: Moupee

All smartphones in the medium to high end range have good cameras, almost as good as compact digital. What is more, your phone is always switched on, is always in your hand and is always ready to upload on your instagram or twitter. If you run out of photography ideas, turn to selfies that are all the rage. Taking selfies does not mean that you simply point the phone at yourself and press a button. You aren’t Kim Kardashian! There is more to it and if you keep in mind a few tips and ideas, your selfies could very well do the rounds of the internet such as a selfie recently captured by a guy atop a high rise building. Closer home the like of Sonam Kapoor, Anushka Sharma, Priyanka Chopra, Alia Bhatt and Katrina Kaif post the most amazing selfies on instagram or twitter.

And now a lot of variations have come into picture like belfie, welfie, nailfie, limit! Here are some tips you can keep in mind to take some perfect selfie shots like these bollywood stars.

Angle is Very Important

  • Camera angle: This means the angle at which you hold the smart phone in relation to your face or body. It should be parallel to your face horizontally and vertically for photos to have a natural look. Never hold the camera angled below your face level unless you aim to achieve a special effects type of image with your nostrils showing. Note that if you hold the phone slightly above your head and angle it slightly downward, the effect will be more pleasing. You can take a selfie by raising the camera held as high as you can or by placing it on the floor. There is no limit to variations.
  • Head angle:  Like the phone you can hold your head at different angles for different effects. The straightforward way is to hold your head erect, not turned upwards or bent down. Take sample shots in all three positions. Next, consider turning your face at an angle to the camera. The outcome depends on your face type. Three-quarters sideways view and profile views in addition to full head on shots are options. Experiment with all to know which gives the best shot.
  • Lighting angle: This makes quite a difference to the image. If you must shoot outdoors, try to capture selfies early in the morning or in the evening. Always face the sun or source of light and make sure the light does not fall on the camera lens. Watch for shadows across the face and angle yourself for the most pleasing effect of light and shadow. Taking selfies with reflected light is best for the shadow-less look.

Moods and expressions

  • If you love selfies then you must aim to capture your face expressing the widest range of emotions, from downcast to exuberant, from sad to inexplicably happy and everything in between. Experiment before a mirror but the best results are obtained when you actually feel the emotion.

Dresses, makeup and hairstyling

  • Dress up! Dress casually and snap selfies. Dress formally, hiring a suit or formal dress. Dress in outrageous clothes. Wear a hat or do up your hair in as many different styles as you can and snap away. Take full length or half body shots and then bring the camera as close to your face as is possible for a focused image and photograph your eyes or hair.


Not many think about the background but it becomes very apparent in the image so position yourself against the right background to make your selfies appear even more impressive. Remember the guy on top of a skyscraper. Sometimes the background makes the image.

Tip: know your smartphone camera’s limitation as regards sensor size and lens aperture as well as focal length to get the smoothest images without pixlation or distortions.

Which are your favorite self portrait tips? Share your views with us.

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