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Top 5 Hair Colour Myths Busted: Facts vs Myths

5 hair colour myths vs facts

Continuing the hair colour series, today let’s bust some myths regarding hair colouring. Us Indians hesitate a lot when it comes to dying our hair. So I do hope these facts will help you out if you have been thinking of giving the big beautiful world of hair colours a try.

Hair Colours will Damage your hair

This is not true! A good quality hair colour will never damage the texture of your hair. I used L’Ore al Paris Casting Creme Gloss which is ammonia free. Gone are the days when you had to compromise on bad hair dyes with harmful ingredients. Get an ammonia free colour which won’t stress the texture of your hair. It goes without saying that its all about taking a good care of your hair with the right conditioning and nourishing products meant for your hair type.

Hair Colours are High Maintenance

Well you don’t want the colour to be permanent, do you? What if you got bored of it in a few months? So its actually good that hair colours fade away which gives us a lot of room to experiment. For those concerned with greys peeking through, you can keep a pack of the same hair colour at home and re-touch your roots whenever they become visible.

Henna is better than Hair Colours

We recently went to a salon to style my Mom’s hair. Mom uses henna regularly and the hair stylist surprisingly told us about the negative effects of applying henna to your hair. The henna available in market these days is full of cheap chemicals which will dry out your hair. On the other hand, hair colours last longer and are much safer.

Colouring leads to greying

Colours only penetrate the outer layer and not the hair follicle. So your hair will stay the same colour as before. If the hair below the scalp is black, it will not undergo any change. Even if hair colour is applied on your scalp it cannot enter the roots of your hair and change its colour.

Time Consuming

This used to be true until a few years back. But most of the hair colour available in the market take less than 30mins. I recently coloured my hair with L’Oreal Paris Casting Crème Gloss and the whole process of mixing the colours, applying and washing off took less than 45mins. And I did it while watching TV.

9 thoughts on “Top 5 Hair Colour Myths Busted: Facts vs Myths”

  1. I agree with most of what you say.It is true that most of the henna available in the market is loaded with chemicals.But don’t write off henna totally.There are some organic brands which claim to use no chemicals like TVAM.I guess at the end of the day it depends on whether you trust the brand.

  2. nice post on hair care, it really helped me a lot in taking care of my hair, thank you for posting it.


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