Top 5 Exercises on How to Get Rid of Love Handles: For Women

Top 5 Exercises and Tips to Lose Love Handles Fast

By Contributor: Shreya

Every girl dreams of having that Deepika Padukone smoking hot  figure in “Main Lovely ho gai yaar” or Priyanka Chopra’s curves in “Ram Chahe Leela Chahe” and then suddenly we wake up from our dream when we look at our SIDE TYRES or more commonly now, LOVE HANDLES. Its like getting a reality check. But this dream can actually be turned into a reality with just a strong will and motivation. These handles can only be reduced by some weight loss exercises that target the bulges. So today I will share the 5 Best exercises to lose love handles fast and easy given you stick to your routine. These can be done by both men and women but we concertinaing on girls here.


A major problem area for young women these days is the Love Handles or what ever you may call them- Sides or Tyres (because they actually bulge out like cycle/ car/ truck tyres). These love handles are like a biggg speed breaker on a woman’s smooth curvy body, spoiling the entire figure. Starting from teen girls to the hot moms, we all face this problem. Because a lot of stubborn fat is accumulated in the lower body areas (namely stomach, sides, thighs and hips), it is important that we must workout regularly to get rid of the excess fat on any of these particular body parts as only dieting will not help in this case. So, here I am going to tell you certain exercises to help you attack these Love Handles/ Tyres.

How to Get rid of LOVE HANDLES:

  • These exercises will not only help you get rid of your love handles, but also help you tone up your body to a great extent.
  • For people who are looking mainly to get rid of these love handles only should do these exercises at least thrice a week- 4 sets of 20 of each exercise.
  • For people who are looking for losing weight over all with love handles as main problem area, must do at least 5 sets of 20 of each exercise initially for 5 times a week. This should gradually be increased with time. Besides, minimum 45 minutes of cardio (Treadmill, Cross Trainer, Cycling, Jogging) and 15 minutes of skipping should also be a part of their fitness routine.
  • Use Dumbbells (1-2 kg each) while doing these exercises, as they will help you tone up the muscles on arms as well.

Bicycle Crunch: For Love Handles

This is the oldest yet most effective workout to lose weight on sides as well as abs. And mind it, its really effective if done properly and regularly. For Bicycle Crunch, lie down on your back with both your hands behind your head and bend your knees. Do not clasp your hands as it may give a jerk on your neck.  Now, lift your upper torso and move your right knee towards your left elbow. Try and touch your knee with the tip of your elbow. Similarly, switch your position and move your left knee towards your right elbow, touching the knee with elbow.

Do this step repeatedly with your torso being raised off the ground at all times.

Side Plank Crunch: For Side Tyres

This exercise might be a bit difficult for the beginners but the results are great. Lie sideways on your right elbow with your left elbow at the back of your head, taking support from your feet, with the rest of your body suspended in the air. Your right foot should be on top of your left foot. Make sure that your core is tightened through out this workout and your back absolutely straight. Now, bend your right knee towards your chest and bend your left arm towards your knee. Try touching your knee with the tip of your elbow. Then, bring back both your left arm and right knee to the side plank position.

Similarly, lie sideways on your left elbow and do the same crunch with right arm and left knee. Do this step repeatedly for minimum 4 sets of 20 each on both sides.

360-Degree Oblique: to Quickly get Rid of Love Handles

Stand with your legs open, a bit wider than shoulder width apart, with your toes pointing outwards. See that your tailbone is tucked in. Take a dumb bell of 1 kg and hold it in between both your palms (holding a weight is important so that you don’t feel the stretch in your lower back. Incase the dumbbell seems heavy, just clasp both your hands together and go slow on bending sideways). Now, raise both your arms above your head with the weight in hand and stretch them well. Slowly, then bend sideways from your hips towards your toes, with both your arms and body stretched to the maximum extent, with your shoulders and hips square forward. Push yourself to the maximum extent, and when you cant reach your toes any more, rotate your body towards the floor. Twist your body back to face front, breathe out pulling back up to the center. Make sure you don’t lock your knees. Do slow and controlled reps in each direction, with alternate sides.

Knee Drop: to Lose Love Handles without Dieting

Lie down flat on the ground, with your abs tucked in tight with your spine and your arms straight out making a straight line. Then, lift your legs off the ground in a tabletop position. Take a ball and squeeze it tight, between both your knees by engaging the lower abs and inner thigh muscles at the same time. Gradually drop your knees to the right side with your abs sucked in tight and the lower back flat. Breathe out and pull back to the center, then breathe in as you drop your knees on the left side. Repeat this exercise on each side for minimum 3 sets. This exercise will also give an awesome stretch on your lower back, strengthening the muscles there also. Holding the ball is important, as it will ensure that both the legs are together during the entire exercise routine.

Oblique Press and Reach: to Reduce Love Handles

Kneel on your right knee with your left foot out in front of you. Your foot should lie flat on the floor with your leg forming a perfect 90 degrees angle. Make sure that your back is straight, abdominal muscle tight and tailbone tucked in. Then, hold a dumb bell in your left hand with your arm extended out on the left and bent at 90 degrees angle with your fist in the air. Finally, extend your left arm straight in the air while bending your body down to the right side, touching your right palm on the ground. Hold this position for 10 seconds and using your oblique muscles, pull back your torso to the center position.

Repeat the same steps with kneeling on your left knee and bending your right arm and body towards left side. Do this exercise on each side for minimum 3 sets.

Last but not the least, we must also keep in mind that patience is the key to success. These Fat cells take long times to break down and we must not give up in between. Just remember, the older the Fat deposit, the longer it will take to break down. So, stay motivated and keep working out without worrying much for the results, because eventually the desired results will come with time.

Good Luck working out these LOVE HANDLES. Stay Tuned for How to Lose Belly Fat!

About the author: To Eat is a Necessity, But to Eat Intelligently is an ART. Join this Art and be the best version of YOU. Experience the healthy way of indulging in food with Nutritionist and Dietitian Shreya Katyal at Diet Manta- Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy, based in Rajouri Garden, New Delhi. She can be contacted for Personal Diet Counselling for Weight Loss, Weight Gain, Pregnancy & Lactating and Therapeutic Diet Plans. Online Diet Counselling is also available. Check her on facebook HERE

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  • This is Amazing post but you know a top most excuse is time nahi hai yaar. These exercise are quite easy and all we need to give only 15 mins. Daily.

  • Yes Bhawna That's very true. Bt a little dedication and time would go a long way..
    Most imp, enjoy these exercises rather than doing as a punishment..
    That'll make all the difference ;)

    • Most Welcome Laks :)
      Stay tuned for tips to get rid of Belly Fat also :)

    • Thanks Sehaj.
      Try these exercises regularly & see the difference yourself :)

  • this is such an amazing article! I had asked my trainer and he could not come up with any of these for my love handles!!!

  • Thanks Coralcrue.
    Do try these exercises and stay tuned for Tips to lose Belly Fat :)

  • I need this exercise because I am having Love Handles :( I am bookmarking this page for sure.

  • Awesome review, I'm certain you're getting an extraordinary reaction.


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