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Top 25 Most Beautiful Russian Women 2016

The 25 Most Beautiful Russian Women in the World

Russian girls are known for their beauty, be it models, brides, actresses, athletes, bloggers, instagrammers, etc. Russia is blessed with sports personalities who are beautiful yet stylish and all gorgeous and fit. We cannot miss some of the famous actresses of Russia who are beauties with brains. We have already covered the gorgeous women from Africa and India and now its turn for the Soviet Union to make its mark in the glamour world. For some reason whenever I hear Russia, I think of Red from OITNB, vladivostok and moscow fashion streets.

List of the Twenty five most attractive Russian Girls:

1. Irina Shayk

My number one russian lady is the girlfriend of Christiano Ronaldo. Shayk has a body to die for. Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue made her famous. Not just that she is good in Piano and singing as well. Formerly, the beauty was in a relationship with Ronaldo and now she has been dating Bradley Cooper. My heart beats faster than ever writing this! She is drop dead gorgeous with a beautiful face and body.

2. Anna Kovalchuk

Kovalchuk’s family has been into education, she went on to become a popular actress and won a prize for her role as an Inspector in Tainy Sledstviya. Mother of two, a daughter and a son, this pretty lady has all the elegant looks to crave for.

3. Maria Sharapova

The most searched tennis player on goofle is included in our list. The game shows her confidence, passion and zeal. A fit, glamorous and a healthy body with a glow on her skin, Maria takes our heart away with her beauty. This famous russian tennis player is ranked Worlds number 9 by Women’s Tennis Association. She is also called the Hottest Athlete of the World. She represents Motorola, Land Rover, Canon, Tag Heuer, Tiffany, Nike, Gatorade, Tropicana, and the list can go on. We can definitely see the hotness in her and an inspiration for a healthy body at the same time.

4. Marina Abrosimova

Also known as MakSim, is a popular name in the world of music industry. A successful singer, writer and a producer, her eyes take our heart away and she has looks to die for. The russian beauty has beautifully written a song “doroga” composed for the Walt Disney movie.

5. Darya Klishina

Klishina is a long jumper and a model. She has a perfect face cut and beautiful features to top on that. Her sexy body makes us feel amazing and she surely is a stunner. Her jump was a record breaker in 2010 when she achieved a jump of 7.03 m. With her long legs one can make out the intensity of her jump and the strength she has in her body. Truly Russia’s beauty is really long.

6. Irina Voronina

Her hotness makes us spellbound, she has all the perfect curves. The stunning beauty was the Playboy Playmate and is seen in many playboy videos. Apart from this gorgeous girl is known for her roles in a number of films and television series.

7. Yanina Studilina

This fascinating beauty is an actress who has worked in various movies and theater. She is also a successful anchor and a fashion model. This attractive lady is a graduate from The Theatre and Beauty School and has also worked at Russian Travel guide.

8. Anna Kournikova

This former Tennis Star achieved great success playing doubles and was World’s No.1 player. She was also the most searched tennis star of her time. Her career ended at 21 due to injuries. In addition, she has worked in television shows, and is an ambassador for five and alive program, which focuses on children. This beautiful russian woman was once dating our popular pop star Enrique, and has said to have married and separated. She is indeed charming.

9. Yelena Isinbayeva

This greatest female Pole Vaulter has won Olympic gold medal twice for Russia, and is a world champion. This tall beauty has won our hearts. With her beautiful smile and her strength and fit body she plays her game with passion. Coming from a middle class background, this beautiful girl has made a long way for herself and her parents.

10. Irina Antonenko

Irina won Miss Russia 2010 and her parents were both in Police. She was also among Top 15 Women in Miss Universe 2010. She has also played many roles in television series. We look forward to her charming beauty and beauty bones.

11. Maria Kirilenko

A Russian professional tennis player, she became one of the youngest winners of the Canadian Open and U.S. Open Junior Tournaments. She was also once the face of Adidas. Mother to a baby boy, this soviet union beauty is gorgeous and stunning.

12. Natalia Vodianova

This actress is famous for her no one to someone story. She helped her mother sell fruits on street, and went on to have success having a contract with Calvin Klein, YSL and Chanel. Not just that, she has launched an Elbi app, which allows people to donate money by just clicking a button. Adding to that, she is the founder of The Naked Heart Foundation. She defines the term “inspiration” for us.

13. Kseniya Sukhinova

This Russian beauty was Miss Russia 2007 and Miss World 2008. She was the second Russian woman to win Miss World Pageant. This 5’10” tall beauty has magical blue eyes. She is also famous for her charming body and face. She was judging Miss World 2010, 2011 and 2015 and is also judging Miss Russia 2016.

14. Natasha Poly

This Russian fashionista is the brand name for Prada, Calvin Klein, Louis Vuitton, Roberto Cavalli, Michael Kors, Nine West, Balmain, H&M, Nina Ricci, Loreal, Jimmy Choo, Juicy Couture and the list believe me goes on, I’ll be tired typing, the list does not seem to end. She is married to Dutch businessman Peter Bakker and is mother to a beautiful daughter. Her super model looks are killing and makes us skip a beat.

15. Anna Semenovich

This Russian ice dancer is really talented. She retired from ice skating due to injury and went on with singing and acting. She is known for her roles and wonderful acting.

16. Alsou

This Russian girl competed in the Eurovision song contest and won second position making her stand in Europe. She is a well-known pop singer and has won various awards. Her charming eyes sing with her as well and say a lot.

17. Oksana Akinshina

This Russian actress started her career at the age of 12 and is gorgeous, stunning and fascinating. She is famous for her role in The Bourne Supremacy. She has also won many awards for the Best Actress. She is truly beautiful and very talented.

18. Xenia Tchoumitcheva

This super stunning Russian beauty is an all-rounder we can say. She has been into a lot of things and is successful in all. A model, actress, blogger and an entrepreneur, she is drop dead gorgeous. She has a Bachelor degree in Economics which makes me even happier. She also has been actively involved in a lot of things. She indeed is “beauty with brains”.

19. Alina Kabaeva

This beautiful Rhythmic Gymnast from Russia has a body which no one can believe. With such great flexibility she amazes us and takes a million hearts away. After her retirement, she has become a politician and has entered Russian Parliament. Along with her face, her body does a lot of talking for her, her smile and her eyes move in synchronization with her body which makes her performances magical. She takes a lot of hearts away not just with her body but her smile as well. She is indeed beautiful.

20. Kristina Asmus

Maxim named her as The Sexiest Woman in Russia. Coming from an athletic background, she was good in gymnastics and that shows in her body and is also well known for her roles in various shows. She is happily married to actor, Garlik Kharamov and is mother to a daughter.

21. Alla Pugacheva

Alla is a musical performer and started her career in 1965 and is much desired till date. One wonders what makes her as the most successful and desirable Soviet performer. She is an inspiration on how to age gracefully and maintain your success. She shows us the traits of a performer and the most important one is not to lose your place. Her songs depict a sense of confidence in her personality. The President of Russia also awarded her on her 60th birthday. She truly sounds as a legend.

22. Anna Netrebko

She worked as a janitor at a theater where she later gave an audition and got into vocal opera. Her voice has a soul. She is so expressive and her singing is so effective, it seems her entire face and body is doing the singing for her. She is super stunning to say the least and makes us fall for her. Playboy magazine placed her in the sexiest babes of classical music. She was named as the superstar and the musician of the year 2008. Her story is certainly beautiful.

23. Ksenia Sobchak

Ksenia is said to be Russia’s Paris Hilton, she was in the Dom-2. A member of Russian Opposition Coordination Council, she is beautiful and is experimenting with her everyday style.

24. Diana Borisova

Diana is super gorgeous rhythmic gymnast with lovely facial features and hair. She has many medals in her bag.

25. Valeria Kudryavtseva

This super stunning Russian beauty is famous for her anchoring. Her desirability and confidence makes us wonder her secret. Valeria was married to musician Sergei Linyuk and after that to Morozov and is mother to a son from the former. She has some awesome fashion sense.

Russia is blessed with beauties. Comment what do you think about these popular figures.

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