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10 Most Beautiful Turkish Actresses


Top 10 Most Beautiful and Hot Turkish Actresses

To say that Turkish women are beautiful, hot, gorgeous, sexy, stunning, mesmeric, captivating or any of those lofty adjectives even together would simply be an understatement. They are BLESSED when it comes to looks. The first time I saw a Turkish actress, my heart skipped a beat! The funny part is that it did so again when I saw her love interest (the male protagonist) in the show. How unbiased of me! It was a tough choice to zero in one as my all-time Turkish crush. One look at a Turkish woman and you’d be left wondering if she actually lags in any department when it comes to looks.

While Turkey boasts of myriad beautiful faces, let us wallow in some of those that frequent Turkish movies and TV shows and sigh (while envying them) in adulation. Go and feast your eyes to the most gorgeous Turkish Actresses. Porcelain skin with hardly any flaw, lustrous mane that is way more desirable that what we see in the adverts of hair care products back home (read: computer generated pictures of perfect hair that lull us into self-doubt), a gaze so piercing that one is held bewitched, bodies carved to perfection and a go-getter attitude… blend them all and you have a Turkish beauty!

All thanks to Zee Zindagi channel which has raised the standards of TV shows back home (exceptions are there too but by and large, there is no refuting to the fact that Indian TV shows are the epitome of dumbness, exaggeration and mediocrity while our Pakistani and Turkish counterparts are miles ahead in this arena) now we get to treat our eyes to some breathtakingly drop-dead gorgeous faces (both male and female included sans biasness).  PS- Men, I know you’d thank me. Let it out through the comments section!

List of 10 Hot and Beautiful Actresses of Turkish Cinema


Remember the first Turkish lady who swept me off my feet and whom I talked about vaguely just a few minutes ago? She is Beren Saat- the perfect culmination of naivety and no-holds barred sensuality. It is said that since the beginning of her career, Beren received critical acclaim and numerous accolades for her acting style. Born in Turkey’s capital city- Ankara, Beren studied at TED Ankara College Foundation Private High School as well as at Baskent University’s Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences before pursuing a career in acting.

Betrothed to Kenan Dogulu (lucky guy- yes, that’s said with a pinch of ire), her eyes to me, are her best feature. Makeup or no makeup, the well know Turkish actress mesmerizes us with her girl-next –door persona and within the twinkling of an eye, turns into a sultry sexy seductress. Lady, I shamelessly stare at you. Sometimes, with my mouth agape and have no qualms about it at all!



There is an aura of mystique wrapping this 34 year old lass from Turkish film industry, who has not only been married (sorry, boys) but also is a mother of two girls- Maya and Toprak. They say eyes are the windows to one’s soul but when it comes to Tuba’s eyes, one needs to come up with a better adage for this one is too simple for her dreamy orbs. Makeup or no makeup, she is capable of turning heads with her cute face and model looks.

Appointed as the goodwill ambassador of UNICEF Turkey in 2014, she is hands down, one of Turkey’s best faces and certainly a beauty with an indescribable charm. She is also one of the most beautiful women in the entire middle east. Drool at this yummy-mummy shamelessly!



Good news- She is unmarried. I see the male populace breathe easy all of a sudden now. Let me be a wet blanket and dampen your spirits – For how will she be single given she’s one of Turkish film industry’s most popular faces? (Evil laughter) Yes, I enjoy being a sadist to the backbone at times.

Born in Istanbul, Leyla Hazal Kaya is a polyglot, adept in English, Italian, Turkish and German in addition to being a virtuoso. She took ballet and violin classes for seven years and was introduced to acting at a very young age. One of Turkey’s highest paid actresses, Hazal is a timeless beauty and has an angelic face. Add to that, her sparkling eyes and million dollar smile and you are left swooning over this 25 year old pert beauty.



‘The Eyes Have It’ was a tale by Ruskin Bond that I read years ago. Then I saw Saadet Aksoy and I was left uttering,”Her eyes have it”. And what does ‘it’ denote? Allure, mystique and magnetism in galore. With a sun-kissed skin tone, poker straight locks and captivating orbs that just don’t leave one’s fancy, this Turkey born actress, who received critical acclaim with her portrayal of Aska, a red-haired punk trumpet player in the film “Twice Born” ranks insanely high on the desirability charts of men far and wide. A very known actress and beautiful woman of Turkish tv.



Oozing sensuality and poise in equal measure, Sevtap Ozaltun is hotness-personified. Lauded for her nuanced portrayal of a sex worker- Asude in the hit Turkish TV series- Fatmagul, Sevtap is known not only for her beauteous appearance but also for her acting talent. She is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful ladies in Turkey.



An author, actress, historian, and television personality all rolled into one- Pelin Batu is quite famous in Turkey and she is the intelligent man’s sex symbol. With oodles of grey matter and a vintage charm to her, this 37-year old lass just gets better with age. What an inncocent beauty she is!



And that is what poise is! Birce Akalay, the famous turkey model with her chiseled features, glossy mane and cherubic eyes, has all what it takes to sweep one off the floor. This 32-year old Turkey-born lass, however, is betrothed. So, you better not build castles in the air, boys.



This 29-year old Izmir-born statuesque lass has film awards in galore at her place. That she has men of all ages willing to run the gauntlet to win her over is another feather in her cap. Look at her enticing blue eyes and you will be stupefied beyond words.



32-year old Izmir-born Seda is one of Turkey’s most popular faces on TV. A pert, innocent and comely face makes her a hit with the men. If you ever run out of synonyms for cute, use this beautiful turkish lady uninhibitedly.



Oozing sensuality and oomph, Tugba Melis Turk is one of the most beautiful actresses of Turkey. She is seduction-personified. A bronze-hued beauty with glossy cascading locks add to her charm. This Turkish model elicits sighs of admiration and envy in equal measure from all the corners. We don’t doubt it even a dime.


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285 thoughts on “10 Most Beautiful Turkish Actresses”

    • They are only watchable shows on TV at the moment, Nidhi. My heart ached when one of the antagonists in a leading Turkish show died a dog’s death. For the first time, I thought why on earth don’t Turkish shows have the (cringe inducing) concept of re-incarnation like we have back home (admittedly we poke fun of them to the core) 😜
      Recently, I got to know that some of our Indian shows are being telecasted in Turkey. Hold your breath, for they’re the horrible saas-bahu ones that drive sane audiences back home away from TV. What’s appaling is that the Turkish audience is lapping up to it. I can’t get it 😦
      Why would anyone lap up to shows that stretch for centuries, has ham artistes who dress TOO garishly and deliver dialogues at a snail’s pace in a show that has a plot as thin as a wafer when they have shows with gorgeous locales, insanely good looking actors and actresses, crisp plots and time bound scripts in their own country? 😯

      Mind = Blown

      Never the less, coming back to Turks, they are a visual treat -both the men and the ladies.

  1. Oh yes, Bural’s death was painful.

    Your article was read by my mom as well, and she is so happy to read you :-).

    Turkey has now become the leading exporter of TV shows in the world because of reasons well explained by you.
    W.r.t. appreciating Indie soapies, I guess, reverse psychology plays a great role as they are not used to such nonsense over pickles and nail enamels.

    Happy blogging NS, I am delighted to read someone like you.

    • Ah, you’ve no idea how many lines I have highlighted and saved from your write-ups, Nidhi. Your and Urshit’s write-ups are my go-to articles for burshing up on the language!

      Coming to Vural’s death, here’s a tidbit not many know – Bugra Gulsoy (who played Vural) was offered another show as a protagonist by the makers of Fatmagulun Sucu Ne. So, the makers ended his character promptly. In any case, he wasn’t adding anything much to the plot after a point -sulking, regretting, cursing himself, contemplating suicide at times and being at loggerheads with his fello culprits. The decision was mutual after he signed the contract for another show.

      To me, season one remains a lot more exciting and intrguing that second two although w.r.t. the pace, both are slow. The show could’ve been heavily edited. However, not everything’s done altruistically. Art and commerce will overlap at some point or the other.

      In closing, the show is certainly a breakfree from our routine hogwash on TV (that I’m sure no one watches) 😄

    • I have heard that she was better in Ask-i-memnu. The story dragged after a point (like it does in most Turkish shows for some strange reason), however, Beren stole the show. Never the less, what is obvious is that she is a skilled artiste 😄

  2. Oh really! You made my day, thanks for the compliment :-), you are a maverick when it comes to blogging. Good day to u :-)

    Yea, Beren & Hazal are my favs as well @Rashmi :-)

  3. Well girlfriend you ve done it again…. A mindblowing treat for the ‘word hunt ‘ and a brave point of view you have on your intro para of the article…. It’s very very rare that a girl comes up front who speaks her mind…. (and she is willing to pay the price to do so too)… We need more like you Nidhal…

    • I don’t think there is anything brave in making no bones about one’s crushes, Urshit :P I find it hard to digest that with so many attractive, wise and talented women around, any lady wouldn’t crush on a fellow lady. I have even crushed on cartoon characters so, making a clean breast of having woman crushes is no Herculean task for me :)
      Having said that, I understand what makes my confession brave. Given how rampant although subdued homophobia is in our society, my admission of having female crushes would compel people to question my sexual orientation but then, it doesn’t matter to me because for every single person who raises a finger at me for the same, they are being made to see their inherent homophobe. Keeping serious things aside, I have religiously watched cartoon shows in totally obscure languages simply because the protagonist was the one I crushed on :P

  4. Oh. BTW…. don’t you think KERRIM from FATMAGUL. is simply, utterly gorgeous?! I hopelessly crushed him…

    • Totally 😃 Although I think he looked his best in Kara Para Ask. I don’t know if Zindagi will telecast it or not but Engin looked jaw droppingly dapper in KPA. In Fatmagul, however, I find myself having a soft corner for the antagonist Vural (Bugra Gulsoy). It’s normal to crush upon the protagonist but rare to do so with the antagonist more so, when the antagonist is accused (and guilty) of a henious crime 😅
      Secondly, crushing on an antagonist is more assuring because there will be lesser competition from the females. Almost everyone sides with the hero, so my route is clear 😝

      • Okay I have a huge crush on erdogan… every character is spun around so nicely in fatmagul that I even landed up liking muqadas by the end of the series

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