10 Kareena Kapoor Hairstyles to Get Inspired From

Top 10: Best Kareena Kapoor Hairstyles Gallery

By Contributor: Uzma

Kareena Kapoor is the epitome of grace. Hands down! She’s blessed with such natural beauty and fashion sense that even her casual appearances are a hit. So decided to take some cue from our favorite ‘Mary’ that is Kareena Kapoor. Here are 10 extremely simple and chic hairstyles done by Kareena Kapoor Khan. These are all really different from each other yet easy to create. Take inspiration from her to glam up your look by changing your tresses

. From long to short, she carries each hairstyle with oomph. Pick one for your next interview, wedding, evening parties, girls day out or just beach look. The best kareena hairstyles for the fan girls hand picked by me.

In any appearance hairstyle plays a major role. Girls! It is called your crowning glory for a reason. Still we find it the most difficult part of our morning routine. Most of the time the beauty of our hair is killed by the monotony of laziness.

List of Best Kareena Kapoor Hairstyles:

Blow dried hairstyle by Bebo:

Kareena likes to have her hair blow dried for her everyday look. It makes her look effortlessly chic. She often sports some blonde highlights and colored hair which complements the look. You can spot her at airport, close friend parties or on vacation, she will be sporting this hair style.

Hair bun by Kapoor:

Kareena often chooses a hair bun to go with her ethnic wear. Bun gives a non fussy effect. It’s a great way to pull all the attention to your attire, make up or jewelry. It makes the overall look sleek and neat. Check out yourself.

Kareena Sleek Ponytail:

Another hairstyle which gives a neat professional look

yet looks classy is a ponytail. Pulled back hair also gives an illusion of broader forehead. It’s perfect for wearing at work. Take cue from Ms. Kapoor.

Side Braids by Kareena Khan:

Messy braid does not only add texture to your hair, it also helps in enhancing the overall look. There are so many ways to play up with your braid. You can also add some colorful ribbon or hair band to get a funky look. Braid keeps the hair off from face, so the focus is on makeup whether subtle or bold.

Poker Straight Hair by Ms. Kapoor:

while Blow dried hair is her go to look, straightened hair is also embraced by her at several occasions. It looks effortless and elegant. Also, you can wear it in many ways. Just change the parting and enjoy the new you. It can be achieved in two minutes, literally.

Middle Hair Parting by Bebo:

Okay, so this is not the hairstyle but a part of it. It’s often said that mid parting makes you look old; also it doesn’t frame your face at all (how would we pout then?). But it’s a game changer and very much in vogue. Kareena demonstrates how to style your hair with mid parting. Bebo looks very sober and mature in it. Opt for it in your next interview or viva.

Curly Hair on Kareena:

If not styled properly, curls can look really fake and tacky. Kareena’s soft curls are far from these flaws and she looks quintessential diva. It’s moderately done and overall appearance I also taken in consideration.

Wavy Hair on Ms. Khan:

Waves would never go out of style. It’s my favorite for a reason. It gives a really soft romantic vibe to the whole personality. Seems like it is Kareena’s favorite too. It makes a great everyday hairstyle.

Side Ponytail on Bebo:

Just like Wavy hair, side ponytail also gives you an instant chic feminine touch. It’s quite versatile too. It works equally fine with both formal and relaxed looks. Below shoulder hair is perfect for this hair updo.

Wanna go for something sexy yet youthful hairstyle?

Choose beachy waves. This hairstyle will give you a sultry makeover making you look young and playful at the same time. Bebo has done it both ways, learn from her. It looks really cool on college goers. Also, a great option for night outs.

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Which is your favourite hairstyle on Kareena Kapoor? Share your reviews with us.

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