Top 10 Effective Tips and Home Remedies to Control Hair Fall

Top 10: Best Effective Tips and Home Remedies to Control Hair Fall

Hair fall is one of the most commonest hair woes most of us fall prey to. The extent of hair fall varies from person to person and is definitely influenced by the root cause. Both men and women are susceptible to hair fall which can cause them a lot of embarrassment. I will discuss some major hair fall issues with you along with the best home remedies and tips to control hair fall and prevent it from happening. Hair loss in men and women is such a common cause that I am sure almost everybody needs help in this area.

If hair fall leads to total baldness it’s called alopecia and generally this happens in case of males only. In females hair thinning or receding of hair line are the commonest things that could happen due to hair fall. If you are beauty conscious and fall prey to hair fall issue, it would indeed trouble you a lot because it is after all an irrefutable truth that good and healthy hair adds to one’s facial beauty.

The major causes of Hair fall are:

  • Malnutrition
  • Aggressive combing
  • Dandruff
  • Stress
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Use of harsh chemicals in hair colors, styling gels and shampoos
  • Use of harsh styling techniques like curling tongs, irons, straighteners
  • Trichotillomania; a mania characterized by the tendency of pulling out hair
  • Certain treatments like Chemotherapy

Now that you have learnt about the chief causes of hair fall, you must be curious enough to know the ways to control hair loss. Read on to learn some of the simple hair fall control measures you could try at home:

Onion, Ginger and Garlic for Hair Fall

In a bowl mix the juice of onion, ginger and garlic. Rub the mix on your scalp generously every night before going to bed. Next morning rinse off with herbal shampoo. This is a good remedy for controlling hair loss. You should not be worrying about that unbearable smell that onion and garlic have, when you rinse them off with a good herbal shampoo, it will go away. Albeit this treatment will be little slow to show the results but the results with hair loss will be permanent whenever they will appear. This juice will go deep into the roots and repairs the damaged hair further preventing the hair to break thus controlling hair fall.

Green Tea for Hair Loss

Green tea is not only very benificial when you consume it but also it is a wonderful remedy for controlling hair fall when you apply it on face or the scalp. This is one of the easiest methods and my favourite too (I avoid taking too much pains) and you won’t have to worry about its residue or any kind of smell it will leave behind. It is very easy to use, just take 2 green tea bags and brew them until the water starts simmering. Strain the green tea and leave it for some time. Then massage this warm tea all over your scalp. Let it stay for about an hour. The warm tea gives a boost to the blood circulation thereby boosting hair growth and the green tea, being rich in antioxidants nourishes the hair roots and follicles, controlling hair loss effectively.

Amla and Methi to Control Hair Fall

Amla being a king ingredient, is used in almost all the herbal shampoos. Enriched with Vitamin C, it nourishes the hair from root to the tip. Frequent use of Amla will make you hair very glossy and strong thus preventing hair fall. You can also mix it with fenugreek(methi) to have maximum results. Just make a smooth paste out of ground Indian goose berries or Amla, powdered fenugreek or methi, ground or smashed hibiscus flower and egg. Apply this hair pack, keeping for at least 2 hours. Then rinse off with a mild shampoo. All the ingredients in the pack are scalp and hair nourishing ingredients. So using this hair pack twice a week will definitely control hair loss.

Coconut Oil, Olive Oil and Almond Oil to Prevent Hair Loss

Massaging your scalp with hot oils is an age old remedy against hair loss and a real effective one. You can use just a single oil for this purpose or mingle many other oils into it. Coconut oil is most preferred for hot oil massage. You could also mix in hot olive oil plus almond oil. Once you massage your scalp thoroughly with these hot oils, its best to use a good shower cap to trap the warmth for some time plus it deeply nourishes the hair giving you a salon like treatment. It is advised to do oil to you hair at least twice a week to control hair fall.

Herbal Shampoos for Hair Fall Control

Dirty scalp and one full of dandruff can accelerate hair loss problem. So don’t be lazy to shampoo your hair at least once or twice a week. However be careful when you choose your shampoo. It’s best to go for herbal shampoos as they are usually not harsh on your scalp and hair and will prevent any future harm to the scalp. As they say, if roots are healthy, so are hair. So, choose a good herbal shampoo for you plus hot oil massage twice a weak before shampooing. This should take care of your hair fall issues.

Stress Control to Control Hair Loss

Stress is one major cause of hair loss, it accelerates those hormones in the body which create dis balance in the body with side effects as hair loss, weight gain, acne and what not! You need to address that, accept that and lastly control that. Try to calm your disturbed thoughts through meditation, for that you don’t need to sit for hours daily with your eyes closed, just try focusing on your breathing for 10 minutes daily, the breaths should be long enough. This alone can control your hair fall to a great extent if done regularly.

Aloe Vera as a Hair fall Solution

Apply the Aloe Vera Sap all over your scalp and leave for an hour. Then use lukewarm water to rinse off. The excellent alkalizing properties in Aloe sap can restore the PH balance in the scalp region if hair fall occurs due to wrong ph balance. The enzymes in the sap are hair fall restive enzymes and also they can combat dandruff issues. So, if I put it in one line ‘Aloe Vera Is A champ.’

Hairstyles to Stop Hair Loss

Pay heed to hair style. It could be a cause of your hair loss. If your hair style involves a lot of pulling of hair tight enough, you need to change it. Instead of tight braids or ponytails switch to loose buns or plaits and your hair loss will definitely reduce.

Massaging you Hair to Stop Hair Fall

Massaging of scalp boosts blood circulation, also stimulates and greatly activates the hair follicles boosting hair growth and checking hair fall. So you need to start massaging your scalp regularly. It’s best if you use some essential oil for the massaging purpose. Lavender oil could be a good option. If your scalp is already very oily and you want to stay away from any type of oils then you can try dry massaging your hair with finger in circular motion. It is also advised to run the finger nails onto your head just before taking the shower, it will flows the blood inside you head and thus letting the nutrients of shampoo to enter your roots.

Licorice as a Home Remedy to Control Hair Loss 

Make a paste by mixing 2 tbsp milk with finely ground root of licorice. Apply the paste on areas where hair has thinned out or bald patches are remarkably noticeable. Keep overnight. Next morning rinse off with mild shampoo. This is another great hair loss control remedy

So these are the top 10 ways to control hair loss, a little effort can let you have those beautiful desired hair.

By Contributor: Moupee

Which is your favourite tip and home remedy to control hair fall? Share your reviews with us.

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  • Amla and Methi are my go to remedies to combat this problem, nice compilation dear !

  • Clean diet and including lot of fresh fruits and veggies to it is my mantra to battle against hairfall! Nice compilation girl <3

  • I regularly oil my hair to control hair fall. I do it twice a week and it works :)

  • Thanks for this great article. This is really helpful and very informative. I can say if someone on a quest for a natural alternative for thicker hair, this is an excellent article. This is good for those with thin strands or low density hair, or bone straight hair.

  • I agree with this article, it really helps my hair. I mix onion, ginger and garlic (and I add small amount of water because I use blender) and use olive oil as my leave in treatment… It works so awesome on me
    I will try other things too.. Thank you for the post

    • These tips are really effective and helps to control hairfall. I read one more article that elaborate these tips. If anyone wants to gets desired results, he should follow these tips.

  • Thank you for this type of tips because of using your tips it's very beneficial for me. So thank you and your article is very good and nice content.

  • Hey, wonderfully written blog! I am really worried for my hairs, now I can take care of my hairs in a better way. Thanks a lot for sharing such a quick and actionable tips.


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