10 Wardrobe Malfunctions of Bollywood Actresses

Top 10 Embarrassing Bollywood Malfunctions Pictures of Bollywood Actresses

By Contributor: Uzma

Horror horror! That’s all I have to say. You have to pay a price for everything you’ve got. Bollywood celebrities pay price by losing themselves in the hands to overtly active media. I’m listing down 10 disastrous Bollywood malfunctions suffered by our otherwise Bollywood divas including our favourite Katrina Kaif, Deepika Padukone, Kareena Kapoor and Alia Bhatt to name a few. Media can be unforgiving at times and thus these embarrassing moments happen a lot at award functions, press conferences, movie promotions, gyms, fashion shows and private parties.

P.S.: ladies! Aishwarya Rai, Shilpa Shetty, Madhuri Dixit, Parineeti, Sonakshi, Anushka, Asin and almost all the beautiful actresses have had major wardrobe malfunctions but I’m not including any pictures of these actresses showing their panties because when you move around wearing LBDs you inadvertently show them up. It’s unintentional and yes video cameras are not supposed to focus on their crotch anyway.

Kareena Kapoor:

she must have had a malfunction, she tried to alter it and it was a faux pas. A safety pin is to rescue you but it is not meant to be shown. My lady did not realize it.

Eesha Koppikhar:

hedious!. when I realized it’s Eesha Koppikhar I could hardly believe my eyes. How could you do this to me? You may have married and took an official retirement but there is something called dressing up. And there is one another thing you must have heard of: that is a backless Bra.

Alia Bhatt:

It happened at the trailer launch of Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhaniya. It was a risqué outfit and Alia chose to wear it with a very short kurti. Worst part was Varun Dhawan’s spontaneous gig which brought Alia in Lime-Light (Pun absolutely intended).

Sofia Hayat:

remember British model and Big boss ex-contestant? No?? well, now you’ll remember her forever. I don’t know what was she trying to do here. Total disaster.

Kangana Ranaut:

otherwise very sleek diva suffered a wardrobe malfunction while walking ramp. She was spotted without panties on. Even her front is also looking ill-fitted. Downside of FASHION industry. Now we feel that movie!

Rakhi Sawant:

she is a walking talking bundle of wardrobe malfunctions and it has happened too many times for us to notice. But this one is the worst blunder she has ever made. Clothes are meant to be well fitted not stitched as your second skin. Din’t she had a mirror? Or did she like it this way?? God knows.!

Tanishaa Mukerji:

Black sometimes is really the evil, specially when we are taking pictures with flash on. But this one is visibly a day picture, how come Tanishaa didn’t realize that her dress was transparent. This is plain ugly.

Deepika Padukone:

our most carefully dressed actress also had an oops moment during her interview with Anupama chopra. She had a tear in her jacket which revealed a tiny bit of skin. Otherwise she looks stunning in that suit.

Priyanka Chopra:

she has suffered wardrobe malfunctions many a times and this is just one of them which happened at the launch of her third single album. Skirt had visible two layers even those two were not enough to save her. May be she was being daring, but it was disaster. We don’t appreciate it on Lady Gaga, we don’t appreciate it on you either!

Katrina Kaif:

she is most uncontroversial but always surrounded with controversies. Phew! Her most awkward moments are with camera flash with shows too much than necessary. Katrina! There is a thing called Camisole, go get it. You will save yourself from further embarrassments.

There is a lesson to be learnt from these malfunctions which is the point of this post. Never wear a light coloured bra or panty with sheer clothing, always wear backless bras with deep neck and backless blouses, safely hide stiches and pins under the clothes, always check for tears and please please check the fir of pants and skirts on the butt. That was my list of ten worst wardrobe malfunctions. And now I’m feeling really guilty. How I could I be so bitchy? These poor girls! Well, I’m detoxifying myself by a classic novel. I hope you guys enjoyed it, and learned a thing or two!

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