10 Bollywood Actresses in Their Best Sarees

Top 10 Bollywood Actresses Who Look Beautiful in Sarees

Bollywood divas look their best in whatever they wear and often turn many heads too. But it’s a different story altogether when they step out in Indian clothes, especially in a nine yards gorgeousness. A saree is the most elegant piece of clothing and looks classy on any occasion be it traditional kanjeevaram or designer sarees. Some of the Bollywood actresses even swear by a saree whenever they have to attend a red carpet event or so. So today I’ve done a round up of 10 of the best Bollywood beauties in sarees when they stepped out in sheer beauty and stunned us all! Keep scrolling.

List of Ten Best Saree Looks of Bollywood Actresses


 1. Deepika Padukone in a cape saree

Oh My God! Deepika Padukone couldn’t look more stunning! This is such a beautiful saree and this earthy pink tone is suiting her like magic! She wore this blush/coral pink saree with black accents and a sheer cape on top recently for a promotional event for Bajirao Mastani. This saree look is one of Deepika’s best yet. This blush saree is stunning and the way she has pulled it off is amazing. Everything about her overall look is well balanced. To keep all the attention on the cape, she has styled her hair in a bun and kept her makeup minimal with just a tad bit of highlight and contour. Love this look!


2. Aishwarya Rai in a black net saree

Aishwarya Rai wore this saree to a red carpet event and I’m sure all the eyes were on her, after all she looked like a million bucks! She is wearing a designer black net saree with green and earthy accents. The saree itself is a piece of art, what with all the detailing and work going on it. One of the best actresses in bollywood has styled this look with minimal accessories and to keep all the attention on her saree, Aishwarya opted for a subtle smokey eye with a nude lip combo and her hair is slicked back in a bun. Gorgeous, isn’t she?


3. Karishma Kapoor in a beige and orange saree

Karishma Kapoor is look ing nothing less than a true diva here. Her saree is in a beige color and she has paired it with a vibrant orange blouse. The color combination is just wonderful on her. To further bring out the earthy shades, she has draped the beautiful saree along with wearing jewelry with green stones that is looking just wow on her. Overall, this is a very royal look and Karishma Kapoor is looking her best self here. Given a choice, I would definitely copy her outfit. Would you?


4. Kareena Kapoor in a modern blue saree

Okay, just look at that saree! Even someone who is anti-sarees would want to wear this kind of a saree. It is a very modern take on a traditional form of nine yards of clothing. The saree doesn’t look like it’s in the traditional cotton or silk material and the blouse is refreshingly a nice design. The way Kareena has pulled off this look is so great that she got a mention straightaway in the famous saree looks in bollywood. The gorgeous actress hasn’t gone for too much jewelry to avoid any distractions from her outfit. Her hair is tied in a bun and she has gone for her signature subtle smokey eyes.


5. Sonakshi Sinha in a black saree

Sonakshi Sinha is a brilliant and one of the most beautiful actresses, that is no doubt, but over the past few months she has also proved that the actress can dress like a diva and turn a few heads too while she’s at it! She is wearing a beautiful printed black and white saree here and I love how she gave it an interesting twist by pairing a traditional saree with a modern blouse. The saree is beautiful, no doubt about it. But the blouse is the real deal here. She looks gorgeous and I love her complete look hair from her hair and makeup to her bag.


6. Priyanka Chopra in a golden saree

It’s no surprise that Priyanka Chopra looks as good in her western outfits as she does in her desi attire. She can carry off any outfit with a confidence the way no one else can. Here, she is wearing a beautiful beige and pink saree that is looking great on her complexion. She has paired her saree choice with a vibrant sequined blouse. the whole look is great and the way she has tied the saree is amazing. I totally want to steal her look!


7. Deepika Padukone in a white saree

You see, Deepika Padukone is such a fashion icon and diva that I couldn’t just include one of her saree outfits in this post. Obviously I had to include at least two. So here too, she is looking nothing short of stunning. She has paired a white sheer saree with subtle gold jewelry and a small white clutch. I especially like the neck of the blouse. The whole outfit is just wow and the bollywood diva looks the sexiest in sarees! And oh, a special mention to the bold red lips. Deepika Padukone doesn’t normally wears a red lip, but when she does, she makes sure she’s looking her best.


8. Sonam Kapoor in a blush pink saree

Sonam Kapoor is the ultimate fashionista in Bollywood. Period! The fashion sense of this beautiful actress of Indian Cinema is comparable to none and she is totally class apart. Here she is wearing a beautiful cut-work designer saree in blush color. Her saree is so exquisite, I can’t get over how pretty it is! She has styled the saree with a high neck blouse and to jazz it up a little more, Sonam has also added a lace jacket on top of the saree. I mean, wow! Who would have thought that something as traditional as a saree could look this modern yet elegant? Oh and I love her pink makeup too.


9. Kajol in a grey saree

Kajol is one such actress who attends every single red carpet event in a saree, so obviously we’ve spotted the actress quite a few times wearing some of the most gorgeous sarees. Here too, she’s wearing a very exquisite saree with an equally exquisite and intricate lace blouse. Here she’s wearing a grey saree with yellow and pink accents and she’s styled it up with a lace blouse that is the star of this look. She definitely knows how to carry herself in sarees. Her makeup and hair are well coordinated with this look and overall, she is looking great!


10. Vidya Balan in a red saree

Ok, so how can we talk about Bollywood and Sarees together and not include Vidya Balan in the conversation? Right, we just can’t! The actress practically wears saree all the time and looks nothing short of stunning. She can carry off a kanjeevaram saree with so much ease and confidence, it is not even funny!  Here she is wearing a red saree with a black and white check blouse and a statement neck piece. all I can say is, she is looking absolutely gorgeous!

So this was a round of 10 times when some of our favorite Bollywood actresses wore designer sarees and looked so stunning beyond belief. Although Bollywood A-listers look great in whatever they wear, but once in a while when they adorn the traditional form of clothing, a saree, they just look extra beautiful. Which one of the actresses above do you like the best in a saree? My favorite is Sonam Kapoor. Which one is your? Tell me in the comments below!

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