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Too Much Makeup? – Reader Query

Aditi asks – Hi I’m a 16 year old girl and wear concealer for my acne and scars, compact powder, eyebrow pencil on my eyebrows and lip gloss. Is it too much makeup for my age? If yes, what should I skip?

Hi Aditi, No no its not too much, though I wish I had worn this much when I was 16! It all depends where and how are you wearing it. Say if its for school, then I think you can skip the lip gloss for a tinted balm, glosses attract too much of attention. You can skip the eyebrow pencil too and may be let a few acne show, they are all normal at this age. Keep it minimum there. When going out with friends, go crazy and make the other girls envy you! Makeup at this age is less about perfection and more about fun.
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6 thoughts on “Too Much Makeup? – Reader Query”

  1. try using concealer,tinted moisturiser,tinted lip balm,mascara for school n like vanity said u can go crazy when u go out…
    16 yrs is not the age for perfect flawless skin/face.. little imperfections r the beauty of the age so njoy this period of ur life..if u use compact n all frm this age ur friends may tease u as a made-up girl without any natural beauty out of utter ego,jeaulosy…so try not to encourage any attention…u can start all that after 20….just my opinions!!!

  2. In my teen years – I used to look like a nerd,.. no make up, just a lip balm and would go the school!! But I guess adding a lil of the kajal would have done me great !! :D


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