Tinted Moisturiser Suggestions and My Recommendations – Reader Query

“Hi, I’ve been reading your blog from last two months and I see that you always talk about the Ponds tinted moisturiser. I’ve never tried TMs ever in my life. Can you tell me which shade would suit me? I have medium skin. I also read about the Biotique tinted moisturiser, so which one should i go for? Any other recommendation you have? I know I’m asking too much but plz help!”


Hi anonymous! If you have never tried TMs then you are really missing something, they make your life so much easier! I hoard every tinted moisturiser I can get my hands on and have reviewed all of them here too. The reason I keep talking about the Ponds one is because it never looks cakey, gives coverage and is moisturising. And thats all what I want from my TM. You have not described your skin tone much, so I will give you a low down on all the shades:
1. Sheer Ivory 01- for fair skin tones
2. Sheer Rose 02- for fair skin with pink tones
3. Sheer Honey 03- for medium skin with yellow tones. (this is my shade)

ponds tinted moisturiser

01 and 02 are interchangeable. And Biotique TM

is good if you have dry skin since its thick. It gives a dewy finish without any coverage. I use Rose but I think Peach would have been a better choice. My main problem with it is that it gives no coverage at all and is too rich for my combination skin.
biotique tinted moisturiser

The other TM I like is the Oriflame Peach Skin Glow. It gives a nice dewy glow which I like. But it has no coverage at all. There are 2 shades available for fair and medium skin. This is my second favourite.

oriflame skin glow tinted moisturiser

Next one is the Lotus 3-in-1 matte sunscreen . Its a tinted sunscreen with SPF 30 so I use it on hot summer days when I don’t want too much going on my face. And as for the coverage, it has nice low coverage like TMs generally have.

lotus tinted sunscreen

I also use Lotus Botanical lotion sometimes too. No coverage but gives a nice brightening effect which I like.

lotus tinted moisturiser

I also have the Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint but my problem with it is that it gives zero coverage and is too rich for my combination skin. They have 3 shades available and I use the darkest i.e. beach.

liz earle tinted moisturiser

Apart from that I also like Lacto Calamine. It is a sunscreen + moisturiser + tint all rolled into one. The coverage is low but the brightness it gives is what I really like.

So, I will quickly rank them in the order of my preference and then you can decide after reading the respective reviews.

1. Ponds tinted moisturiser
2. Lotus 3-in-1 matte sunscreen
3. Oriflame Peach Skin Glow tinted moisturiser
4.  Lotus Botanical Protective lotion
5. Lacto Calamine
6. Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint
7. Biotique tinted moisturiser

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