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The Ultimate Necklace Guide: To Match 16 Necklines, Bust Sizes and Prints

perfect necklace

 How To Style and Pair Different Necklines and Necklaces

By Contributor: Tanvi Sharma

Don’t you all just hate it when you have to rush out of your house in 10mins and you are clueless about your accessories. You spent days mastering the 3min shower routine, 5min makeup trick and eating your breakfast while packing your bag. But the catch? Yes there is always a catch! So you get stuck while choosing and matching your necklaces and jewelry with your tops and dresses with different necklines. This is an art people and today we are going to learn it.

Before we start, here is a little guide on different types of necklines that exist to womankind. Here we have got 15 types of neck designs and patterns.


types necklines

Now let’s start with the necklaces. Here is a pretty photo for you all to look at.

necklaces necklines


1. V Neck: This is a matchy matchy area. Wear a necklace in a similar triangular V- shape that ends just above the neckline.

2. Turtle Neck: It looks best with longer chain style necklaces.

3. Scoop Necks: They look best with broader necklaces with layers and volume.

4. Crew Neck: Collar necklaces look very stylish.

5. Halter neck: A triangular neck piece with a pointy end.

necklace necklines

6. Buttoned down shirt: Sleek and elegant strand necklaces in a V – shape.

7. Buttoned up shirt: Any style works. But personally I like to pair it with short round necklaces.

8. Strapless or off-shoulder: You have full creativity to go here. But the larger the necklace the better.

9. One shoulder: Its best not to pair it with any necklace at all. Rather go with big earrings.

10. Boat Neck: Go with longer thin necklaces. Or better pair with pendants that reach just above your waist.

necklace guide


11. Ballet neck: works best with necklaces that follow the same shape of the neckline.

12. Cowl neck: Nope no necklace.

13. Plunging neckline: Better not take the attention away from the exposed cleavage and bare skin. Opt for heavy earrings instead.

14. Sweetheart neck: A wide round necklace which covers the bare skin looks best.

15. Square neck: A short choker necklace looks best.

17. Round neck: That’s quite easy. The higher the neckline, the longer the necklace and vice versa.


Necklace Sizing:

Here is a little guide on necklace length if you are still in doubt over the necklace length. The higher the neckline the longer the necklace should be. And the lower the neckline, the shorter and rounder the necklace should be.

necklace size

Necklaces according to your bust size:

They don’t just depend on necklines but on your bust also.

1. Smaller bust: Go for longer and chunkier necklaces.

2. Larger bust: A smaller necklace with 2-3 layers works best. Go for bib necklaces.

bust size

Here is a little something on coordinating your necklaces with different prints and patterns.

necklaces prints


Now to sum up here is photo:

necklace guide


Necklines that should NOT be paired with any kind of necklace: Cowl neck, off shoulder, embellished neck and plunging necklines.

Broader and heavier necklaces work best with: sweetheart, strapless, square neck, round neck, scoop neck.

Narrower and V – shape necklaces: Halter neck, V neck, Buttoned up shirt

Longer chains: Turtle neck, boat neck


Editor: Everybody please welcome our fashion corespondent Tanvi (well…apart from me). She is a DU campus pass out and has an amazing fashion sense. If you want her to cover any post, just mail me and I will pass it on to her.

Pictures courtesy: Pinterest